Gallery: Less Than Jake, Anti-Flag, Masked Intruder and Get Dead (Fat Tour 2013, Denver and Fort Collins)

Over the weekend of November 22nd-23rd Denver and Fort Collins were lucky enough to host one of the most anticipated tours of 2013, Fat Tour 2013 with Less Than JakeAnti-Flag,Masked Intruder and Get Dead

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We just posted a brand new episode of Bus Invaders featuring the punk rock band, Get Dead, showing off their tour van during the Fat Tour 2013 with Less Than JakeAnti Flag and Masked Intruder. You can go watch the video at http://digtb.us/GETDEAD

thearnott replied to your photo “Roger, Chris, and Vinnie at the Fonda Theatre! I was pretty fucking…”

Awesome. I had to miss there my stop of this tour because of work. What did you think of Masked Intruder?

I really like the idea behind their band! I only wish I was more familiar with their music. But I loved their attitude like they shouted out to this girl with liberty spikes “We love your hair! Have you ever hurt anyone with it? Or threatened to hurt someone with it and just took their stuff instead? That’s a good thing to do. We recommend doing that"