fat people in the gym

If hating fat people is about hating an unhealthy lifestyle: 

  1. Why do fat people get harassed at the gym, while jogging, or while swimming?
  2. Why are fat people expected to cover up more? Changing what they wear will not make them healthier.
  3. Why are thin people allowed to get away with not exercising and with eating all the pizza and bacon they want? If the problem is the unhealthy lifestyle, why doesn’t that apply to everyone? 

Never mind. I already know the answer.

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #57
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Bob Harper had a heart attack.  Now leave fat people alone.

Bob Harper, a former trainer on the Biggest Loser, has been one of the fittest men on television for over a decade.  He had a massive heart attack a couple of weeks ago and was hospitalized for eight days.

Bob Harper – a fitness guru who’s the host of “The Biggest Loser” – suffered a heart attack that left him unconscious for 2 days.

Harper tells us he was working out in a NYC gym 2 weeks ago when he collapsed. A doctor who was also working out administered CPR and used paddles to keep Bob alive.

The 51-year-old was taken to the hospital and says he woke up 2 days later. He was hospitalized for 8 days and is still in NYC – he lives in L.A. – because his doctors have not cleared him to fly.

(cont. TMZ)

Heart disease and heart attacks run in Bob Harper’s family and he says it’s all genetics.  I’m sure he’s absolutely right, but why are we okay agreeing with a fit man who says his heart attack was genetics while we view fat people who say “it’s genetics” with such disdain?

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Actually, don’t applaud either!

In fact, pretend we aren’t there at all.

Like you can’t see us, like we don’t exist.

It is equally uncomfortable to be praised for going to the gym as it is to be ridiculed. 

Let us do our thing in peace.  Let us take up as small of a space as possible - because that is how we view ourselves. 

By all means, smile as we come in or go out.  Don’t comment while we are doing what we need to do - leave us alone. 

After 6 months or a year - feel free to tell us how nice it is to see us there every day, how great we look, how the hard work is really paying off.

But in our first, baby steps - we just don’t have the confidence to deal with your opinions.  We have enough bad ones floating around in our head and even your positive ones aren’t welcome and can, in fact, be a deterrent.

Guess who’s back bitches!!!!!!!

God I’ve missed the gym! The feeling of pushing myself to the max and building a better Me is the best! I’ve skipped like 2-3 weeks worth of workouts. I feel bad about it, but I have to keep going. Thanks for being patient with me while I went through a rough depression episode. I love you all! The Sweat Goddess is back! 💪🏻💖👑☀️

It’s great seeing fat people at the gym. Why? Because it means that they realize they have a problem, and they’re actually trying to fix that problem.

Body positivity isn’t looking in the mirror and pretending that being fat is “sexy”. Body positivity is looking in the mirror and saying “I can fix this”, then going to the gym to do exactly that.

Another bitch got caught taking pics and making fun of fat people at the gym on snap chat….. like y'all do realize everyone has to start somewhere right? They’re at the gym for a REASON. And then you wonder why people are too self conscious to get gym memberships.

I'm Tired

To summarize the discourse:

>Being fat is not morally bad, what the fuck, don’t say that. Being skinny isn’t bad, either. Being any weight is morally indifferent. It’s a number y'all. Chill.
>Being overweight often plays into a variety of factor and I get that.
>Don’t bully fat people. Stop.
>Don’t bully skinny people. It’s not “okay” because they’re skinny. No. Stop.
>Actually, don’t bully people in general.
>Being obese is a medical condition that is dangerous to your health. One in three Americans is classed as obese. This is a problem.
>Being obese, again, is not a moral value. I don’t hate you (unless you’re an asshole outside of being obese). It’s a number. And it’s an unhealthy one. Look into ways to fix that before it’s too late.
>Institutional mistreatment of fat people’s issues is real. Very real. And must be combatted.
>However, being morbidly obese DOES make many treatments ineffective and surgery on high fat areas is very difficult and risky, as is anesthesia. Being fat may not cause the issue, and losing weight may not fix the issue, but in
many cases, being fat makes the issue worse.

>I DO hate you if you tell people obesity is 100% fine and healthy. I don’t hate you because you’re suffering from a medical condition. I hate you because you’re lying and your lies hurt people.
>I staunchly believe that “HAES” will be seen as the next anti-vaxxers soon. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

>But in general, hating people for their body type is bad. Don’t do it. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t be rude to fat people at gyms. Don’t be rude to skinny girls eating pizza. Don’t be rude to skinny girls eating salads. Don’t bully people. What the fuck even made you think bullying was acceptable.

>Tumblr is a subjective experience you define for yourself. If you don’t like me, or if you don’t like what I put on here, unfollow. I won’t get mad. I won’t care. I’m glad you’re doing what’s best for you, buddy.

I forgot to post yesterday’s post workout selfie. After like 3 weeks of inactivity, (except the occasional hike and yoga class) I’m back! Again! I hate stopping, cause it means I have to start again, and I’m tired to starting again.

This time I gonna change things up. I’m gonna make an effort to record my food intake. I’m gonna reschedule my workout schedule. And I’m gonna meal plan.

I reached my first goal weight a month ago, so I know I can do this. I just have to keep going.


So … my husband is kind of the best person on the planet.   I know, I know.. everyone has their own awesome people who they would challenge me with. But here’s just another reason why I’m so unbelievably grateful for mine.   This was his post on FB in response to SNL’s  HILARIOUS joke:   

So this “humor” is infuriating to me on many different levels.

First of all, there is the basic assumption that diabetes is caused by poor lifestyle choices. The cliche is obese, weak willed folks who would rather sacrifice their independence for another bite of cotton candy.

Diabetes kills more people each year than breast cancer and AIDS combined. Diabetes is hilarious.

By the way, where are the jokes about the slobs who gave themselves breast cancer or AIDS?

Oh I forgot, the poor children that get AIDS from blood transfusions, and the ladies who are genetically prone to cancer or exposed to environmental factors. It’s not their fault.

Wonder what my wife did to give herself diabetes at age 3? She must’ve done something to make her immune system render her pancreas useless. The laughs keep coming.

Type 2 is lifestyle though…well if that were the case how many of you bacon eating, craft beer swilling paradigms of health and fitness would have diabetes? It’s still genetic. Sure lifestyle choices can exacerbate health challenges but show me a person who gave themselves diabetes and i will show you the unicorn they rode in on.

“But so many diabetic people are fat fatties.”
Where my bro-science gym bros at? We all know insulin is a growth hormone right?
Maybe you’ve read about competitive bodybuilders supplementing insulin to get BIGGER?

So imagine your pancreas doesn’t work right you gotta take insulin to balance out blood sugar levels so you don’t die. You inject insulin, a growth hormone (makes tissue BIGGER, fatty tissue, muscle tissue), but it’s not an exact science because so much affects blood sugar; stress, exercise, other hormones in the body. So your sugar might crash….. and pancreas still don’t work. You gotta drink a lot of a sugary beverage or eat mass amounts of simple sugars like candy to raise the blood glucose level, again, so you don’t die. Those calories get stored somewhere. Sure diabetics have a choice. Most choose not to die, and we vilify them for being overweight.

Anyway I’m rambling…remind me why diabetes is funny again?

dracaspina  asked:

I looked for a gym and they all sucked. The stares, the scare tactics, everything. I signed up for a martial arts studio instead. If I was going to humiliate myself, I might as well go someplace that teaches real self defense. I was afraid, but I actually like going there because no one talks about my weight. If I can't do something because of my fat rolls, the instructors find what I can do. Why is a place where you punch people more friendly and non-judgmental of fat people than the gym?

That’s a really good question, honestly.

Like, people push “LOSE WEIGHT! DIET! EXERCISE!” on fat people all the time, but when a fat person tries to do that, thin people laugh at them and make them feel unsafe.

If they really cared about health, they’d leave these people alone. One can’t go work out if they’re too ashamed or scared to do it, you know?

-Mod Bella

anonymous asked:

Honestly the way people make fun of fat people at the gym is why I never go. I'm too embarrassed, so I keep working out outside of the gym, which isn't perfect, but it's something.

It is something, but it’s also important not to let other people control your life. Your health is worth much more than their opinions.

But I’m certainly glad you’re still working out!

anonymous asked:

Fat people don't need representation, they need to hit the gym, some of us are fat women trying to lose weight instead of bitching the world doesn't find my fat rolls hot. I can't expect a hot fit man to be into my fat ass if I'm not going to be into fat men.

Exactly. Fat acceptance is dumb and this glorification of being overweight is nuts.

The FA 'movement' is dripping with hypocrisy.

Is it just me or are fat people the ones being complete hypocritical assholes and then blaming it on skinny people?

“Skinny bitches look like prepubescent boys, nobody wants to cuddle a stick. OH MY GOD YOURE NOT ATTRACTED TO FAT GIRLS? STOP BULLYING PEOPLE FOR THEIR BODIES”

“Skinny girls think they’re so much hotter than everyone else. Real women have curves, I’m sexy as fuck. Fuck those twigs,  thick is in”

“I shouldn’t have to be judged for what I order when I go out to eat. Wait did that skinny bitch seriously just order a salad?”

“Everyone judges fat people when we go to the gym. Wait why is that twig using the treadmill? She doesnt need to be here”


“I should be able to wear whatever the fuck I want without being judged. Ew why is that bitch in a bikini? She has no ass to fill it out”

“Guys who won’t date skinny hoes restore my faith in humanity. Oh you wont have sex with me because i’m fat? You’re so fucking shallow omg”

“Just because I’m fat doesnt mean i’m unhealthy.  Don’t judge me for my body. Oh my god she is so ANOREXIC”

These are all examples I have seen for myself in person or on social networks.  Some of these I have experienced first hand. How the hell can the fat acceptance movement demand respect when they refuse to be respectful?

There was another dancer besides me at the gym. He was working on passé, so I decided to one up him by doing mine on a balance ball!

Other than that I had a bad workout. Still sore from yesterday, and wasn’t able to do my regular Flexibility Friday routine. I did hold a plank for an extra 15sec though.

But hey, a bad workout is better than no workout! 💪🏻