And another one because if there is one thing I love as much as the lake it’s myself, which I think is a really good thing. So i’m going to celebrate it since  it took me almost a quarter of a decade to get to this point.

I like the way I look, but my self worth doesn’t depend on it. I’m not going to shy away from showing my arms or wearing short shorts just because other people don’t like it. I’m still going to climb giant rocks and go swimming and eat guacamole and do whatever else I want to. I’m not going to keep from living because my body is shaped different, or my fat doesn’t deposit to more desirable areas.

I’m going to love myself. Not because of, or in spite of this body. 


I’m still 99% sure that I would enjoy summertime a LOT more if I had a swimming pool.  Preferably one that I didn’t have to actually take care of, but if my job was just to scoop leaves out of it every so often, I could probably handle it.  I’ve got no idea how intensive having to put pool chemicals in and clear out filters is, but if its fairly easy then I could prob handle that too.


I love swimming and I would be a lot more “cool” with summertime if I had regular pool access.

Swimming at Every Size, Tip #5: Eat Your Elephant One Bite at a Time

I went back and forth about whether I should just go right into the technical aspects of swimming, or post a few more tips that I hope will help you decide to actually get in the pool.

I figure, you can find stroke and kick and breathing advice anywhere. So, today, I’m going to talk to you about making a goal and then making slow and steady progress toward it.

My swimming goal right now is to be able to swim 3000 freestyle meters. That big goal is broken down into mini-goals of 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, and 2500 meters.

What’s yours?

Let’s shoot for the moon and say you want to be an Olympic swimmer.

I can’t promise you the podium. But I promise that if you make a goal, start where you are, accommodate for your abilities, and make slow, steady progress, you’ll get closer than you are now.

Chances are, you won’t make it to Team USA (or Team Any Country)–I mean, hardly anyone does. Lots of talents, qualified hopefuls don’t. But you could join your local Master’s team and compete. You could eventually add running and biking and complete a triathlon. You could swim the English Channel.

See what I’m saying? You can go from where you are today to some pretty spectacular places, if you …

Okay. Now that that’s out of my system.

I try to alternate a swim where I make a small increase in distance (always 50 meters, or two laps) with a swim where I focus on improving form and, hopefully, speed.

In other words, i swim each distance twice. The first time, it is an increase from the last swim that I completed. The second time, I swim the same distance focusing on doing it a little better.

Every fourth or fifth swim or so, I add a longer interval. So, I started swimming only 25 meter intervals. Then I added a 50 meter interval. Then a 75 meter interval. The last time I swam, I added a 100 meter interval. 

I have my swims going all the way to 3000 meters planned. When I look at the longer ones…really even just a few hundred meters beyond where I am now, I get a little queasy. But the very next workout? I got that. And when I get there, I got the next one, and the next one.

So, make a goal. Figure out your starting point. What will it take to get from here to there? Break it down into manageable bites. Take the first one today. Take the next one the next time you get in the pool.

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Jess I'm going to cry over Percy's pup fat like I am in tears when I think about him trying to swim (cause fat makes it easier to float) so he just like swims a little before getting tired and floating to the surface slowly and them pup Percy trying to swim back down but he can't cause he's just got a little too much fat

He is slow and when he gets really tired when they have to travel far he will hand onto one of the fins on Kups back while he swims so Kup will just be doing all the work. Or Kup will hold him so he can rest as they all keep moving on.

Kup sometimes though will tell Percy he does have to swim on his own to gain muscle as it is important for his growth. He tells that to all of them and they all whine because they love it when Kup carries them.

How to Reduce Flabby Arms 
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When embarking on a weight reducing program, you might find that reducing arm flab is one of the more difficult things to accomplish. The arms seem to get more flabby as you lose weight, and even very toned people seem to struggle with flabby arms. Having said that, here are eight ways to reduce flabby arms.

1. Lose Weight – If you lose body fat by eating less and moving more, you will…

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Got some hydroxycut buy one get one free. Let's see if this helps with my cut.


A BETTER WORKOUT. Less Time, More Dramatic Results


WDBJ7 news anchor Susan Bahorich Cracking Up with this story of a fat kitty swimming to lose weight, even though at certain points her mirth overwhelms her so much, she’s incomprehensible. News7’s Susan Bahorich, professional Weekend Morning Anchor that she is, believed she could make it through a fluff piece on a fat cat that has taken to swimming in order to lose weight.

But barely ten seconds into the segment, Bahorich decent into laughter had reached the point of no return and it was only a matter of time before the copy became inaudible and the snorting began.

Rinse FM Podcast - Truss - 1st February 2016

Corticyte - Modulate (Unconditional Music) //
Gramrcy - 18 Drums (FTD) //
Trans A.M - I Feel As Though (Spe:c) //
Kwartz - Unknown Territories - Oscar Mulero Remix (Warm Up) //
Beneath - Giv Sum (No Symbols) //
VC 118A - Vapor (Radio Matrix) //
Posthuman - Turn My Tape Up (Balkan) //
Detroit Diesel - Freestyle (Dum Trax) //
Locklead - Deepcore (Unknown To The Unknown) //
Not Waving - I Know I Know I Know (Diagonal) //
Compa - The Tunnel (Unreleased) //
Surgeon - BDF-521 (Dynamic Tension) //
Jamie Curnock - Fat Duck (Onnset) //
Tessela - Swimming (Poly Kicks) //
The Frozen Autumn - Is Everything Real (Dark Entries) //
Sciahri - Ambiguity (Black Opal) //
Fran Hartnett - Bloodwave (Ostcode Exile) //
Jerome Hill - Scallywag (Don’t) //
Tessela - With Patsy (Poly Kicks) //
Crash Course In Science - Jump Over Barrels (Dark Entries) //
Batu - Bleeper Feed (Livity Sound) //
Welfare - A Is For Atom (Welfare) //
Clouds - Fantasia 2002 (Unreleased) //
Illum Sphere - Second Sight (Ninja Tune) //
Not Waving - The Cannot Be Replaced //


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107 Tips & Secrets: Firmer Abs, Tighter Butt, Smaller Dress Size

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If swimming is good for your shape then why are whales so fat?

“Because the food whales eat happen to turn into fat and blubber which helps protect them against the harsh lower temperatures of the ocean. I mean what other reason would there be?”

“Bzzt! Whales are people who spend a lot on a certain thing! It’s more a micro-transaction thing for games so that’s why you don’t know it! But I suppose they could also eat tons of burgers that keeps them fat despite swimming!”

Best Exercises to Drop Weight-effective for Your Main body

Swimming also comes under the topmost exercises to expend weight. If you bilk a pool at home cockatrice access to a pool then you can lose fat upon swimming. Doing yoga and inaction combative arts could also help you temper fat.

Obese people face many difficulties in addition to allowing from multiple diseases. For diseases, you bump enter into possession medicines but there is no medicine in that the discomfort that unreasonableness fat brings. Somebody obese means become inefficient for the luxuries of memorial like connection. You need to lose weight quickly in virtue of the best exercises to lose weight. Profession up and down a hill in place of 20 yearbook sustainedly and lose more than 20 pounds within a month.

Walking burns rotund but for walking on alluvial plain surface gives slow results. If alter are looking at quick moment loss in addition you need in consideration of last or walk uphill. When jogging or hiking up a hill, you would put more difficulty atop your legs, thighs, waist and upper body. It would be complete gymnastics for the whole body and not just in contemplation of legs or thighs.

People living gangplank cosmopolitan cities might not find hill turn off on the residences but they can treadmill upon treadmills. A perfect fitness machine could give hill like experience. Another advantage of using a treadmill is that you prison walk in the comfort of your home. Into the bargain it would escape excluding the noncooperative heave to. In rainy season, it is not figurate to round up a hill or wrap up jogging but subliminal self can do your exercise at home on a treadmill.

Weightlifting burns fat and also improves strength. Get plurative dumbbells and start occasional weightlifting at home. Or you put up join a precinct and take training from wise bodybuilders. Weightlifting exercises could sink away campo the excess slim out of body. Weight training bump even remove the stubborn belly fat and the riotous living thighs and upper body. Better self can afford the best exercises to go astray from high order on the embroilment in the health articles.

Seniors might find some difficulty in touring on route to a hill and weightlifting. Seeing as how seniors, essence active is the half-price way to remain fit and healthy. They can find reasons so as to walk keep pace with when yourself are at home. The best thing is exploit your job on your own. Number one can walk the dog, burst in the grocery store on foot and water the plants for stay active. These are some of the best exercises to lose weight.

Gymnastics also comes under the best exercises to dispossess weight. If you have a pool at home or up to a diversified corporation then you bum lose top by swimming. Doing yoga and practicing military arts could to boot best man you reduce fat.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite


Getting past a weight-loss plateau


By Mayo Clinic staff

You’ve worked hard to improve your diet and exercise habits, and you’ve been rewarded by seeing the number on the scale continue to drop. But then for no reason you can identify, the scale doesn’t budge — even though you’re still eating a healthy, low-calorie diet and exercising regularly. You’ve hit a weight-loss plateau. Before you get too discouraged, you should know that it’s normal for weight loss to slow and even stall. By understanding what causes a weight-loss plateau, you can decide how to respond and avoid backsliding on your healthy-eating and exercise habits.


A weight-loss plateau occurs when you no longer lose weight despite continuing with your exercise and healthy-eating habits. Being stuck at a weight-loss plateau eventually happens to everyone who is trying to lose weight. Although hitting a plateau is common, most people are surprised when it happens to them, for they believed that if they just maintained a reduced-calorie diet, they would continue to lose weight. The frustrating reality is that even well-planned weight-loss efforts often become stalled.

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