Researcher Looking for Self-Identified Fat Young Adults of Color

Fat studies researcher looking to pay $10 to self-identified fat young adults of color for interviews on fat identity, sexuality, race, and the Internet.

Hello everyone!

My name is Philippe Fradet and I am a graduate student at San Francisco State University in the Sexuality Studies program. I am seeking participants for a study with self-identified fat young adults of color who currently live in the United States. I’m looking to interview people of any gender and sexual identity, of any socioeconomic background, and of any physical and mental ability status. Interviews in this study will focus on four topics:
· fat identity, including self-acceptance and personal histories;
· sexuality, including sexual identity, sexual practices, and sexuality as a fat individual;
· race, including the interactions of race, fat identity, and sexuality;
· and the Internet, including how the Internet is used to build community and support.

If you are interested in participating in this research or if you have any questions, you can contact me either by email at pfradet@mail.sfsu.edu or by sending me an “ask” or “submission” on my Tumblr (fatdisid.tumblr.com) with your Tumblr account.

When you contact me, please let me know a bit about yourself and your interest in the project. In order to participate in this study, you must identify as a fat person of color and be between the ages of 18 and 25. Participants will be given a $10 gift card to Amazon.com for participating in the project. All interviews will be conducted using the voice chatting or phone call features of Skype, which means anyone in the United States is welcome to participate. Your name and participation in the project will be kept confidential, and you can contact me with any questions. I will be posting any pressing questions about the project on this blog.

Thank you for your interest!


Philippe Fradet
Master’s Candidate
Sexuality Studies Department
San Francisco State University
(415) 799-7109


Every Thursday we run a feature on Chubstr called Answerland. It’s basically a way for us to answer some of the questions we get from readers on a regular basis. The questions we get cover everything from food to fashion to sex. 

Last year, the amazing Hanne Blank asked me to write a blurb for the revised edition of her book, Big Big Love. If you’ve got questions about love, sex, or intimacy as it relates to being a person of size, I definitely recommend this book. You’d be hard pressed to come up with a question that isn’t somehow addressed within its pages. Learn more about the book at Chubstr, and follow Hanne on Twitter


I don’t have a deck of cards and I have very little time before I have to return to work, so here’s my contribution to Ace Visibility Day!!!!

♦ Ace of Diamonds: Demiromantic/Demisexual & Grey-aromantic/Grey-Asexual

It’s okay to be fat AND asexual. You do not have to be hypersexualized to be of worth. You do not have to be sexual in order to be worthy. You are always worthy. You are amazing. You deserve all the love and happiness in the world the same as the sexual fat babes do.

(They or He pronouns)

So like, I’m fine at playing along with the “girl talk” and whatever you call that when you’re all “OMG I would soooo do him. He’s fucking HOTTT” but then when we’re being real with how and who I’m attracted to it’s different because I feel like I have to really know someone and connect with them before I can really develop any romantic/sexual feelings. And then this leaves me in the awkward pool of being super confused because I can’t tell if I’m trying to befriend someone, or if I’m crushing on them.

Then there’s the awkwardness of last night where I may have had someone outwardly say they were flirting with me. But it was a joke. And idk. I’m usually the type to be like HAHAHA NO LIKES ME EVER so I don’t even think it’s possible. And on one hand, maybe I’m leading them on (though things felt awkward when I left, so that may be done) and on the other hand, maybe I want to lead them on because I’m attracted to them (but I don’t know if I can and I don’t want to be an asshole).

For basically all my life I’ve never had crushes returned so the idea that maybe, just maybe, I’m not completely delusional is putting me in a weird state.

[CW diet talk, discussion of consensual sex]

Two recent films, Nymphomaniac and Concussion, spend ample time exploring the marginalized sexualities of their (thin) female protagonists. Joe (Charlotte Gainsboug/Stacy Martin), the titular character of von Trier’s epic, labels herself as a nymphomaniac and constructs her life around her insatiable libido; Abby (Robin Weigert), the heroine of Passon’s directorial debut, is a lesbian who subverts her life as a mainstream upper middle-class homemaker by involving herself in sex work. Both women have fat sex partners over the course of their respective stories, neither of whom function as a source of comedy or disgust.

im probably going 2 be talking about sex a little more openly on this blog bc like i have like six messages from fat girls wondering abt sex and asking for advice and like there honest to god is really no good resource for fat women and their sexuality so if you would prefer not to see posts like this i’m going to tag them with either “sex talk tw” or “sex mention tw” or both!!! 

anonymous asked:

Worst: 'look at her, can you all see how disgusting she is? you shouldn't eat that. you're so fat aren't you embarrassed to be seen you fat pig?' - my sexual abuser and only person who has seen me naked. / 'liar, you loved it you whore' - my best friend after I told her I was abused'/ 'You're not my little girl anymore' - my mom after I came out. / 'Do you mind fucking off?' - my boyf when he brought another girl home.

i’m sorry you had so many gross people in your life. i hope you’re okay now and people started appreciating you.

anonymous asked:

Where my fat ass bitches in da club. Fuck dem skinny bitches fuck da skinny bitchs in da club he love da fat ass muthafuckin booty dancin in de muthafuckin club booty bitchin give nigga boner des hoes are up on da flor gone crazy wit da fat ass Sexually aroused lookin ass

thanks for this

On a slightly different note, I find it quite ironic that whilst society shames those who are overweight for their fat and illustrates body weight as ‘bad fat’ it continuously sexualizes two globes of fat that women possess simply to raise children. #FreeTheNipples

I’m sorry. I have never had someone not be on point because I was always hot enough to keep it that way. I guess I got fat and lost my sexual swag.

Going to bed after being completely degraded by my half brother and getting called a slut, which triggered my ptsd symptoms of my sexual assault, fat slut which triggered my eating disorder and then he made fun of my habits of self harm. So I’m really scared and paranoid he’s going to do something in my sleep. My family is so shitty. I just got out of a fucking psych ward and this shit happens. I don’t know how I’m gonna complete school by October if my happiness gets thrown at a bus every single day, but I’ll try.

The eating disorder anorexia nervosa is characterized by a restriction in food intake that leads to extreme weight loss and eventually starvation. Brittany Bethel, seen here at age 21 in 2007, battled anorexia nervosa and suffered a heart attack while running on a campus track. She was eventually asked to leave her college after university officials deemed her to be a danger to herself.

Restricted Food Intake
As opposed to being naturally lean, some people are thin because they do not eat enough to keep their weight in the healthy range. In the developing world, starvation due to food shortage is a real concern. In developed countries, socioeconomic conditions may create isolated pockets of undernutrition, but severe cases of starvation usually result from either eating disorders, such as
anorexia nervosa, or diseases like AIDS and cancer.
Eating too little to maintain adequate fat stores causes problems at all stages of life. Low weight gains during pregnancy are associated with an increase in low-birthweight infants. These babies have a higher risk of health complications and death. In teenage girls, too little body fat can delay sexual development. In
healthy but very lean female athletes, menstrual irregularities are common, causing infertility and increasing the risk of osteoporosis. Too little body fat in the elderly increases the risk of malnutrition. This is especially a problem when the low body weight is due to weight loss, rather than to a lifetime of being lean. If food intake restriction is severe enough that weight loss continues, not only are fat stores depleted, but significant amounts of body protein also are lost. Starvation in children can lead to stunted growth and impaired mental development. As starvation progresses, its victims become weak, find it difficult to concentrate, and may have difficulty sleeping. Their metabolic rate slows
down to decrease energy expenditure. In females, estrogen levels drop and abnormalities in the menstrual cycle occur. Substantial reductions in body weight have been shown to decrease the ability of the immune system to fight infection, increasing the risk of disease. The final stages of starvation are characterized by inactivity, apathy, and withdrawal from life. Conditions such as electrolyte
imbalances, dehydration, edema, cardiac abnormalities, and infection become life threatening.