fat people in the gym

Another bitch got caught taking pics and making fun of fat people at the gym on snap chat….. like y'all do realize everyone has to start somewhere right? They’re at the gym for a REASON. And then you wonder why people are too self conscious to get gym memberships.

Actually, don’t applaud either!

In fact, pretend we aren’t there at all.

Like you can’t see us, like we don’t exist.

It is equally uncomfortable to be praised for going to the gym as it is to be ridiculed. 

Let us do our thing in peace.  Let us take up as small of a space as possible - because that is how we view ourselves. 

By all means, smile as we come in or go out.  Don’t comment while we are doing what we need to do - leave us alone. 

After 6 months or a year - feel free to tell us how nice it is to see us there every day, how great we look, how the hard work is really paying off.

But in our first, baby steps - we just don’t have the confidence to deal with your opinions.  We have enough bad ones floating around in our head and even your positive ones aren’t welcome and can, in fact, be a deterrent.

i just got made fun of at the gym for being fat like ?????

people like to pretend fatphobia is about being ‘healthy’ but when a fat person is literally doing a healthy thing and existing as a fat person, we still get shit. not that fat people who aren’t ‘healthy’ deserve shit. it just goes to show you how fake their ‘concern’ for fat people’s ‘health’ is.

There’s No Morality in Exercise: I’m a Fat Person Who Made a Successful Fitness App

You’re not a better person for working out, or a worse person for not.

I’ve seen this floating around a bunch and I’m so glad I finally took the time to read it. There are few things that I’ve read recently that have spoken to me more. I actually enjoy working out with my friends (a very recent discovery)!

Worse still, I regret that I didn’t work out because I was afraid I would run into people at the gym and look super red/sweaty/fat. Fuck that. I do what I like! 

PS–Zombies, Run! is a great app and a whole lot of fun to work out to :D

thin ppl will never shut the fuck up about how fat people should go to the gym and yet if they see a fat person at the gym they will stare point laugh and ridicule so idk what they actually want except hmmm maybe to bully fat people for a power trip

society: fat people are the worst thing ever. if you’re fat you’re disgusting! if you’re fat dont you dare go outside! how dare you be fat! thin and skinny is how we make our society beautiful! if you’re fat you better get into shape or enjoy being locked out of everything in life ever

society, also: *makes healthy food 500% more expensive than unhealthy food* *charges £105+ for gym memberships* *actively shames fat people for trying to get into shape*