I’m still 99% sure that I would enjoy summertime a LOT more if I had a swimming pool.  Preferably one that I didn’t have to actually take care of, but if my job was just to scoop leaves out of it every so often, I could probably handle it.  I’ve got no idea how intensive having to put pool chemicals in and clear out filters is, but if its fairly easy then I could prob handle that too.


I love swimming and I would be a lot more “cool” with summertime if I had regular pool access.

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ehat do you think of intense swimming as an exercise for weight loss and increasing muscle ?

Do what you like, as you long as you stay active and love what you do.

Swimming is a great training for building muscle and losing fat. However, don’t expect to obtain huge gains or build the same muscle definition that you could have with weight lifting.

More motivation:


And another one because if there is one thing I love as much as the lake it’s myself, which I think is a really good thing. So i’m going to celebrate it since  it took me almost a quarter of a decade to get to this point.

I like the way I look, but my self worth doesn’t depend on it. I’m not going to shy away from showing my arms or wearing short shorts just because other people don’t like it. I’m still going to climb giant rocks and go swimming and eat guacamole and do whatever else I want to. I’m not going to keep from living because my body is shaped different, or my fat doesn’t deposit to more desirable areas.

I’m going to love myself. Not because of, or in spite of this body. 

Swimming at Every Size, Tip #7: Breathe, Baby

When I’m at the pool, the thing I notice swimmers struggling the most with is breathing. I’ve seen people try to swim without ever putting their face in the water, lift their head straight up to take a breath, and have to stop mid-lane to keep from drowning.

Breathing is also the thing that people who talk to me about swimming are most concerned with.

So, breathing.

It starts with proper swimming form. For a freestyle stroke, just a basic front crawl, your body needs to be elongated with your face in the water, so you’re looking down at the bottom of the pool.

If you’re new to swimming, your instinct might be to lift your head so you’re looking toward the end of the pool you’re swimming toward. If you’re in this habit, it’s something you’ll have to break yourself of. If you’re afraid of running into the wall, remember that the bottom of the pool has a marking line that ends with a T a yard or so from the wall.

When you’re swimming, your arms alternate between being dormant and being active. Your active arm is the one in the water, starting over head and pulling through the water down the length of your body. That arm goes dormant when it leaves the water and you bring it back around over head.

Breathing involves rotating toward your dormant arm, as it leaves the water. Your body rotates as if you were on a spit with your head in line with your shoulders and hips. Your head pushes water ahead of you, causing a little breaking wave that gives you space to breathe, even though you keep one of your goggles and one ear in the water. 

Look at the water line in this picture. See how it dips? That little dip is where you breathe

Your brain might try to tell you that you need to lift your head higher or lift it straight up instead of too the side, because your eye is still in the water. With practice it will get easier.

It’s important to exhale under water. You only have a second to take a breath and you don’t want to waste it getting rid of the last one. I’ve seen advice that says the exhale continuously under water. I don’t like that, because it causes you to swim through your bubbles and that sends water up my nose. I usually exhale a little as I put my head back under, and then exhale the rest of the way as I’m turning my body for the next breath. Your goal is to only need to inhale when you get your mouth above the water line.

Swimming is all about energy conservation. If you over rotate during your breath, you’re using energy that is better spent on your stroke. Also, your hips will drop and you’ll waste the oxygen you just took in trying to even out again.

So you don’t want this:

Instead, a good rule of thumb is to keep one goggle and one ear in the water. Like this:

Ideally, you should breathe bilaterally–every third stroke, so that you breathe to your left and then to your right.

Here’s where I say do as I say, not as I do.

You probably have a stronger side. I definitely do. My body lifts higher when I’m pulling with my strong right arm, so it’s by far easier for me to breathe to the left. So much so, that right now, I haven’t even been trying to breathe bilaterally. I’ve stayed aware of it, though, because breathing only on one side causes  muscles to build unevenly. Eventually, lateral breathing causes an asymmetrical stroke as well. 

When you are very new to swimming, you might find that you need to breathe every other stroke. I know that it’s only after about six weeks that I can even start to think about breathing every third stroke. Now that I’m getting I’m getting stronger, I’m ready to incorporate bilateral drills to help my body get stronger on the left side. I’ll write more about that soon.

The most important thing to think about right now, is proper breathing technique, regardless of how many breaths you need each lap or whether you breathe laterally or bilaterally. The video below gives you some good drills to help you learn the technique.


Did another shoot with faralla. This time at a pool. I’ll admit I was apprehensive to take photos in a bathing suit (let alone a two piece) but I’m glad I did. Still working on my self esteem.

Swimming at Every Size, Tip #5: Eat Your Elephant One Bite at a Time

I went back and forth about whether I should just go right into the technical aspects of swimming, or post a few more tips that I hope will help you decide to actually get in the pool.

I figure, you can find stroke and kick and breathing advice anywhere. So, today, I’m going to talk to you about making a goal and then making slow and steady progress toward it.

My swimming goal right now is to be able to swim 3000 freestyle meters. That big goal is broken down into mini-goals of 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, and 2500 meters.

What’s yours?

Let’s shoot for the moon and say you want to be an Olympic swimmer.

I can’t promise you the podium. But I promise that if you make a goal, start where you are, accommodate for your abilities, and make slow, steady progress, you’ll get closer than you are now.

Chances are, you won’t make it to Team USA (or Team Any Country)–I mean, hardly anyone does. Lots of talents, qualified hopefuls don’t. But you could join your local Master’s team and compete. You could eventually add running and biking and complete a triathlon. You could swim the English Channel.

See what I’m saying? You can go from where you are today to some pretty spectacular places, if you …

Okay. Now that that’s out of my system.

I try to alternate a swim where I make a small increase in distance (always 50 meters, or two laps) with a swim where I focus on improving form and, hopefully, speed.

In other words, i swim each distance twice. The first time, it is an increase from the last swim that I completed. The second time, I swim the same distance focusing on doing it a little better.

Every fourth or fifth swim or so, I add a longer interval. So, I started swimming only 25 meter intervals. Then I added a 50 meter interval. Then a 75 meter interval. The last time I swam, I added a 100 meter interval. 

I have my swims going all the way to 3000 meters planned. When I look at the longer ones…really even just a few hundred meters beyond where I am now, I get a little queasy. But the very next workout? I got that. And when I get there, I got the next one, and the next one.

So, make a goal. Figure out your starting point. What will it take to get from here to there? Break it down into manageable bites. Take the first one today. Take the next one the next time you get in the pool.


Two bathing suits, both make me feel good. Never in my life have I been able to find two bathing suits that make me feel this amazing and in the two “opposing styles”. When I decided to wear bikinis I hated one pieces because they reminded me of being self conscious and feeling forced to wear them. Today I feel good about both and in both.

And I’ll be damned if that’s not the definition of body positivity.

Dear designers of plus-size swimsuits

Would it really be too much to ask for a lap-swimming or competition suit with a shelf bra instead of a cup bra? Newsflash: not everyone who needs a size 24 swimsuit has D+ breasts. And so, therefore, they don’t fill out the cups you put in the suit and the cups just create drag in the water when they try to swim laps. 

Why, yes, size 24 people can and do swim laps. 

I am sure there are many people buying size 24 suits who do prefer the cups because they need/want the support. So, I would understand if most size 24 suits had cups. But for the love of little fishes, could you at least have one style with a shelf bra? Or even just lined- that would be fine too. I won’t even ask for it to be cute- solid black would work. I just want to make it through a workout without having to drag my suit back up my chest every time I go to stand up in the pool so as to not flash everyone. 


C'mon and meet me at the river,
We’ll take a suicide ride,
Everyone is dying slow anyhow,
Let’s get there fast,
Got a flat black ‘59 Cadillac,
Eldorado Hearse,
Low slung death rider,
Wait under the weeping willow,
Hot hazed afternoon air fat,
Thick and swimming in your lungs,
Watch for the rooster tail of dust,
Marking my arrival.
I’ll drive this truck into the river,
Sit smiling as dried blood brown water,
Rises up around me,
Swim to the reed cloaked bank,
Strip off my old life in the mud,
Climb into the Cadillac a newborn,
You at the wheel,
Windows wide open,
Crank up the radio,
( Bill Carter howl to me my brother ),
To drown out the machine gun rattle,
Of gravel exploding out,
From under hot rubber,
No maps no fucking GPS,
Every single road is going our way,
Straight piss warm vodka,
With lemonade chaser,
Hurricane swirl sweeping over us,
Through small decaying towns,
Bound for sundown,
We’ll stop next to some fallow field ,
Make mad love in the back,
Pure life in the cradle of death,
Until we are soaked in sweat spent,
Breath ragged eyes wide bodies joined,
Then back at the wheel,
Naked as our souls,
Towards the slowly bleeding sun,
Because we can and will,
Condensed compressed life,
On back roads and in cheap motels,
Midnight at the crossroads,
Dawn wrapped together as if this,
All this and only this,
Is forever,
Until it is,
So why sit and grow slower,
Just waiting for the end to crawl in,
Drag you down,
Tired and unprotesting,
Fuck the slow burn,
Let’s supernova,
Blind the bystanders,
With the fierce energy of our living,
The explosive spending so raw,
Come with me now,
We’ll show the sun,
What true heat looks like

Summer and cardio

So we’re all told that we need to do a mixture of cardio and weightlifting right? Well in order to burn fat you need to do cardio, and mostly cardio. So in addition to my Kayla itsines (which does a lot of resistance) I’m gonna be swimming every morning 5-6 days a week at the pool I work at. Hopefully that’ll help me kick start my fat loss. I’ve been really off track the last couple of weeks so I need to get back at it.

Gonna go for a swim
😍 sometimes i forget how much i love the water.
Gonna burn off some of the calories i ate this morning too x-x since i managed to have about 3 bowls of cereal, 2 pancakes, and a bunch of other stuff.
What a fatass.

Having a good time with friends! I hate my body so just my ugly face for u XD
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Send your swimwear photos to me!!!!! 

Today is the last day to get photos in to participate in my fat representation swim suit post I’m doing over at fatgirlflow.com! 

Send pics to contact@fatgirlflow.com or email me for more info <3