Honestly, I have a problem with some black women complaining about black men dating fat white women. Unless your critique is that he will find a fat white woman attractive but shame a dark-skinned fat black woman like Gabby Sidibe, you have no business bitching about the size of a man’s partner or how “unattractive” you think she is. Especially when many will say looks don’t matter and it should be what’s on the inside but then perpetuate misogyny by saying men should only date a woman based on how “hot” her face and/or body is.

 Like I said, if that critique is followed by how black men will find above average black/dark-skinned women “ugly” but turn around and date a white woman who is below average, then fine. But don’t think just because you’re skinny with the “right” type of curves, you’re hot to trot. If you’re going to fat-shame white women with black male partners, I KNOW you do the same to plus-sized and fat black women especially if they’re dark-skinned. Women like that have no solidarity with black women other than the ones like themselves.

People who say Ghostbusters isn’t feminist must live in a world where women who aren’t attractive by hollywood standards, specifically and especially fat women, dominate the movie industry as protagonists in a film where their being fat or unattractive/not conventionally attractive isn’t a running joke

I mean when was the last time we got a female-led film where the woman was fat and not conventionally attractive and yet the protagonist (not the well-meaning side kick to a hollywood beauty queen) and didn’t have to have some magical weight lifting transformation to be attractive to the men in the same film? And she wasn’t the butt of jokes for being fat or “ugly”?

Spy 2015, directed by Paul Feig 

And I suppose Hairspray, before that? I’m not coming up with any more tho. I’m thinking about Rose in Agent Carter, but she was still a side character so idk if that counts.

Whenever I see women complaining about the Ghostbusters film being the wrong kind of feminism, I think “Yes skinny pretty white girl who dresses fashionably, wears the kind of makeup you see in movies, and looks like a plethora of white actresses in hollywood, tell me more about how this movie where the women don’t look like you,is not your kind of feminism”

Wonder Woman is coming out and it’s gonna be great, but Gal Gadot is still basically a supermodel / goddess who guys are crowing over. Mad Max was fantastic because Furiosa looked put through the ringer in the way most women magically don’t when put in an apocalyptic film, but under all that, she was still Charlize Theron and still was the attractive leading lady Hollywood would call for.

I’m always happy to see women like Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones in a film that isn’t one big fat joke. I can’t wait for the sequel to Spy, if there is one.

ALSO! Kristen Wiig was skinny but not Hollywood skinny, she wasn’t set up to be “the pretty one” and it’s so so good to see a woman who’s skinny onscreen without having to be magically hollywood sexy 

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Definitely been at least a few accounts of classism from MOGAI tumblr already. Like there was at least one person who was all "you should be totally willing to pay money for a subscription to read this article on ace discrimination if you want to engage in discourse with me". Not to mention the people who defend "sapiosexuality" usually incorporate some classist views. Don't think I've come across body-shaming yet though

Oh yeahhh, the person writing the master’s thesis on aphobic oppression whose only example of oppression they could list was their grandpa asking them when they’re get married. Great classism.

The sapiosexual  stuff is more ableist than classist, but the two can be related, especially since education is related to class AND “mental ability”. UGH.

They really got their bigotry covered. My fat ass isn’t ever posting a selfie because I know some shitty anon will use it go and cover their last base, body shaming.

Underrated Things On Girls I Find Incredibly Attractive Besides Fat:

-Girls who’re really short. I’m talking like below 5′ tall. Especially paired up with a dom who’s taller than 6′ or something. So cute.

-Really long hair. Let’s say like long enough to touch the ground when she’s standing up. No idea, it’s just elegant and pretty to me. uwu

-Big, plump lips. Girls who’s lips pout out super thick and gosh I love it. Plays into the whole bimbo thing with it being like two soft pillows for daddy’s cock. C:

-Reeeeeally tall high heels or platform shoes. Once again going with the bimbo thing, but what about a big fatty who can barely balance on them? Goooosh I love em.

-Sweat. This one’s especially weird but there’s nothing better than the Summer time like this with big girls getting all sweaty I just wanna hug em and feel the moist flab oh my gosh. I don’t know, it’s cute and smelly and I like it a lot.

-Swirly hypnosis eyes. Totally fictitious, but I really liked the idea from yesterday of a girl, post-hypnosis, would have little spirals left over in her eyes, idk  and she’s all frazzled and embarrassed about them…

-Low IQ. Whoops, I like dumb girls a lot, giggly, bubbly girls that can’t count very high and who’s doms encourage them to love their outer beauty and not worry about how they’re not the sharpest tool in the shed or how they don’t know all the letters in the alphabet and reassure them that they’re loved and beautiful and aww. Honestly like, preferred IQ for a girl for me is like 70, sue me.

-Drool. Can go with stupid bimbos or mentally blank hypnotized girls, either way, it works well.

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Dim, would you consider yourself to be a big handsome man? (An attractive fat man)

“Ah…” *Dim gets a fair blush across his cheeks* “I’ve never really viddied myself as a attractive malchick, thou should pony. I’ve worried about my weight most of my life, but, maybe I can be real beauteous and sex and handsome while being a bolshy malchick, right right right? The malenky devotchka I have a crushiwush on makes me feel tingly in my guttiwuts and…she must viddy that too! Yes yes yes, Dim is a big handsome man! I’m real handsome like, even if I might be a bit more chubby than other malchicks.” -Dim

when tall amethyst happened and i was uncomfortable with all the people being like “wow this is a LOOK” i was like “well hopefully if people draw fanart of this outfit itll just be the outfit and theyll draw her normal proportions, theyre just talking about the outfit they dont think her being taller and proportionally less fat is whats attractive here”

and now theres art of tall thinner amethyst on my dash and i die

So I frequently see people saying things like not finding fat people attractive and not finding black people,for example, attractive are both just preferences.  And while I do understand what is trying to be said, at least a bit, I still feel that the two comparisons don’t quite match up.  Now I know no one is saying that being black and being fat are the same thing when they say this and I know that they don’t mean anything malicious either.

I suppose I don’t see how they quite line up because being fat is distinguishable by having visible excess fat deposits around the body, and it’s understandable that people wouldn’t be attracted to that.  That being said “I’m not attracted to fat people” is pretty much the same as saying “I’m not attracted to people who have too much excess fat.”  

However with black people it’s hard to find a single physical description that fits them all.  You can say you’re not attracted to dark skin, or curly hair, or something that people usually relate to black people but there are still light skinned black people and black people who have straight hair.  So seeing as “I’m not attracted to fat people” is pretty much the same as “I’m not attracted to people with too much fat” but saying “I’m not attracted to black people” isn’t the same as saying “I’m not attracted to dark skin” I’m kind of curious what people actually mean when they say they aren’t attracted to black people.

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Honestly though, i kind of agree with your mom! If i weighed 170pounds i'd probably kill myself. And about dating boys on your wall, assuming thats Kpop, i agree even more. Most of our idols are super skinny and healthy. I dont think it makes sense if a fat person would date them. Theres a thought like that, no skinny boy will find a fat girl attractive. I dont think that'd be right, as a skinny girl myself. We should come first cause we actually manage our weight not to look disgusting.

i dont think thats right to say at all. first off, what the fuck? second off, did it ever occur to you that ‘’’’fat people’’’’ can be happy with their bodies as well? if youre not, then i agree that you should try and change that in a healthy way. but news flash for you, ‘’’fat people’’’ shouldn’t have to change their weight for scums like you. 

also, even if skinny boys weren’t attracted to bigger girls, aren’t we still allowed to dream? its the more logical thought today that fat and skinny dont go together and I’ve heard people say it many times but honestly, its rude and mean. especially for you to put it like this. who even starts off a message like that, saying you’d kill yourself if you were me? thats disgusting. 

hotscrabble replied to your post:I’m actually more attracted to Roadhog than any of…

bizarrely enough, he’s one of the first fat characters that actually makes me feel not as shitty for being fat. though he’s also strong enough to throw a hugeass hook at people and rope them in, while i’m a total weakling lmfao

yeah! like, god, i REALLY wish we had female characters like him, but i do love that him being fat isn’t a joke or anything. and yeah i love it when fat characters are also strong. although i do wish there were more fat characters who are out of shape in a way that makes it clear that it’s okay to be out of shape. you don’t have to be in shape or strong or fit to justify being fat.

and also i do find fat characters attractive, and him big in every other way too. i love big. and his voice is so good jfc. i’m so attracted to him it’s shameful

this guy I know literally went on a date w a girl last night and called me after and was like “she was super sweet and funny but she weighed more than her pictures” and I was like ?? so date her and he started ranting about how he doesn’t find fat people attractive and I’m literally screaming at him like I want to rip out his eyes

Since The Boss ran against Trump, I gotta think of what kind of mud he’d sling at her. 

She’s Latin@ (Cuban like me), but I feel like he’d try to use that against her. Trump’s base probably thinks Cuba is in Mexico, after all.

Also, she’s a woman who dares to be fat and not conventionally attractive. So that too.

She’d make fun of his bankruptcy and his hair, and all the legal actions taken against him, because that’d fit with her slogan of ’ Fuck yeah I’m a criminal, you think these fuckers aren’t?’