fat players


Instant Karma.

so my mother posted a video about phys ed being cut in schools

And frankly the way it is now I’d be glad to see it go. 

Now physical activity for kids is down- recess, gym, they’re being axed for tests and that’s some bullshit. A kid’s gotta run. Physical activity is important to growth and health. 

I just really severely disagree with how the American education system views ‘physical activity’. 

When I was in school (and keep in mind I graduated a decade ago, maybe things have changed and man I hope they have) gym was about ten seconds of ‘here’s some bad things that could happen to you if you don’t eat right’ followed by sixty minutes of humiliation and torture. 

I was forced onto teams with kids who hated me. I was made to play sports and not taught the rules. I had no options. I was expected to run and jump and keep up with kids who were more athletic and more active and when I couldn’t I was essentially told ‘well that’s because you’re a fatass what do you expect.’

Nothing like being a walking cautionary tale. 

My senior year of high school I joined band to get out of taking another gym class. I was only going to be in the chorus, but when told I would have to take phys ed again while the band was working I quite literally broke down sobbing in the music teacher’s office. I’d never seen a lady look so panicked while making a phone call. 

(I have no rhythm. I still can’t read music. I bullshitted percussion for an entire year because the idea of going  back to the gym made me cry.) 

Gym was nothing but a place for people with talent to show off and people without it to sit on the bleachers in their change of clothes and feel like mold. 

Now, imagine a gym class where you were taught non-aggressive, more gentle forms of exercise. Maybe some dancing. Some yoga! the proper way to jog. A scavenger hunt. Imagine a gym class that axed the bullshit body mass index, and taught real health. Imagine a class where you weren’t just running but maybe learning about weights and balance. Where you were asked what you wanted to do, and if you didn’t know, you could try things until you found something. Imagine an interactive gym class that uses something like pokemon go, that tracks progress and encourages teamwork. 

Imagine a gym class without the heinous monstrosity that is the beep test. 

So if we’re fighting to bring back gym- and it should be brought back- then let’s fight to bring back a better, more inclusive and tolerant gym. A gym where the kids who can’t don’t have to toddle along after the kids that can and get that false superiority crammed down their throats every time they have to change. 

Today In Black Music History for September 24th
  1. 1923 - American jazz trumpet player Theodore “Fats” Navarro, a pioneer of the bebop style of jazz improvisation in the 1940s is born in Key West, Florida. Navarro is regarded as having been one of the first modern jazz trumpet improvisers

  2. 1970 Motown Records re-releases Smokey Robinson & the Miracles’"The Tears of a Clown". The song was originally released in 1967.

  3. 1975 Motown Records releases Diana Ross’ “Do You Know Where You’re Going To”, known as the Theme from Mahogany. The song, recorded as the theme to the 1975 Motown/Paramount film “Mahogany”, would become the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100

  4. 1988 Multi-time Grammy Award winning Jazz singer Bobby McFerrin would reach number one on Billboard Pop Charts with “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, the first a capella song to do so.

  5. 2009 Quincy Jones is honored with a Clinton Global Citizen award for Leadership in Philanthropy at the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting