Chewy raw granola recipe:
- vegan 
- hclf (high carb low fat) 
- no refines sugars, additives or oils - only natural ingredients
- really healthy and tastes even better than store - bought granola 
- super chewy and sweet with a delicious tropical twist from the coconut flakes
- great as a healthy snack, over smoothies, yoghurt, with plant-based milk, fruits or just pure like it is 

-> Decided to publish the recipe, because of quite many requests, which I received in the last days about the raw granola from one of my smoothie pictures. Thank you for the interest! :)
-> Feel free to give me some feedback, would make me really happy! :)

Ingredients (remotely based on a recipe by Loni Jane):
• around 12 fresh dates (pitted)
• 60 g oats 
• 60 g toasted coconut flakes 
• some cinnamon 
• toasted buckwheat for more crunch (optional) 
• some peanut butter if you feel really decadent (optional)
• vanilla drops (optional)

- mix all the dry ingredients together in a small bowl 
- cut the fresh dates into small/bite size pieces 
- put the dates and other ingredients into your blender and pulse until the texture gets granola - like (small chunks) and everything is mixed together well
- if you like it more chewy - add some more dates or PB
- store your delicious granola in a pretty box in the fridge or at the cool, dark place 
- enjoy this beauty up there and tell your friends/family about it! :) 

eat-a-pie-while-you-have-teeth asked:

Hi, so I eat sweet potato every day however I don't workout very often!!! Do you think I'll gain weight??

from a single sweet potato??

absolutely. yes.

say it’s about 200g, then you’ll gain 200g immediately after ingesting it. 

there’ll be about 150g water in it, which you’ll either pee out or absorb to keep your cells hydrated. 6g fibre will keep you regular & be pooped out. 40g of carbs will be converted into energy or stored as glycogen in your muscles. 3g of protein will be broken down into amino acids to repair muscles & build cells, tissues, organs etc. tiny fractions of a gram will be vital vitamins & minerals.

OH you mean /weight/ weight?

no. stop worrying about a single sweet potato. make peace with food.

When your plate has a lot of colour on it it’s a good sign and in most cases a good sign that you will be also getting essential Vitamins and minerals too, give it a try and see how beneficial a bit of color makes, the above is a clients dinner from last night #simplecooksforleanerlooks #nutrition #food #lean #leaner #fitchicks #WWLA #tags #clean #fitness #gym #eat #weight-loss #muscle #post-workout #results #boxing #weights #progress #slender #cook #healthy #health #Instagram #positive #protein #carbs #fats #results #TLMP #Nottingham #nutrition


Low fat banana choc chip loaf! 🍌
Before and after.
4 ripe bananas,
2 cups of plain flour,
Dairy free choc chips (150g),
½ cup of sugar,
Tsp bicarbonate of soda,
1/3 cup of dairy free milk,
Mix all dry ingredients then add the wet and fold in the choc chips. Pour into a tray lines with grease proof paper and bake at 180C for 1 hour. Save some choc chips to sprinkle on top before putting in the oven.