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I don't think skinny girls have It as bad as fat girls... I'm skinny and my best friend is a lil overweight and gets made fun of all the time... i always get complimented on my body..

i know that, i full understand that - i even said in the post that skinny girls dont have it as bad as larger girls (i probably went really over the top with what i said which is probably a bad way to go about it) but tagging “god shut up and stop crying for having a perfect body” is completely disrespectful, shallow and rude - i dont know what the girl i reblogged it from went through, i dont even know what she looks like but you CANNOT say stuff like that about skinny girls when there are people who have to sit through family meetings or being with a group of friends and listening to them say “put on weight”, “why can’t you just eat”, “you’re too skinny, its ugly” - until youre the person that has to go through that then you have no right to say tell them to shut up and stop whining basically

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Gemini girl with big fat crush on a Virgo? Who's Taurus best friend said he likes me back. I'm in a terrible situation right? I should get out while I can right?

nooooooooo date the hell outta that virgo boy i promise u won’t regret it

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I was tagged by fookinhell-its-turnip thank you ♥

Where im from: Hungary

Fav Anime: I don’t like anime

Fav Show: Skins, Sherlock, Gossip Girl, My Mad Fat Diary etc

Zodiac: Aries

Fav quote: “The best you ever had is just a memory….”

Fav band/musician: Arctic Monkeys, Foals, The Strokes, The Vaccines…. etc etc

Fav season: spring

Fav Movie: Keith, One Day ….. idk

Average hours of sleep: 6-7 never enough

Last thing I googled: around the world tours

Nick name: Viki, Viktush etc

Birthday: 30th March

Gender/height: female/160cm

Fav color: black

One place that makes me happy: my bed

What im wearing: sweatpants and my “I’m not miserable it’s just my face” t-shirt (all black)

Most used phrases: omg, idk

What I last said to a family member: bye

What is family: love

Fav drink: margarita (not because of alex…. because it’s fucking good)

Fav food: fried chicken

Last movie I saw in theaters: I don’t remember

Dream pets: a lion or a baby bear (preferably a polar bear) or a baby elephant

Dream job: idk a job with a lot of travelling  

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Oh since you like fat girls and guys why become fat trust the best thing you can do and you would love it and so would your followers if you did become fat I could buy all your food off of the amazon wish list please it would make everyone includining yourself and I happy I know you want to try it's fun I'll help you through it please

Eh 😒

Dude but I don’t want to. And it doesn’t matter how much you want that. If you don’t know where to spend money donate it to homeless.
Or other feedees. Why do you send it to me?

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I love everyone's headcannons, unless they start insulting characters like calling Nozomi fat, and respect each person's thoughts on who the best girl is. I just really love Nozomi so much. She's so sweet and kind, and JUST UGH SHE'S SO PERFECT AND I LOVE HER

yes!! It’s great to have a lovely fandom (mostly) who respects each others opinions. Ofc there’s always that one part of the fandom that’s kinda icky but eh what can you do

petition for voltage to have an overweight woman in their games who isn’t two-faced or obnoxious. i’m sick of the loud mean fat girl type. give us a fat girl as the MC’s dependable best friend. give us an MC who’s chubby and actually drawn that way and not just told she’s fat as an insult. stop the demonization of fat girls.


This is not like a Hunger Games’ kind of dystopia where anachronisms crop up in a futuristic America. Fat is set today. The only difference is that America believes that it’s better to be thick than thin.

All guys want fatter girls.
All girls want to be fatter.
And all people have it ingrained in their skulls that fat is best.

Skinny girls stand in mirrors and curve their backs to puff out their tummies. They go to Shake Shack every day for a double and fries, fighting their whip-fast metabolisms. They wear clothes two sizes too small, and they cake on shimmering face powder to round out every edge they can see.

They are skinny girls like Amalie.

Fat is the story about beauty in all of its shapes and forms.
And I haven’t written it yet.