Day seventeen: thunder thighs

(Oops, forgot to post yesterday)

I’m posting three pics to highlight that depending on their position, my thighs can look so different. In the first, you can see how big my thighs are, and just a tiny bit of what is ample dimpling. In the second, how the can spread out, flatten, take up more thundering space. And in the third, when shot a certain way, look more like the “preferred” type of thick thighs.

I love my thighs. They are powerful, and they’re mine.

anonymous asked:

just for the record you're incredibly cute oh gosh and im totally creepin your tags but you're thighs are not too fat for thigh highs i would luv to see u in tigh highs

omg you’re too incredibly kind ;w;

I have one pair of them but they’re super stretchy and that’s the only reason they fit. any thigh highs are generally made for people with tiny legs and I haven’t got tiny anything!