When I say I want more fat acceptance I don’t mean I want to see more hourglass shaped, cellulite free white girls rocking 50s pinup style.

Give me fat people with different fat distribution. Give me fat people in bathing suits. Give me fat people with no sense of style. Give me fat people of color. Give me fat trans people and fat gender non-conforming people. Stop making one narrow body type of fat people the only ‘acceptable’ fat body. You’re all body acceptance or you’re not really body acceptance.

When we came to make Zombies, Run!, I deliberately put a line in the very first mission, when you, Runner Five, are just arriving at Abel Township, the tiny, shivering remnant of humanity left after the zombie apocalypse. I had one of the characters say: “If you can move above a slow shamble, we can use you.” Why? Because I am so sick and tired of the best and nicest exercise-based treats being reserved for people who are already in peak physical shape, and I’m sick of the notion that having fun while exercising is something you have to earn; that, until you look a certain way, moving ought to be boring and unpleasant if not outright painful. Your body is there right now. You did not have to earn a thing. It is a gift. You are a hero every time you step out of your front door to do some exercise.

TW for fat shaming


Unless you’re someone who refuses to use social media, I’m sure you’re aware that plus-size model Tess Munster/Holliday has rocked people’s worlds by becoming the first model ‘of her size’ signed to an agency. Her size being: 5'5” and a size 22, which is a far cry from the industry’s standard of having traditionally hourglass-y figures that are a size 10. Plus models never wear above a 16/18, and are usually 5'8" or taller. Guys… Tess is super short and super fat and breaking all the motherfucking rules like the superhero she is.

But changing the status quo is anything but easy. If I ever want to mourn humanity, all I have to do is scroll through Tess’s Instagram comments. Kids, don’t try this at home. No really, just trust me on this and let me tell you what you’ll find so you don’t have to mourn humanity too. Its a rare practice for me nowadays, but when I DO take a second to remind myself that this work is important by looking through her account, I find hundreds upon hundreds (collectively, thousands… we might be up to a millions) of comments that either call her barnyard animal names, spout “facts” about how she’ll die early on because: science, or express their concern about the fact that she’s a negative role model for promoting obesity by loving herself… and these are the kind ones.

For years, this vitriol has left me puzzled and asking: WHY is this happening? WHY is loving yourself so controversial? WHY U SO MAD WORLD?

Well, I learned why and it’s because of a thing I like to call Body Currency.

In a killer interview with Yahoo! Health, Virgie Tovar recaps it ever so eloquently (as she often tends to do):

“Fat” is just the current catchall word for all the things that we as a culture are afraid of: women’s rights, people refusing to acquiesce to cultural pressures of conformity, fear of mortality. [People who hate fat people] see body love as a move toward people taking charge of their lives and choosing what they want to do, no matter what the culture says. This is really scary to a lot of people. 

The anger they express is actually toward themselves. A person who hates seeing a happy, liberated person wishes they had the strength to do that, but they are too entrenched or “bought in” to the way things are right now to see it as a beautiful thing. So they see it and they hate it. … People have invested a lot of time and a lot of resources into this game that says “thin wins.” So when people see exceptions to that rule, they feel personally invalidated, personally stolen from, personally affronted." 

It falls right in line with a conversation I had with friends where we discussed the difference between reactions that apologetic fatties vs. unapologetic fatties receive. Gabi Gregg of Gabifresh nailed it by saying:

"If there is a fat person on television trying super hard to lose weight, crying about how hard life is, and talking about how they eat to cope etc, then everyone is at home crying and cheering them on. Put that same person in a crop top while they smile, and the pitchforks come out.”

Preach, girl.“

Read the full piece here, including the author’s explanation of "Body Currency”

REMINDER: The desexualization of fat people is a problem and its okay to fight to be recognized as sexual beings. It is ALSO okay for fat women to feel conflicted when this comes packaged with being objectified and dehumanized. One should never have to tolerate being objectified to have their sexual agency acknowledged.

Fat Shaming

There’s a lot of people who are against body positivity because they believe this movement promotes unhealthy issues that are associated with being over-weight and obese.

Please tell me though, when has fat shaming EVER brought about positive change? There is no link between fat shaming and a decrease in obesity. 

There is however a large link of fat shaming and

  • Eating disorders
  • Low self esteem
  • Depression
  • Suicide

“I would draw these fat characters as fat, but I’m bad at drawing fat people!”

Look. You didn’t start out being good at drawing thin people either. You didn’t start out being good at drawing anything or anyone. You practiced and learned and looked at references and tried and scrapped and tried again and you eventually started to figure out how to draw a specific kind of body shape. Fat bodies are not magically harder to draw. You just haven’t put the effort in.

If there is a fat person on television trying super hard to lose weight, crying about how hard life is, and talking about how they eat to cope, then everyone is at home crying and cheering them on. Put that same person in a crop top while they smile, and the pitchforks come out.
—  Gabi Gregg of Gabifresh quoted in Why People Hate Tess Munster (And Other Happy Fat People) by Everyday Feminism (x)

Okay you know what fuck saying “You shouldn’t be mean to fat girls because they might excersise and eat healthy” like I know you mean well but how about instead saying “You shouldn’t be mean to fat girls because they are human beings and deserve as much respect as everyone else”