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I have a fat character I want to draw but she ends up looking weird no matter how hard I try... :< Do you know any tutorials on how to draw larger people?

I can totally understand your frustration. We’re taught to draw thin bodies a lot more often and thoroughly than we’re taught to draw fat ones, so learning how to draw larger bodies can definitely be a struggle, even for fat artists. But I’ve rustled up some links that should hopefully prove useful to you and other artists dealing with the same problem.

Fat Drawing Tutorial:

  • Here’s a pretty good one that covers different fat body variations and includes larger fat girls: “Tutorial - Curves on Girls
  • Once you get past the part about abs this one’s got some really good information and reference on how to draw how fat looks realistically: “Understanding Anatomy VII
    (that whole tutorial series looks to be helpful on drawing anatomy, so I recommend checking the other parts out too)
  • This one doesn’t cover larger fats, but it does have some good stuff about distributions of fat on the body and variations on fatness: “Varying Your Body Types
  • Here’s a short, not-terribly-thorough one (that’s got some complaints in it on unrealistic depictions of fatness in fat-fetishistic art, just fyi), but which makes good points on incorporating gravity into depictions of fatness so the fat doesn’t look like balloons: “How To Draw Fat Women
  • This one’s a short tutorial (that has minor problematic language) about how to draw waists that’s inclusive of smaller fat bodies. “Female Waist Tutorial
  • A short tutorial about drawing hips, inclusive of smaller fat hips. Not a lot to it, but helpful to glance over. “Female Hip Tutorial
  • Drawing Fat on the Body is a video tutorial that covers some helpful advice on how to draw fat bodies building off of prior knowledge of drawing thin bodies. Doesn’t cover different types of fat bodies/fat distribution and has some other imperfections, but a decent beginner starting point. ” (contains some mild problematic language)
  • How to Draw Fat Bodies” Here’s a short post with some good general tips to keep in mind when attempting to draw fat people.
  • Another short, general guide on drawing fat bodies, with some good example of different fat body types. “Guide to Drawing Fat Bodies
  • A short guide with tips on drawing fat athletes/strong fat characters.
  • A basic tutorial on adding fat onto the general torso area of the body.

(One of the sadder parts of finding these was sifting through different tutorials and finding ones that were teaching how to draw really inaccurate or over-simplified fat anatomy, or included really fatphobic language or commentary in the tutorial =.=)

Fat Reference Photos:

  • This post links to a handful of helpful galleries of photo reference of fat women posing: “Re: Fat and Chubby Women Photo References
  • Here’s a Site which contains lots of pictures of different women searchable by height, age, weight, etc. that looks really helpful: “My Body Gallery.com
  • A site with a lot of great full-body pictures of people organized by their height and weight (referential to the bs BMI system, but still great art reference)Cockeyed: Height / Weight

Other Reference:

Otherwise, if you want to search for fat reference on tumblr, I’d suggest looking through tags and blogs that often contain selfies/photos of fat people, since when you’re trying to learn how fat actually looks, nothing is more accurate reference for it than the real thing.

HOWEVER, you must be respectful in your use of these tags or blogs for reference!!!! As in DO NOT draw people straight out of any photos you find and post your work unless you get permission from the subjects you’ve drawn and/or their photographers. If you do draw random people you see in the tag, then treat your drawings as practice/study and confine whatever you make to your sketchbook for your own eyes.

But I do wholly advocate looking at all sorts of images of fat people and really paying attention to all the different ways their fat manifests itself and looks, and then practicing drawing figures inspired by what you’ve observed.

(please note that some of these tags and blogs listed below may contain nudity/nsfw content:)

Tags containing fat selfies/photography: #fatshion, #fatspo, #fatspiration

Blogs containing fat selfies/photography: The Adipositivity ProjectFat Selfiesteem, Fat Grrrrl Selfies, Chubby Fatshion, Fuck Yeah Chubby Fashion, Chubby Bunnies, Chubby Guy Swag, Big Guy Flyy, Gorgeous Plus Lolita

Blogs containing art of fat or at least “not thin” people: Fat People Art, Fat Art

(If you see your blog linked to above and would rather it not be pointed to as a place to find reference of fat bodies, just let me know and I’ll take it off right away.)

Anyways, hope this helps! And if you know of, find, or make any more tutorials, references sources, etc., please do message me with the links to be added onto this post!!!  I’ll update this as I find/receive more stuff to add.

(Updated: 5/31/15 with 8 new additions to the fat drawing tutorial and fat reference photo sections)

So, my niece wants to go ziplining for her birthday, & she wants it to be me, her Mom & my other sister. Thing is, I still have the voice of my friend’s Dad in my head from when I was about 9. They got a new swingset & when I sat in a swing he hollered, “Get outta dat! You’re too big fer dat! You’ll break it!” Ever since then I’ve had the fear that no matter what the weight limit may be on something, even if it’s 300+ lbs. heavier than what I weigh, I hear his voice in my head. I’m afraid of breaking chairs, benches, picnic tables, waterslides, beds, elevators, ziplines, etc. I just keep hearing those words. Steel, chains, & heavy duty plastic, & he told a 9 year old she was too big. “You’re gonna break it!” It may sound silly, but it stayed with me & became a real fear of mine that I’m always going to be too big for everything around me. I wanna go ziplining with my niece, but I don’t know if I can.

All these girls crying cause of Zayn Malik leaving and I’m over here crying because my macaroni didn’t heat up all the way

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hey!! i just want lose weight - i'm having troubles even getting started. what are your top tips? xoxo

Hi :))

  • Make a workout plan (like “do this workout twice a week” “do 30 crunches everyday”), it’s really helping to keep on track, because you’ll know what to do everyday :) 
  • eat healthy ! You can eat sweets but once a week :)
  • don’t fall into eating disorders please, stay safe and eat it’s really hard to get out of this and  it’s bad for your health
  • don’t binge 
  • you can do meal plans
  • look what you eat ! don’t eat fast food or fat stuff

Peoples say it’s 80% what you eat 20% workout !

stay safe little angel x

Anyway not that this is even ABOUT attractiveness (in fact it’s v much not at its heart) but I think the ways bodies change and how different we all are is uh kinda beautiful honestly? Like stretch marks and wrinkles and scars and stuff just show how we’ve lived and developed and it’s neat! The different ways people store fat and stuff? How bodies change? Our different features? Neat! People are incredibly interesting and unique and I hate that we’re all indoctrinated into this narrow garbage chute idea of beauty that tells us we’re ugly for not conforming!!

Nice But Unexpected

Hi! Okay so this is for the absolutely amazing llexis HAPPY BIRTHDAY, You basically inspired this to happen and i’m praying you like it! xxx

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Okay, so this is a one shot AU (maybe carry it on if anyone would want that? probably not) of when Finn tells Rae Archie isn’t meeting her for their date, but he stays instead of leaving her. btw, there’s probably a million mistakes in this and i’m so sorry. 


Finn was walking back from the record store when he saw him. “Archie!” He shouted over, grinning at his best mate. “Thought you were workin’ or summat, tonigh’?” Finn said, when he caught up to the nervous looking boy. He had been on the phone to Archie not two hours ago to ask if he was going to the cinema with the rest of gang. Archie’d said that he had to work, but clearly that was bullshit.

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steven universe: *shows rose quartz as a complex character who’s made mistakes and learned from them*


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How are you so confident.

Practice, and a constant refrain of “fuck YOU fuck OFF motherfucker MOVE i am way out of your league” etc. running through my head.

Basically, fake it til you make it.  Or the nice version, courtesy of Kyeli Smith - what you do will become true.  

As flippant as that sounds, I’m dead serious.  Practice.  I spent time looking at myself in the mirror and reminding myself that I look a lot like many of the gorgeous fatties on blogs like this, and if I can think they’re beautiful, then there’s no reason I can’t be, too.  

Deliberate media immersion is the other half of this - you’ve got step one by finding this blog.  Follow us, follow fyeahchubbyfashion, follow…idk I can’t think of my favorite FA blogs right now, but find them, follow them, bask in a steady stream of images of fat people doing cool stuff and looking good doing it, roll around in those images and swim in them until they slowly, slowly, bit by bit by piece by minute by hour by day start to outweigh the counter-flood of negative representation in the mainstream media.  

It will take time.  It will not be fast or easy necessarily.  There will be days where you genuinely rock the fuck out and strut down the street without even noticing if there are negative looks coming your way because you genuinely don’t care.  There will be days where you’re telling yourself “head up, stand tall, fuck them if they don’t like you what does their opinion matter to your life anyway, pretend you’re walking hand in hand with [sexy favorite celebrity of your choice] and everyone’s just jealous” and forcing yourself to look calm and disinterested or happy or whatever image you want to project, while you’re just trying to hold yourself together inside.  There will be days where you can’t manage even that much and hide yourself behind sunglasses and music playing in your earbuds as a barrier between you and the world.  Even the most confident of us have those days too.  Don’t beat yourself up for “failing” to be confident.  Be gentle with yourself - you can’t hate yourself into happiness.  

Any time you start talking shit to yourself, stop and ask yourself if you’d say that to your favorite FA blogger or fatshion blogger.  If you wouldn’t, why not?  And why are you willing to say it to yourself, then?  

Time.  Practice.  Work.  Positive media saturation.  Sheer force of FUCK YOU.  And lots of patience while you work through it.

Go forth and be the fucking amazing motherfucker I know you can be.

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Let me start off by saying I am fat; maybe not as fat as you - but fat. I'm not trying to be rude or anything but I think there is a time when fat fat people shouldn't wear stuff. Belly shirts were not made for fat people. You look fatter when you wear things that don't fit you right. Again I am 210 lbs size 13 l/xl so I'm not a skinny cunt

And what’s wrong with looking “fatter”? Why do we let other people define what is and is not flattering for us? If you learn to love all bodies, despite their size, you’ll see how there’s nothing wrong with looking exactly the way your body exists. It’s a much better alternative than trying to contort your body into something it just isn’t.
And whooaaaa there with the skinny comment.