You fucking deserve it. You see your thighs touching and always chafing because of all that fat? You hate it don’t you? Yet you ate a slice of cake today after lunch.

What about your arms? You hate them. You can’t wear short sleeves because of all that fat hanging there. It’s disgusting. Yet you ate ice cream yesterday.

Oh and not to mention your stomach. Your stomach is the most pathetic of all. Your bones are buried in all that fat and they are screaming to be saved. And yet you keep eating fries and pasta and cookies.

WAKE THE FUCK UP. You won’t see results if you don’t work hard.

Put down that fucking food right now.

You say you hate your body but you keep eating. You know what? You deserve it. You deserve being fat.

God you’re such an idiot, you even have a blog on tumblr where you give people advice on how to lose weight when you can’t even do it yourself.

You’re so pathetic.

But you can still change things.

Put down that fucking food and work out. Instead of eating dessert today drink water. Instead of eating ice cream go for a run.

Work out and eat as little as possible.

You don’t want to be a failure anymore, right?


This is more than a fast.

People always get amazed when I mention how many days in a row I can go without food, but they never put two and two together.

I’m not religious so that’s not a proper reason to “fast”. I’m not necessarily in need of an internal cleanse, so that’s not a proper reason to “fast”.

I’m nothing but a fat girl trying to get thin. My friends say I’m in an eternal state of “non-hungryness”.

I won’t tell them the truth.

Truth is, I’m starving myself.

little story on how my life got a twist yesterday

“Hey, you look so cool today! Wait your face has something different…”

*she’s gonna say I got a tan*

“Did you gain weight?”

Did you gain weight?

Did you gain weight?

Did you gain weight?

Did you gain weight?

Did you gain weight?