anyways let me just say @ my fellow fat girls: don’t EVER settle for a man who fetishizes you. stop fucking with men who make gross comments about us like “big girls suck the best dick”. being fat doesn’t mean you deserve to be fetishized and disrespected by these clowns who feel like they’re doing us a favor by wanting to fuck us. you are more than a fetish.

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Bucky at the White House Easter thinking or talking about having kids.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

Steve crouches down next to the little girl in her Sunday best, hiccuping out big, fat tears while clutching her Easter basket for dear life. The pre-approved press are busy getting wide shots of the Easter egg hunt, so the only person listening in on the conversation is Bucky, hanging back while Steve talks to the kid.

“I-I got no eggs.” She can’t be more than three, and she wipes her nose on the back of her hand with a huge sniffle. “My brother took m-mine. He stoled them!”

“That’s not nice.” Steve frowns, kneeling down (which he’s been explicitly told not to do five times, his knees are already grass-stained) and grabbing the eggs from his own little basket. “Here, you want these ones? They’re just the same.”

“No!” She shakes her head (and her whole body) when he offers her a couple of yellow foil-wrapped eggs. “I want the pink ones.”

“Awesome, I got lots of pink ones.” Steve grins at her big smile, transferring all his pink eggs into her basket while she wipes her nose again with another almighty sniff. “You go find some more, okay?”

“’Kay!” She runs off over the lawn towards her family, braids streaming behind her. Bucky watches her go with a smile he just can’t keep off his face, and Steve walks back to join him with damp grass clinging to his suit pants.

“Don’t laugh.” He bumps Bucky lightly with his shoulder, interpreting his expression slightly left of where it really is. Bucky glances at him sideways and bumps him back, leaving their shoulders pressed together for a moment before they rejoin the group. 

“You wanna have one of those one day?”

Steve chokes on his spit. Then Bucky really does laugh.