fat panic

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*@ regular volume* how bout James calming Thomas down from a panic attack, what does fat Boi do

  • James probably knows how to handle Thomas; he turns off all the lights and plays classical music on the radio
  • He sits by him and lets him cry it out if he has to
  • He knows exactly what to say and what to do
  • Thomas is particular about being touched but does like to have his head stroked
  • After that its laying back on the bed completely disconnected from anyone else
  • Most of his panic attacks would probably come from his social anxiety
  • And when he’s ready James walks him through facing the social trigger one step at a time
You call me fat so im trying to change
You call me ugly so im trying to change
You call me worthless so im trying to change
You call me weak so im trying to change
All the things you say and do may not be that big of a deal to you but to me what you say stays in my mind forever and can’t be erased. I try to show no sign of pain on the outside but on the inside im slowly killing myself because of you. So thank you so much for my realisation

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I was thinking about that today bc it was 27° where I live in France and I was just dying underneath my shirt and there was this guy who was shirtless and I thought "might as well take mine off right? I mean some men have bigger breasts than me ffs and also having breasts doesn't mean one is a woman DAMNIT!!" Then my friend looked at me and reminded me that if a police man saw me shirtless or if someone called one to report it and I refused to put it back on I would be arrested.. 😑😤

((OOC: it is complete bullshit that this is the case, and it frustrates me more because I literally don’t have any boobs as it as! And even IF I did, why do baby feeding sacks of fat cause so much panic?
… I mean personally I’d love it if girls went around without shirts on…))


Since the last time I went to work I had a huge panic attack, I decided to calm myself down before going in today by doing some edits/recolors of my mermaid illustration! I love playing with colors/gradients and creating more representation in my work. (Note: If there is anything accidentally misrepresentational or disrespectful in any of my art call me out so I can take it down/fix it!!!)

So yeah, fat chill mer-squad is here to make your day better! I hope you all have an amazing day! 

Please don’t remove my commentary! I work really hard on my art and would like to keep credit! Thanks loves! <3

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How do you explain to people that when you say "I am fat", it's not an insult? Like dudes, I'm fat. I shop at fat people stores. I have much fat. Why does this statement of fact make people panic? Like fat isn't an insult. It's a fact. But people panic? How can you get them to see you're not saying anything bad?

I think you explained it perfectly there. 

You got it right on the money. Like, I seriously cant think of a better way to explain it. 

But, maybe also let them know how that makes you feel. 

- Mod Dom