It’s okay to fall down and lose your spark.

Just make sure that when you get back up, you rise as the whole damn fire.


Jacket: Sean John 50R

Pants: Sean John 44/30

Shirts and ties: All thrifted

When I was shopping around a masc suit that would fit a fat woman’s body, there was nearly nothing online to help. So here are some tips for the fat butches shopping for suits:

- Avoid pants with flaws that a tailor can’t fix: length of the zipper, no room for hips/butt, etc

- You will need to get the suit tailored. The two I’m wearing the pics have only been hemmed, I’m getting the jacket tailored soon

- Make sure the jacket has vents in the back, otherwise it’ll look tight and uncomfortable

- Go for tapered or straight fit pants, but don’t get too hung up on that because pants can be easily tapered by a tailor. Be aware that pants with pleats can’t be tapered, though

- Sean John suits had the most hip room and best fit of all the brands I tried. But they are pricey so here are some brand that are cheaper and worth trying: Dockers, Haggar, Covington

It took me months to find a suit this nice, so be patient in your search. My inbox is always open for recommendations and help!


This pineapple look has been a summer staple and I encourage every fat femme to go out and get yourself one! It’s a Cowcow dress from Amazon and it runs from x-small to xxx-large. I am wearing the 3x large and I am usually a size 28/30. These dresses stretch a lot so even if you don’t think you would fit into it, get one and try anyways! It is made out of very light jersey so it’s been a blessing in the summer. 

Pineapple purse is from Torrid. (They’ve been making crossbody bags to fit fat bodies and I am so happy about it! The strap is 52 inches, I believe,)

Shoes are a size 12 from Lane Bryant!