+Size Alternative Fashion 2.0

Hey Fab Bats! A couple months ago I posted a +Size Alt Fashion masterpost that you were SUPER enthusiastic about. Some of you had great off-the-list suggestions, so I thought I’d do a 2.0 for you Bat Babes. I also dug around and included a few more masculine selections. Here’s where the fun is at:

  • Candy Strike - Indie shop with artistically morbid designs for all sizes. The designer believes in “fearless fashion, smirks and unapologetic displays of style”.
  • Domino Dollhouse - A wide range of clothing avec class. You can choose between petticoat colors as well.
  • Hell Bunny - On the Rockin’-that-Psycho Billy side, as most +Alt fashion seems to be, but still incredibly Qute.
  • Chubby Cartwheels - I LURV the designs going on here. Feeling the space galaxy witch vibe full force. Also the “Diet Industry Dropout” shirt kills.
  • Hey Viv - Another Retro rollin shop. Only this one’s got a cheeky edge.
  • Chic Star - A huge array of designs to choose from. You can submit your own style ideas for rewards as well.
  • Carmakoma - Has an all black section with basics like turtle necks, sheer shirts and leather pants. Just missing a Smiths record and a coffee mug.
  • Hello Holiday - Fancy-50s-Grunge imo. Mostly simple skirts, dress and lingerie.
  • Retroscope Fashions - Steampunk attire for Ladies and Gentlemen gifted with acute time traveling skills! Grab your mustaches and place a custom order for larger sizes! Quite the extraordinary!
  • Gentelman’s Emporium - Check out the larger sizes, chap.
  • Kambriel - beautifully intricate gothic clothing with both masculine and feminine selections. Custom sizes.
  • Rose Mortem - Beautiful handmade Victorian style wear with custom sizes. You can even choose your own colors although most of you will probably go for black.
  • Deadhouse Dolly - Gothic fashion that also offers a fine selection of spooky accessories.
  • Gloomth - gorgeous handmade clothing with custom sizes. This is how I imagine Wednesday’s wardrobe.
  • Tunnel Vision - psycho 90s vintage craze. Also features model Alyssa Panda Eyes from Dining with Dana’s first interview!
  • Living Doll - Grunge-ish. Particularly like the denim shorts although, for that price, you could probably just cut off a pair of jeans.
  • Modcloth - Crying about this exquisite velvet bathing suit.
  • Monif C. - Warning: colorful. They do, however, have a gorgeous collection of dresses and swimwear.
  • Pinup Girl Clothing - 50s inspired +size fashion. A real way back trip with modern prints. A great alternative to Hell Bunny if you’re looking to step out of Psychobilly town or want to create your own take on it.
  • Jacamo - Masculine wear that’s an inch more fancy than T-shirts and sweats.
  • Corvus Corone - a hauntingly beautiful Etsy shop. Get ready to summon some demons in these outfits.
  • The Pyramid Collection - Wiccan wear. I honestly commend them for calling large sizes “Goddess Sizes”.
  • Sunheart Godess Clothing - caters to “small plus size godess gals”.
  • Seraphim - Good for a witch’s night out.
  • Ashley Nell Tipton - Currently on hiatus but will be back!
  • Blue Fish Clothing - Neo-bobo looking at first, but on second thought these could make some great Mori outfits.
  • Proud Mary - The definition of fattitude.
  • Red Dress NYC - IMPORTANT. Varied in sizes and styles, plus one of the few alternative shops I have seen with a Masculine & Butch section.

Regular retail:


Bonus: The H-E-B app can give you discounts based on your shopping habits! For more try gothiccharmschool‘s fab post on buying Plus Size Goth gear or this major list of retailers with +size clothing.

What are your favs? Do you own a shop with larger options? There’s a whole lot more in the universe and I’d love to hear your voice!

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Let's explain a thing

Fat shaming: “fat people are disgusting so I’m going to laugh and make fun of them”
NOT fat shaming: “being fat can have negative effects on your health so you should take responsibility and get healthy and not promote a destructive lifestyle”

No Excuses for Fat Existance

We’ve talked about this before, how fat people often feel as though we have to dress up to somehow justify the fact that we are fat, to prove that not all fat people are lazy, or something like that. And so often the pictures on tumblr enforce the idea that we are only worthy if we dress nicely. 

Well, once again, it’s time to say fuck that to that idea. 

Even this blog is guilty of overexposing those fat people who are wearing expensive clothes, lots of makeup, and are even photoshopped to remove “imperfections”. Lets face it, it’s hard to find pictures that aren’t like that because we can feel like we’re the only ones who don’t look like that, we can feel ashamed about it. 

Lets dedicate April 13th to us being unapologetically, no-excuses-needed fat. I want pictures of you all without makeup, without nice clothes, unphotoshopped, etc. Nsfw images will be accepted but be sure to tag them and please only submit those if you are 18+. (As always, we reserve the right not to publish every submission).

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to dress up in your every day life. Hey, if it makes you feel good, do it (or if it helps you express your gender, your identity, whatever it is, it’s all good stuff!) I’m all about decorating your body because your body is great. But it’s not realistic to do all the time, especially when plus sized clothing is already so expensive. And nobody looks “camera-ready” 24/7. So lets remind ourselves and each other that our bodies are great as they are! 

Please submit and signal boost, I’m excited to see everyone’s awesome submissions!

“Thin people eat whatever they want and never get fat, I eat whatever I want and weigh 400lbs! It must be genetics!”

To a thin person, eating “whatever they want” is maybe a handful of chips a day. “Whatever I want” for fast food is generally one combo meal (Entree, fries, soda) and nothing else. After dinner “whatever they want” is MAYBE a scoop of ice cream for dessert. 9 times out of 10 dessert isn’t even an option because dinner was too filling.

To a fat person, eating whatever you want is literally whatever you want. Whole bag of chips in a day? No problem. Three or four burgers from McDonalds for lunch? You betcha. Dessert every night regardless of how filling dinner was? Definitely.

“Eating whatever you want” means completely different things to different people. When a thin person says they eat whatever they want and never seem to gain weight, it’s because they still manage to eat in moderation.

Start counting calories and you’ll realize why you’re fat.

Shitty stereotypes about fat people:

- Fat people don’t exercise
- Fat people are lazy
- Fat people are smelly
- Fat people make bad employees
- Fat people are uncontrollable eaters
- Fat people are stupid
- Fat people don’t have sex 
- Fat people only have nasty fetish sex/relationships 
- Fat girls will never find love 
- Fat people are why there’s poverty 
- Fat people ate all the food in the world
- Fat people are desperate for dates and sex
- Fat people have to try harder with their personality 
- Fat people don’t groom themselves 
- Fat people blame diseases and genetics for their weight 
- Fat people only eat fast/processed food
- Fat people actively promote childhood obesity

All these girls crying cause of Zayn Malik leaving and I’m over here crying because my macaroni didn’t heat up all the way

Why is Fat a Feminist Issue?

“OK, so. I have to make a confession. At first, I didn’t know that fat was a feminist issue.

I really didn’t. When I started reading about fat activism and getting involved in it, I saw it as being its own thing: another kind of activism fighting against another form of inequality. I considered it to be related to feminism in the same way that most types of inequality-fighting activism are interrelated, but I didn’t think much more of it. After all, feminism fights against inequality towards women, and fat activism fights against inequality towards fat people. While people can obviously be both fat and women, it never occurred to me that fat discrimination and sexism were interwoven.

As I have learned more about the fat activist movement and current issues in fat activism, I have also learned more about feminism — almost by default. The more I have learned, the clearer the correlation between discrimination against fat people and discrimination against women has become.

Anybody who is fat knows well enough that fat people are considered second-class citizens and are treated as such in a number of different ways — such as not having as many clothing options made available to us, not being considered as often for employment, being paid less than our thinner counterparts, being judged and/or mistreated in doctor’s offices, and being verbally and physically harassed on the streets. The purpose of fat activism is to fight against these varying forms of injustice, and it is safe to say that we have a ways to go. What we are fighting, after all, is a deeply situated societal mindset. This mindset depends on the New Testament notion of sin and repentance. Fat people represent a sinful lifestyle of gluttony and sloth, which society translates to mean that fat people are ‘evil.’ Fat people can repent by acknowledging that they have committed the sin of being fat and seek forgiveness from society by trying to lose weight. Whether we are religious people or not, that mindset is ingrained in our psyches — unless we take conscious steps to train ourselves out of it.”

Read more here

[Headline image: The photograph features a person of size with long hair and a gold-chain headband wearing a black tank top that reads, “I’m a Fukin Feminist.”]