Being a woman + plus size + hairy
  • Idk like I see these gorgeous thin women with hairy legs and armpits and everything and they are viewed as liberated and free and graceful and goddesses. But then I see fat and hairy women accused of "letting themselves go" and "so undesirable" or "fat butch dyke" and Im really not one to give a huge fuck about what someone's going to think about my leg and armpit hair but I'd be lying if I said I dont feel more feminine/desirable/beautiful when my legs and armpits and everything else arent hairless. Thoughts?

It’s incredible how people think that putting other people down makes them a good person. Definetly didn’t think I’d start my morning being called a ‘fat f***ing dyke’. Ohh well least I’m comfortable in my own skin to not stoop so low and belittle people without knowing anything about them!

#idiots #stupidity #mornings #typical #bodyconfidence #bodypositivity #positive #rant #rantoftheday #rantover (at London, United Kingdom)

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LadySparkleBottom needs to fucking stop playing victim. We all know you're a fat dyke with daddy issues who cant differentiate between rape and a good time. Bye hon ;* learn a thing or two about the real world.