By the Lake (Fred Weasley x Reader)

And there you were , throwing rocks to the big floating mirror at that pitch black night , you didn’t even remember how you had gotten there , you just sorted of vanish and appeared there , and it was okay , you just needed to chill a bit , but then it started , the crying again , fuck it you were exhausted , scared and kind of grumpy ; But why? Well since your school year started it had been an upsidedown rollercoaster , it was all her fault , that sinister pink fat frog faced Umbridge.

She had canceled , or prohibited everything ! Was even quidditch legal still? You couldn’t walked near your best male friends and you didn’t had lots of girlfriends so it was a lonely time for you , and the worst thing , when Professor Trelawny was expelled you kind of started to pounder how long would it take this bitch to put your little mudblood booty far from Hogwarts , it give you nightmares just to think about it.

-Y/N - You heard a whispering voice call you name as you raise your wand with a little spark to see who it was

Fred?! What the heck are you doing here?

-I saw you-he said as he showed you the marauders map- Its not a good time to be alone at night-he chuckles.

-I know , sorry -you smiled-i just feel kind of caged in my dorm sometimes.

-Were you crying? Do I have to kick somebody’s ass?

-Of course not , I was just sweating from my eyes you arse-you smiled as you cleaned the last tears and looked back to you friend-Were is George?

-He is out of service right now -he grinned- you gotta conform yourself with just one handsome twin this time-you both laugh- But really what are you doing here?

You felt the pressure aching in you chest so you explode , you tell him everything your fears of been expulsed , oh my good Hogwarts was your home you said as you hold in your fist your house scarf , you told him how you missed Professor Trelawney nonsense as he smiled and make some sarcastic comments , “yeah she was kind of hot” he said as you punched him , “of course she was” you both laugh again and as the air got tinner you chuckle -I missed you two so much.

He smiled not a sarcastic one , not a grin he gave you one of those real and heartful smiles he would give you sometimes -I’ve miss you too-he said as he put his arms on your shoulders - But you are so silly if you think that Frog Faced Bitch is gonna through you out of here , not in a million years-he smiled again whole heartly- You’re a magnificent student , the most wonderful witch I’ve ever know , like your patronus must be a unicorn or an angel something like that-he started to ramble- Hogwarts would be empty , what do I am even saying -he started to yell-it would be crushed , it would vanish! -you started to smiled as he picked the tears that went down your cheeks- it’d loose all meaning without sweet Y/N here.

-What would I do without you -you laugh.

-I don’t know , but am sure you couldn’t d this -he said as he swiftly took your cheeks and leave a little kiss on your lips-You are not going anywhere , Unless you are coming with me.

You laugh as you heard of his great plans and as you kissed again Umbridge didn’t seem so terrible anymore.

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