psa to skinny people:

if a fat person refers to themself as fat do NOT jump in and say things like “nooo you’re not fat you’re beautiful!!”
being fat and being beautiful are not mutually exclusive. many of us call ourselves fat casually because that’s what we are, not to get ‘compliments’. telling us we can’t be fat and beautiful at the same time only makes it harder for some people to accept and love their bodies.

I woke up today and said, fuck the world! For all the girls struggling with stretch marks, rolls, love handles, fat, jiggles, everything that we are taught to hate, you know what we tell them haters? FUCK you! We have days where we hate ourselves so bad, but it’s only up to ourselves to take away that negative thinking. What is wrong with a fat girl being happy? So today, I’m going to love every jiggle, every curve, every particle of my body. I am going to love everything about my body that others had made me self-doubt my worthiness. My unapologetic fat Asian ass will be dancing, and there’s nothing more beautiful about that.

I love fat so much. There’s just so much to grab onto and sink your lips into. Soft bellies that jiggle at the slightest touch, squishy love handles lined with stretch marks, thick thighs covered in cellulite, soft handfuls of fat that overflow between your fingers. Words can’t describe how much I fucking love fat.

Blame me for your weight gain. I did this to you. I made you eat everything, every day, nonstop. Whisper in my ear how it’s my fault for turning you into an obese, blubbery, doughy fat ass. Tell me that my encouragement is the reason for your extra 30, 40, 50 pounds. Blame me for your obesity. Blame me for your massive thighs and pillowy arms. Blame me for 3XL shirts that will be snug in about a month. Blame me for soft fat that bounces at the slightest touch and sits between your huge thighs. Blame me for your breathlessness and insatiable appetite


I now understand why women wear makeup have a bitch feeling like a queen for where some basic lipstick… I may have created a monster. I really can’t afford to have a makeup obsession. BROWS. MASCARA. LIPSTICK.

Fun FA fact:

I get shamefully turned on when I hear moaning…like when someone’s playing with their belly (or someone’s playing with it for them 😈) and the fatty just gets so turned on by feeling their fat being played with that they let out a moan or whine or something…jfc