Fat Foot Problems

If you’re like me, & have fat feet this blog post is for you.

Having Fat Feet is a serious dilemma. Finding comfortable shoes that are comfy and on trend is difficult and stressful. You can’t buy those cute sandals you saw in Target because the ankle strap wont fit around your ankle. OOOH those pumps are so cute but the heel is so thin, that they feel like they might break in half if I stand in them to long, and the most common: Those are my size, but they’re to narrow. Blahhhh I know it’s a bummer and it can really be irritating. If you wanna know my guide and tips on having a less stressful shoe experience then keep on reading.

Some stores carry wide width shoes. Some of those stores are, Torrid, Lane Bryant, Avenue and SimplyBe. Ok so it’s great that they sell shoes that cater to the fat foot fattie, but their selections can be rather sucky… & pricey (i mean really it cost the company about 3¢ extra to make a shoe a wider width to accommodate a fatter foot, but they charge us almost $40 bucks more for the same shoe a normal width person can get for the low low) Womp womp womp. Shops like Forever 21, charolette Russe, Macys and many more have amazing, on trend, affordable shoes that my fat ass feet can’t fit into, but I got the trick !

#1. Go up a size. There is nothing wrong with going up a size to make the shoe fit. Hey I want the deals to, so if that means I have to go up a size, your damn skippy I will. Keep in mind that every store has it’s own size chart, so what may be a size 8 in target may not be a size 8 in Aldo, So next time the shoe won’t fit try going up one size(or maybe two, it all depends on the width of your foot).

#2 Invest in a great pair of shoe stretches. Shoe stretchers are a device you put in your shoe and it will stretch it out for you. I have about 3 pair. I’ll put them in soon as i get the shoes home and leave them in until whenever i wear them and the shoe fits wonderfully. A trick i have with only faux leather shoes is dipping the shoes in water then apply the stretchers. Ughh it works amazingly. Girl if you ain’t gotta pair of shoe stretchers, i suggest you cop up. I’ve had luck finding great shoe stretchers on Ebay, Amazon and at flea markets.

#3 If you have a shoe that your foot fits in, but the ankle strap wont fit around your ankle, you can purchase additional straps that attach to the current one to make it longer. I’ve purchased my additional straps from Target, Torrid and Payless.

#4 Buy 2 Pair. I realized when I find a pair of shoes that fit my great I’ll wear them over, and over, and over again until they look horrible. So if I really like the shoe and fits my criteria of comfortable, trendy, and affordable then I’m buying the shoe twice. & don’t wait to repurchase them once the others are trash. I don’t know how many times I’ve done that and the shoe wasn’t available when I went back to purchase. (Still waiting on target to restock a pair of flats I purchased almost 3 years ago lol.)

Well that’s concludes Fat Feet Problem. I hope this read is resourceful and helps out some of you fat foot divas