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Gym selfie- Day 12.
Okay guys, is it me or is my shirt a little looser??? ALSO is my booty better???
Or am I just crazy and seeing things???😕😕😕
Aaaand, hello, random citizen behind me.. 😂😂😂😂
Tip of the day: Train hard, make Winchesters proud. 😊😊😊 😘😘😘

anonymous asked:

Ichabod, in opposition of a recent anon, and seconding the prior, nicer ones, I want to say something to you. You are pleasant company, and I get the sense that your talent in mechanics is admirable. Like any technician, really. Keep up the enthusiasm and cuteness.

((just imagine ichabod, who is halfway through Something Possibly Lifechanging at the moment, seeing this and accidentally breaking his phone cause he’s so flustered.

((fyi though–about 90% of that enthusiasm is fake. when he talks about robots n horses, its not–but he’s terrified that if he doesn’t look like he’s glad to be with his friends 24/7, he wont GET to be with his friends.


Hump Day Smut

Well, here’s what I was able to get between Sunday and today. 

Show You by castielsdirtykitten (Reader’s boyfriend calls her fat, Sam and Dean won’t hear it. Threesome but the boys don’t interact, aka no Wincest.)

In The Backseat by deandoesthingstome (Teen Dean takes reader’s virginity in the backseat of the Impala. Fluffy smut!)

Hard by kittenofdoomage (Soulless!Sam smut. Rough and hot.)

Sleep With Me? by winchester-with-wings (Long one. Starts out with fluffy and cute Dean, and then you get some smut to top it all off.)

Apple Pie Life by castielsdirtykitten (Fluffy fluffy Dean fluff with some wedding night smut.)

Plaid on Plaid by supernaturalimagines (Dean is turned on by seeing you in his shirt, so he fucks you in it.)

Cakes, night and summers by thenightyouknow (Pregnancy fluff and smut with Dean. What a good little hubby.)

Daddy by deanwearingsweats (Reader has a daddy kink, Dean finds out.)

what do you call even this by winchestersandwordprocessors (Chris just talks about Sam and Dean’s favorite positions and I’m all worked up now.)

Show me what you got, Winchester by takeitoffwinchester (Reader likes it rough, Sammy is happy to oblige.)

Fighting for Dominance by castielsdirtykitten (Demon Dean and Demon Reader)

Tied Up by deanwearingsweats (Reader takes advantage of her situation after rescuing an already-tied-up Dean.)

Rain Check by winchesterwhisper (Shower sex with Dean Winchester.)

Birthday Spankings by meteoraangel (The first Cas fic to make it on a Hump Day Smut post.)

Distance Makes For Desperation by bovaria (Long distance relationship with Dean, he shows up and shows you how much he missed you.)

Dean having sex in public fic by winchestersandwordprocessors (the title says it all.)

Private Lessons by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog (More professor Dean. If you aren’t reading this series, get your life together and start now.)

Stake Out by sp-oops (I would have posted this fic earlier but for whatever reason I didn’t want to post two of her fics in a row (weird, I do that all the time) and then I forgot to put it on the next post and anyways here it is. It’s great and you should definitely read it. Dean and reader are on a stakeout and witness a couple having sex, then get all hot and bothered. Voyeurism obvi. Enjoy.)

Sex on Fire by ilostmyshoe-79 (Dean rolls into town and gives you quite the night. This one gets extra love from me because it was written in honor of the shitty day I had yesterday. And it put a big stupid grin on my face.)

Y’all thirsty yet?

Smut Timeout:

Well, well, well. Look who did it again. Little miss Jess (better known as abaddonwithyall) Has gotten herself right back in the hot seat. Two weeks in a row, Jess? Really? I don’t know why you love to hurt me so. Maybe because you love writing the makeup sex? (My favorite fic, aka A+)

Here’s Photograph, it got Jess thrown into timeout. She drew me in with smut and then cut me down with angst. Fluffy kitty is not amused by your angst, Jess.

And here’s a nicer, happier fic that Jess wrote, that was listed with the other fics, but like I said, abaddonwithyall has gotten herself thrown into timeout. So I had to pull it and put it down here with grumpy kitty. This Is My Jam.

Now, Jess, you go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

Since I’ve got the bitter taste of angst in my mouth, and I don’t want to leave you guys on such a negative note, here’s some happy gifs. 

How Sam would comfort his girl if she were big
  • Big Girl: *Looking sad while with Sam*
  • Sam: *Notices her expression* Hey, why the long face?
  • Big Girl: *Sighs* Some guys on the street called me fat today.
  • Sam: What? Did you know them? *Seriously starts to consider hunting them down to beat them up*
  • Big Girl: No, they were just a couple of strangers. And I'm just thinking of how nice it would be to not have the truth thrown in my face all the time like that.
  • Sam: ... You think you're fat?
  • Big Girl: Well... I know I'm a bit hefty but there's not much I can do to change that. I've tried but nothing really works. But I just wish, sometimes, that I could love how I look and that I wouldn't have people affect me that much. You know?
  • Sam: ... *Contemplates for a moment before he suddenly scoops her up bridal style, lifting her with ease*
  • Big Girl: Woah, what are you doing!?
  • Sam: What are you talking about, doofus?
  • Big Girl: Wha-?
  • Sam: You weigh, like, nothing to me.
  • Big Girl: That's because you have super human strength!
  • Sam: Yeah, and so what? Even without it I can still lift you as easily and can do this. *Starts to spin her around.*
  • Big Girl: *Lets out a little squeak as she wraps her arms around Sam's neck and quickly starts to laugh as he continues to spin them both around*
  • Sam: *Slows to a stop* There we go, that's better. *Waits for her to calm her giggles before he touches his forehead to hers* It doesn't matter how much to weigh, I'll carry you around the whole friggin' world if it'll make you happy. Those asshole who don't know you like I do, don't fucking matter. You're beautiful, oofus. That's a fact.
  • Big Girl: *Stares into Sam's eyes and her face glows from her smiling. She leans forward and hugs him tight while still in his arms* I love you Sam.
  • Sam: I love you too.

OOTD: Black and White in a World of Color

It was hot as balls in Miami today ☀️🔥😅 but that didn’t stop me from layering this super cute versatile kimono from Target over a tank and flowy maxi skirt from Forever 21+. Handbag is from the Kate Spade New York outlet in Orlando (Girl [or boy], I never pay full price!). Sandals are Circus by Sam Edelman, a dope ass score from the Nordstrom Rack. Necklace is also from Forever 21. Green hair dye is Pravana, lipstick is the shade Bold from Lush Cosmetics (Oxford street collection). Location is Wynwood Walls in Miami’s Art District!

Nice things for Dean (that sometimes disturb Sam)

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Sam takes the offered coffee from Cas’ hand, holding open the door of the diner as Cas balances the other two cups of coffee and a bag full of cookies in his own.

“You shouldn’t encourage him, you know.” Sam’s eyes flick down to the grease-stained bag and back up to Cas with a grin.

“You’d prefer his whining that he’s hungry and hasn’t eaten for hours on the drive back to the motel?” Cas asks wryly, taking a sip of his coffee.

Sam laughs at that, “Good point.”

“Besides,” Cas adds, rolling his eyes, “It’s not you who has to hear about him ‘getting a belly’. He doesn’t parade back and forth in front of your mirror poking at non-existent fat.”

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