fat tuesday


Happy Mardi Gras!!

It’s after midnight which means that Fat Tuesday has finally arrived. Fair warning to my regular followers in case you missed it over the weekend - there’s gonna be lots of Mardi Gras/NOLA posts through until Wednesday. I’m tagging all #mardi gras in case you wanna skip it. I invite you to enjoy the day with me.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!


Photo credits: top - ©rising crescent photography; middle - unknown;
bottom - ©Lee Celano.

Every Lent I remind myself that in terms of restraint Catholics have probably the most soft-core fasts of at least the Abrahamic religions. Like damn I remember going to brunch with my Jewish bff during Passover. No BAGELS? at BRUNCH? That was true suffering right there; I can be a vegetarian once a week with no complaint.