fat presidents


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Everyone is so fly. Especially love that they acknowledge you can be a fat girl at all sorts of weights. Briki fa President 2k16! (h/t Vy, NOLA ambassador for bad rad girls)

more fat ladies in the media, please. make them fat for no reason. make them super mega fat and only a little fat and a middle ground level of fat. make them fat businesswomen and fat athletes and fat waitresses and the fat president.

make them fat because they have thyroid conditions or fat because their whole family is fat or fat because they don’t want to lose weight. make their fatness incidental and unproblematic. make their fatness unfetishized but still sexualized. make their fatness totally unsexualized whatsoever.

fat teenagers. fat adults. fat children. the fat elderly.

more fat ladies in the media.

all the tall, willowy women with heart-shaped faces are getting repetitive.

Well, that’s just mean-spirited and inappropriate, Matt. We don’t need to lower ourselves to that level for a cheap laugh. This is a place for serious thought and respectful discourse.

By the way, true story: Taft was in such a good place and so happy with finally being a member of the Supreme Court that he lost a significant amount of weight, improved his diet, and lived a much healthier, happier life than he had been. As Chief Justice, Taft weighed about 100 pounds less than he did as President.

Another fun fact: Even when he weighed around 360 pounds Taft was said to be a surprisingly good dancer who was astonishingly agile and light on his feet. As disappointing as it is that we don’t have a photograph of George Washington or a voice recording of Abraham Lincoln, I am equally saddened that we have no video of William Howard Taft dancing. I hope that, somewhere in the bowels of the Smithsonian, there is a perfectly-preserved film canister containing footage of William Howard Taft pop-locking and doing the Crip Walk at his Inaugural Ball.


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it would suck to be president william taft because everyone remembers him as the fat president who got stuck in the bathtub. like how would you feel if you were president and the only thing people remember about you is that you got stuck in a bathtub?