fat train

2013 vs. 2017. When you look at the difference between these two pictures it’s quite dramatic but there were dozens of in-progress pictures between these two! This doesn’t happen overnight. My biggest tip is to not let one bad day or meal ruin your week. Progress is inevitable if you stay consistent. You don’t have to be perfect but you have to learn to bounce back from set backs! The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new ❤

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The struggle is real and will always be real. Sometimes I look in the mirror and still see the girl who was 100+ pounds and freak out only to realize that I’m not that person anymore. It’s scary for me to think about where Ill be 6 months to a year from now. Will I gain will I lose…. these are thoughts that go through my head more than I like to admit. It can be mentally exhausting. All I can tell you right now is that I’m going to keep on pushing.

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Be strong , Be beautiful , Be fearless and believe that anything is possible. Remember diamonds are created under pressure so hold on…. eventually it will be your time to shine ✨💎

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  • Me: "Why don't cute girls flirt with me?"
  • Cute girl: *flirts with me*
  • Me: "I'm very sorry but I have to go right now immediately it appears I have died and also I'm moving to Iowa tomorrow and I just have to go right away and you are very cute and I am very afraid and-"
  • Me: *falls into a trash can*

reflecting on my weight loss progression. I’ve come along waaay. remember, it’s so important to love yourself at every stage of your journey. laugh a bit too. every progress pic I take I’m either cracking jokes or talkn shit. I’m looking back at these photos and really taking myself back to that point in time. and it’s all love. I say that with a smile too. 😊 I’m literally lmao 😁 right now just thinking about it all.

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Still ashamed and disgusted that I ever let myself get that fucking fat. But depression is a mother fucker, what are you gonna do. 5 years of being fat and having man boobs and being constantly sweaty and out of breath were enough. Started working out religiously and eating right in January, and now here I am 9 months and over 80lbs later. Still have some work to do but still, I’m beyond happy with the progress I’ve made. #neveragain 298lbs-215lbs #weightloss #weightlossjourney #motivation #fatboy #fitness #workout #eatingclean

I’m getting a CHIN! 🤗 Can you see a difference? Let me know if you do; because sometimes I see it, but most times I don’t!

I used to read people posting about how they can’t see a difference, and I’d say “Are you crazy? Of course there’s a difference!” But now I totally get what they meant. 12 weeks. 3 months of eating clean and working out. IM PROUD OF MYSELF

HW: 96 kg
SW: 90.6kg
CW: 81 kg? (Too scared to step on the scale. Haven’t checked my weight since two weeks. Last I checked I was 81.7 kg)

I need to keep this going because my amazing personality could use a banging body 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥better keep this going.

3/5/17 heavy squat day 210x4x4

MY BUTT LOOKS DAMN GOOD. AMIRIGHT OR AMIRIGHT? I need to start getting non black leggings because wow!!! I know my butt looks A+ when I purposely pose, but this is a candid shot from my squat recording. NICE. Physique is coming in nicely, even though the cut is slow going. I’m with it though.

210x4x4 felt nice and easy, but my rotation and bar path was sloppy. The plates hit the cage during my walk out and it messed me up. I did pause squats 190x4x4 and that was really easy. Pause squats looked better in terms or bar path and bracing, but I lean over slightly. Super happy to be recovered and almost working at 100%. Next training block I should be back to where I was before I sprained my back.

I met new powerlifters tonight! I’m really loving the powerlifting community at home. Everyone’s so friendly and supportive. One of the new guys told the group that he was really impressed because everyone squatting had perfect form, and that’s a rare sight. My form is far from perfect right now, but that made me so happy. The community is honestly the thing I love the most about this sport. People who just met were rolling each other out lmao

Someone else had a mini deadlift bar jack and I think I’m going to get it. Rogue Fitness has a sale for the Arnold and I think it’s 25% off. I already have things I’ve been wanting to invest in, but I think this is gunna surpass them all lol deadlift jacks just make life so much easier.