psa to skinny people:

if a fat person refers to themself as fat do NOT jump in and say things like “nooo you’re not fat you’re beautiful!!”
being fat and being beautiful are not mutually exclusive. many of us call ourselves fat casually because that’s what we are, not to get ‘compliments’. telling us we can’t be fat and beautiful at the same time only makes it harder for some people to accept and love their bodies.

Russia’s Big Ballet- 

The Big Ballet is a troupe of dancers from Russia who weigh a minimum of 220 pounds each. 

“The Big Ballet formed in 1994 and set out to deliberately and, above all, self-confidently challenge accepted social standards in a world where the pursuit of slenderness and beauty seems obsessive. The dancers courageously and imposingly prove that grace, elegance, charisma and nimbleness is not the demesne of the “thin”, proudly presenting their voluptuous yet surprisingly sinuous and flexible figures.”


Fat Girls!  

I love it!! This is total fatspiration!

My fatness has never been an obstacle to finding someone to love or to fuck because any man worth my time will revel in all seventy inches of my hips and see passion in my stretch marks. He will not say, “You’re not fat! You’re pretty!” because he’ll know that I am both. He will not speak of my inner beauty without mentioning the beauty all over my outsides.

It’s somehow more comfortable for society to label fat people disgusting than to acknowledge our desirability. The propaganda is so pervasive that fat people must fight not to believe it of ourselves. We look at our bodies in bits and pieces because we are taught that the whole is too much. We feel a lover’s hands on our fat thighs and we have to trust that the hand wouldn’t be there if its owner didn’t want us.

—  Sarah Hollowell (x)

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The remainder of our lovely engagement photos from the talented women at Pinup Perfection. We had such an amazing time and ended up with some great memories to document what’s been a really special year in so many ways! I loved incorporating some Disney-ish elements to my warddrobe and I was happy to wear my pink heart dress from my dear Lisa at Dash A.

A couple of years ago I never would’ve dared posting a pic like this of myself. But thanks to body positivity and all of the other lovely fat babes on here, I’ve learned to love and accept my body for what it is. It’s beautiful. It’s limitless. I had accepted the idea that fat was ugly, lazy, unhealthy, and undesirable. I had all these ideas about myself and how I was just because I happened to be fat. Well today I say fuck that, and no more. I am not ugly, lazy, unhealthy or undesirable. I am a beautiful intelligent caring and curious young woman. I deserve to love myself and my body the way it is. And so do all of you other fat girls who were told all the same things I was. FUCK what they say about us, FUCK societies views on fat women. We are SUPREME QUEENS and anyone who says otherwise can kiss my FAT black ass ✌️