Mystery Box Burger. Raw salmon. Smoked bacon. Mint, basil, garlic and yogurt sauce. Rice cake. Rice bun. Black sesam. Salmon eggs. Mint and basil leafs. Balsamic cream. #masterchefUSA #mysterybox #challengeaccepted 
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[ FAT & FURIOUS Part 3: Klappen Snowpark ]


Fresh Fest 1985

Uniondale, Long Island

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*i scoff* Ashton first you scream at me for a toy you stepped on then Jared. He's been waiting all day for you to come home so he could give you the god damn cereal and he basically cried himself to sleep because he tripped and spilled it! I don't know what's going on with you but you need to fix it fat! *i whisper furious* *he frowns* band just be you don't try and be someone you're not.

*he sighs* I’m under a lot of stress right now ok? *he shouts*
*I frown and nod changing into skinny jeans and a tank with a little bit of cleavage playing up my makeup*