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Today was amazing. My only day of the week off work. I spent it as one should, sleeping in, dressing up, looking through records, playing bass guitar, listening to music and then working it in front of a webcam because I was feeling myself. Today the sun has come out, so instead of the usual black jeans I can wear my cutie high waisted shorts that I hardly ever wear. I think I worked them today :3


I was a little inspired by Hendrix with the head band ;)

Uploading more photos because I took too many…. hahahaha


The rest of the photos from today <3
I know i probably get hate for this for showing off my body in such a way, but heck, it’s my body and I think I have a cute butt… What’s the big deal? I’m a cute chubby girl and I think I have a cute butt. Sue me x. I’m gonna work it and I’m gonna shake it, and I’m gonna love it <3


I’ve noticed - particularly recently that while my photos are reblogged I get people saying things like ‘real woman have curves’ and that just sucks. Just because i have curves does not make me any more ‘real’ of a woman than anybody else. Woman come in all shapes and sizes and they should all be appreciated, instead of discriminated against. <3 Love what you’ve got xx and appreciate the beauty of what others have too - no matter what ‘shape’ they are


I was wandering around town yesterday feeling really cute and sweet, and I would get these moments where I would pass women down the street and they would give me this look of horror as if to say ‘guuuurl what are you thinking wearing shorts?! You’re too fat for them’ - I get this a lot, in the past it would bother me and I’d start thinking mentally how much I’d want to hide and change into something to hide my legs… but yesterday I just gave each person that gave me that look a bright smile. Sometimes you just can’t let people bring you down, If they have a problem with my body, it’s their problem… I’m just gonna keep being me <3


These are the last of the gifs that I made, during my free time before work. I was actually listening to ‘work’ and loving just feeling cute and sexy.
I think the thing about this year, and the last,,, is that I’m finding more confidence in my body by moving it around. I became involved in burlesque - I dance in my room. Listening to all different kinds of music and I just love it and i can finally let go of what people think of me because I don’t care what people think about me anymore. I am who I am. I am what I am.


Skinny, Thin, Thick, Fat, Chubby, Curvy, Chunky, Plump…. whatever you define yourself as! I just wanna say that no matter what shape you are, do not be afraid to wear colour. When I was in high school I’d feel so self- conscious all I’d wear is black. But now, I’m not scared how much ‘attention’ it brings to my body. Colours look amazing! So wuuuuuuuuurk it!!! <3

Some anon sent me an ask today saying “you can hide your 10 chins, but you can’t hide your huge stomach, and gigantic thighs.” I replied with this picture along with:

“You’re right. So, here’s my huge stomach, and my gigantic THIGHS. All my rolls, stretch marks, ripples, dimples, wiggles, and jiggles. I don’t “hide” anything. Clearly. I hope you enjoy me not give a single fuck about what you have to say or think<3”

I’ve worked really hard on not caring what people think of me. it’s taken me awhile, but I’m finally there, and I’ve never been happier. I just want everyone to feel good about themselves, and love the way they are. Nobody should ever feel like they need to change who they are for someone else. So everyone, know you’re beautiful the way you are. Love yourself. You deserve it. 
You’re all gorgeous the way you are, and I hope you know that.



Like seriously everyone needs to hear this!! This is perfect especially after that My Mad Fat Diary episode last night….

You hit the nail on the head ravingsbyrae Love this video! xx