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Why do you choose to lead an unhealthy lifestyle? Literal curiosity. The worst part is, people think it's cute and reasonable. Basically I want to know what made you obese and why do u still choose to live that way

I’m gonna use this as a jump-off for some things I’ve been wanting to say to all my fat peeps who are still struggling with self acceptance and self love.

Do. Not. Entertain. This. Kind. Of. Abusive. Bullshit. 

There is nothing of value in this, so what do you do with something that has no value or use to you or anyone else? You throw it in the god damn trash where it belongs.

I know it’s hard, especially when these types of messages come from family members or other people close to you who are supposed to care about you. But if they are saying things like this to you, they don’t care. Things like this are nothing but abusive hate speech. Nothing about the wording of this message is random, every word chosen was meant to inflict the most shame and damage. “Why do you choose … what made you obese … why do you still choose … “ 

This message also goes the extra mile in trying to make it seem like this isn’t all just about looks, by saying things like “literal curiosity” and “not reasonable” they are trying to sound as confused about your “decision” to be fat as possible. What that does is try to shame you into thinking that there is something mentally wrong with you if you are happy and confident in your body, because “reasonable” people wouldn’t “choose” to be fat. It also sets up that any “reasonable” aka “normal” person would be ashamed of themselves for being fat and NOT be confident and love themselves. So if your fat but hate yourself that’s okay because you can see that being fat is bad, but if your fat and love yourself than there must be something wrong with you.

Messages like these are just trying to manipulate you into hating yourself and others. Do not let them. Every second that you spend loving yourself, you win and they loose. They are threatened by your self love, because they know if fat people love themselves and don’t buy into their fatphobic agenda, than they loose the privilege they have.

So please, fellow fat peeps, even if you can’t love yourself for you right now, love yourself because they don’t want you to. Love yourself to make them angry. Love yourself as an act of defiance. Love yourself as an act of war.


Finding cute plus sized clothing is hard, and when you finally find them, they’re usually expensive! The dresses shown above are valued at over $300 dollars, and I’m GIVING THEM AWAY. I lost a lot of weight before I got around to wearing them, and I’d hate to see them go to waste.

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this morning involved a really long journal entry about loving your body, even when you’re not in love with your body. I cannot allow “thinness” to be my end goal, because if I accept that mentality, “thin” will never be enough and I will always want more. instead, my end goal is to change not because I hate my body, but because I love my body, and it deserves the best. the body I have right now is not something that needs to be defeated. it needs to be loved into changing.


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I released my new collection today called Watch The Queen Conquer and it features all types of handmade body chains available in sizes S-5X. 

The lookbook photos were shot at the beach by Cleveland photographer Linda Ford and featured lovely models dopenmind (Emerald Shaw), Amanda Sweet, Kenyiana Lewis and Kasey Simmerer with hair and makeup by Mary-Morgan Byrd. 

Remember that you feel this way for a reason, that there are multi-billion dollar industries profiting off your insecurity, and that you’ve viewed thousands of ads produced by those industries since you were a child. Your lack of confidence has been manufactured. And you don’t have to accept it. You can rebel. You can seek self love. You can dare to reclaim the parts of yourself society has told you to destroy.