fat biker

Rider Jacket worn rinse from Lee.
Button down Shirt from Lee.
Braces leather from Lee 101.
ED 55 unwashed jeans from Edwin.
FBC & Blitz Motorcycles Tee from Fat Boy Clothing.
Medium Biker Wallet, Wallet Rope and Loop Keyring from Timeless Leather Craftsmanship.
Bandana from Stetson.

My sketch of Finn in leather jacket, series 1 of My Mad Fat Diary, when Rae says “Finn - the list isn’t that long.” I wanted to draw this in pencil, but very heavy, like a cartoon strip style. I used a 4B pencil. I just think Nico looks very iconic in that leather jacket. Like a 50’s movie star. I also love the way he’s looking over his shoulder at Rae. You begin to get a sense that what she thinks of him actually matters to him. There is that sexy edge of vulnerability in Nico’s eyes, that catches our heartstrings every time.