fat white girl problems

It’s just funny that people continuously claim black men “like” curves and a big ass but the same girls who apparently fit that “standard” keep telling me and other black women they “need” to lose weight. Y’all seriously want to pretend body dysmorphia and eating disorders is a “white girl” problem. You don’t believe fat and plus-sized black girls have insecurities about their weight. You kind of sound like the black people who call general mental illnesses “white.” You’re telling thick, fat and plus-sized black girls worrying about their weight is a “white girl” thing, and people accept them for who they are which is a lie. And it’s mostly black women telling them that. If it was truly about what black men liked, a lot of women with boyfriends and husbands wouldn’t keep expressing their want and “need” to lose weight and to be “in-shape.” Come on, now.

  As a thin black woman, I have the “ideal” curvy and thick black women calling my disabled and out of shape body “in-shape” while their bodies aren’t seen as such. I’m not oblivious about my thinness to not see the privilege and standard I fit into compared to other black women. In fact, I have people telling me to “maintain” my size because I’m not getting any younger. That’s from my dad. “You’re getting older and your metabolism will start to slow down. You gotta watch how you eat so you don’t get as big as your aunts and cousins.” So that’s why I say skinny black girls who say skinny shaming is a thing in the black community are lying.