“stop using the blessing of mars as an excuse for your fat phobia” aldnfjsbc excuse me but i am losin my goddamn mind how do so many of you reblog things without thinking about them for four seconds

fat? yep. unhealthy? check. ugly? definitely to some people.

I may be all of those things but I am still a person deserving of basic human decency and respect. I still deserve to find happiness and live my best life.

body size, health status, and perceived beauty are not reasons to treat people like crap. stop pretending that they are just because you want to make yourself feel superior to strangers.

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lately i've been pondering why it's socially acceptable to be disgusted with people who (supposedly) consume a lot of junk food but not with people who skydive, climb mountains, play contact sports, or do other "dangerous" activities. is it because the latter are "fun" and exciting to observe? is competitive eating ok because it's entertaining? why is eating for pleasure and having no restrictions considered a flaw while engaging in a potentially life-threatening sport considered admirable?

I love to see this type of critical thinking! I also ponder these things. I don’t really have an answer, but I can tell you that you are not alone and many sociologists and historians ponder these same topics. 


Watch: “Flying While Fat” is the short documentary on YouTube you NEED to watch showing what plus size people go through when they travel by air

If the plane doesn’t physically accommodate your body type, flying can turn from an uncomfortable experience into a humiliating one. That’s why London-based artist Stacy Bias made the new documentary Flying While Fat: to get to the heart of just how pervasive people’s fat phobia on planes is.

Gifs: Stacy Bias


What I say: ‘Health is not determined by body size.’
What people hear: 'All fat people in every circumstance are more healthy and better than thin people in every conceivable way and also fat people are immortal. All people who aren’t fat must become fat and stay fat at any cost. Exercise is a damnable sin and eating anything but ice cream is forbidden.’

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so basically im cursed to remain fat forever? jesus christ i did not need to hear that today.

There is no permanent and safe way to intentionally lose weight. This is true.  

And that means that if you want to truly live a fulfilling and meaningful life, you will need to let go of the fantasy of being thin. You will need to do the difficult self-work needed to unlearn your internalized fat phobia. You may also need to learn how to eat normally without restriction and shame. All of this is difficult. But a lifetime of self-hate, restriction, repeated cycles of weight gains and weight losses, and declining health from the damage caused by under-nourishing your body is far far worse. 

And I know you are in pain right now, so I am being gentle with you, but I need you to think about what you said in your ask, and think about who you said it to. I am fat and my life is not a cursed existence. It is never okay to say such hateful things about fat people, including yourself. Don’t do it anymore.


Once bending over and climbing stairs become challenges you’d expect people to reconsider their life choices at least a tiny bit. How can you claim to love your body, while torturing it like this?

You know what’s really beautiful? Health and mobility. 

i am so so so sick of weight loss transformation photos being tagged ‘body positive’ all over the internet. i’m so sick of the body posi tags being taken and used by health/food/gym/weight loss accounts and those same people claiming body positivity means taking care of your body through exercise, diet, and weight loss. i’m sick of this thing i found that helped me shed the misconceptions of, and participation in, diet culture being taken by people immersed in diet culture and flipped on it’s head and used against me.

Fat Shaming

So I did a search for some fat acceptance blogs and I couldn’t not believe how many anti fat acceptance themed blogs I came across. (Really though, I shouldn’t have been shocked because this is tumblr and the internet-land of the assholes.)

I think there is something that people don’t understand about the fat acceptance movement and I am here to clear that up-fat people are just people. We come in all shapes and sizes-because you know what?! We are just PEOPLE. And just like other people, we come in various states of health as well. We all have various skin colors, genders, religions, sexualities, hobbies, dreams, personalities, etc. Because- WE ARE PEOPLE!!

And the fat acceptance movement is about learning to love OURSELVES. Fat people have been told over and over-by family members,friends,STRANGERS,the media-that WE DO NOT DESERVE to love ourselves AS we are -simply because we are F-A-T. And we have taken back that word and we are learning to love and accept OURSELVES….AS IS….with our fat,our jiggle, our double chins, our flabby arms, our various states and shapes of butts and stomachs and thighs. We are learning to love and accept ourselves whether we are healthy or not-whether we want to be healthy or not.

It is not ANYONE else’s business whether we are healthy or not or whether or not we want to get healthy or not. That, just like anything else-is personal and NOT FOR YOU to make a decision about for another person. BUT-you do NOT get to treat a fat person like a second class citizen simply because they are FAT. I don’t care HOW FAT the person is-EVERYONE deserves to be treated with KINDNESS and RESPECT.

FAT ACCEPTANCE is about learning to LOVE and respect OURSELVES AS IS and for there to be people out there continuing to try to tear that down is disgusting and sad. Fat shaming is one of the last “acceptable” things left and it needs to stop.

It is NOT OK to treat someone with disrespect just because YOU have decided that YOU have a problem with their Fat or Obese body. THAT fat or Obese person has a right to TAKE up space. That fat/obese person has a right to LIVE THEIR TRUTH. That fat person has a right to be treated WITH dignity and respect just like any other person on this planet because that FAT person is just a PERSON.

it is WILD how many people who claim to be feminists or even take on the ‘sjw’ label with pride, and people who fall under several other oppressed groups STILL fucking hate fat people and cannot, for the life of them, understand where we are coming from on posts made for fat people.

i’m in my self-made internet bubble of fucking rad fat people and sometimes i forget how nearly everyone, even people who claim to fight for equality for everyone, fucking hates us.

hear me out
  • plea to artists, cartoonists, and satirists: PLEASE STOP using fat bodies to depict red america as unintelligent, lazy, or otherwise “bad”
  • plea to my friends: PLEASE STOP sharing, posting, or otherwise supporting this kind of art. I’m telling you earnestly it’s really damaging.
  • the direct effect of fatphobic art is hatred and discrimination toward fat people.
  • equating fatness with stupidity is something fat people internalize and resist every step of their lives.
  • woke thin friends: it is your responsibility to actively fight against fatphobia. period.
  • don’t turn a blind eye just because it doesn’t affect you. that’s precisely what intersectionality is about.

Historically, when humans have sought a reliable source of calories – particularly one that can be readily nabbed from an unsuspecting animal with minimal exertion and zero horticulture skills – we have often turned to eggs.

We’ve pilfered the ova of countless creatures since Neolithic times. But it is the nutritive and symbolic capacities of the humble bird egg, primarily that of the chicken, that we have most consistently championed: reliable nourishment, a hangover cure, an emblem of rebirth — when necessary, a supreme projectile.

Yet in the late 1970s, our egg appreciation soured. Doctors realized that excess cholesterol in our blood predicts a higher risk of heart disease. Cholesterol is a fatty substance necessary for digestion, cellular function and the production of hormones. When too much of it shuttles through our blood supply, it can accumulate on artery walls and up our risk for heart attack and stroke. By extension, many physicians of the day assumed that eating high-cholesterol foods like butter, red meat and eggs was probably disastrous for our health and should be avoided. Fat phobia ensued.

We now know it’s more complicated than this.

Unscrambling The Nutrition Science On Eggs

Photo: Kelly Jo Smart/NPR

why is it that when i say: ‘fat people deserve respect and basic human decency’

all anyone ever hears is: 'you must find all fat people attractive. if you are at all able to control your sexual desires around a fat person, you are fat phobic. if a fat person doesn’t light a romantic fire in you, you are fat phobic. you must cut ties with all thin people in your life immediately. every fat person you see, you must get on your knees and kiss their chubby feet. you must constantly tell fat people how amazing they are with every waking breath.’

Shitty stereotypes about fat people:

- Fat people don’t exercise
- Fat people are lazy
- Fat people are smelly
- Fat people make bad employees
- Fat people are uncontrollable eaters
- Fat people are stupid
- Fat people don’t have sex 
- Fat people only have nasty fetish sex/relationships 
- Fat girls will never find love 
- Fat people are why there’s poverty 
- Fat people ate all the food in the world
- Fat people are desperate for dates and sex
- Fat people have to try harder with their personality 
- Fat people don’t groom themselves 
- Fat people blame diseases and genetics for their weight 
- Fat people only eat fast/processed food
- Fat people actively promote childhood obesity

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can you safely and permanently lose INCHES? i don't care abt the number on the scale but i do care that i look fat. like it doesn't make sense that just some people are fat and some aren't.

So I’m going to let one of my fat-liberation heroes, Virgie Tovar, say what needs to be said here:

Though I believe it is ultimately your choice to do what you feel is right with your body, asking a fat activist for “pro-weight-loss choices” is callous at best. That you are asking me — a fat woman – for weight loss tips is an example of your inability to see me as fully human because if you could see me as fully human you could understand that you are asking me for tips on how to be someone who looks less like I do…

I am a fat woman who has undertaken starvation and years of self-loathing in the name of weight loss. This question really set me off. [This] is a platform that centers fat people and offers support to people with questions about navigating and surviving fat shame and stigma, not promoting it.