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Fattening Up: Earth Is Space Australia/Humans Are Weird

I just had lunch, and was considering having a cookie or three, and the thought occurred–what if other species didn’t have a built-in nutrition-storage system? Suppose their bodies have just so much of a reserve of energy, and if they don’t have food stockpiled when lean times arrive, well…

Then they discover Earth, and the concept of “fat”. An automatic system that in times of plenty, stockpiles fuel right inside the body, placing it in predesignated locations. And not only is it a hedge against lean times, the “fat” provides padding, insulation, AND it’s a natural flotation aid! What miraculous stuff! What an ingenious system! What an elegant solution to the threat of starvation posed by the Death World’s constant environmental fluctuations!

Then the aliens learn about the Western world’s obsessions and phobias and general social neuroses about fat. No matter how hard they try, they can’t make sense of it. To them, the fat-storage system is a miracle of biology. Yet another wonderfully bizarre element of life on Earth. Which is a planet that seems to go out of its way to find creative ways to kill its inhabitants. Earth is home to the Geology of Mass Destruction, the Climates That Want You Dead, the Diseases From Hell, and All the Murder Beasts. Yet instead of addressing any of those threats, humans decide to devote massive amounts of time, money, and the efforts of thousands of our brilliant, creative, fantastically adaptable minds to…defeating one of our own survival mechanisms.

Does Not Compute!


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today’s lunch. best part about it is that I got my dad to eat it too! he has diabetes and kinda likes to ignore it, so I’m trying to make more of my meals that he’d like so I can casually offer some to him as if I accidentally made a serving too many hehe. fingers crossed it works!!
these are rice noodles with carrots, broccoli, zucc, yellow squash, mushrooms (that I cooked separately bc he doesnt like them) with lime juice, tamari sauce, sesame seeds, avo, chili power, pepper, and a pinch of turmeric I added for a nutrient boost 💪🏼 I sautéed it all in a large pan! it’s been my absolute fav meal for the past few months. and so quick + easy!

Tegu body condition, or: but they’re SUPPOSED to have huge cheeks!!1!

Tegu lizards can make fantastic reptile pets for the experienced owner, but because of their stocky build and highly developed pterygoid muscles (those are the jowls you see), it’s often really difficult to assess their body condition. I took these photos at a reptile show recently. The jowls of a tegu are the first thing people see, and that’s usually all that ever gets talked about. Somebody says “he looks fat” and then somebody else says “he’s supposed to have those cheeks,” but friends, let me tell you a secret: tegus store fat in places other than their jowls. So what I’ve done here is taken a couple of pictures that show you some other ways to assess tegu body condition… without using the jowl size alone as an indicator of obesity! 

These pictures are of a female. She’s ½ black and white, ¼ red, and ¼ blue. Phenotypically she has a mix of traits- because she was under a red light, it was very hard to get a picture of her showing her true colors, but she does have the blue’s “burnt” nose and seems to have mostly red coloration. She is three years old, she is not gravid, and her breeders had her for sale for one thousand dollars. 

The casual observer would probably say something like “dang, that’s a fat lizard!” The well-meaning tegu enthusiast would probably say in response “actually, no, tegus just look like that!” But that’s not true. We shouldn’t be promoting unhealthy animals and spreading misinformation. These pictures are a good example of some hallmarks of bad body condition in a tegu. To show you what those are, I’ve gone through and marked them in these edited versions. This tegu is basking, meaning she’s all spread out to maximize her surface area and soak up the warmth- but even in this position there’s hallmarks of ill health.

1.  A hallmark of obesity is the ear being obscured by fat. When a tegu is basking, the jowl rises to cover a little bit of the ear- but when the ear’s completely covered like that, it’s a bad sign.

2. The mouth should close all the way. If the mouth doesn’t close all the way, the owner should know what caused it and have taken appropriate steps to correct it if possible. Obviously for some congenital things, there’s nothing you can really do- and it can frequently be an injury or the scars of a poor diet that you can’t correct. You’ll see that in rescue tegus a lot. But that’s something a responsible owner is on top of! Jaw deformation can occur in the form of a lateral malocclusion (a side-to-side crossbite), an overbite, an underbite, or a droopy lip that’s dragged down by the massive fat pad the animal’s carrying.

3. There shouldn’t be folds of fat over the wrists and elbows. There should be a clear delineation between the upper and lower forelimb, but these should be strong and muscular. 

4. This is a very tricky one. Tegus are supposed to have a ridge of skin called the lateral line. When they’re obese, it shrinks and sometimes flattens against the body. However, it will usually flatten against the ribs while basking (that’s what it’s supposed to do, it maximizes surface area to let them take in sunshine) and when gravid. I include it here because the lateral line is something that you might not see on a healthy tegu- you have to consider a lot of factors when looking at an animal! This is especially true for females. If they’re gravid (pregnant), they’re going to be VERY pear-shaped and look really obese around the abdominal area. Tegus can lay up to 70 eggs at a time- of course she’s gonna look bulgy! But this girl? Not pregnant. I asked, and the breeder just kinda stared at me for a second, wondering what kind of clueless halfwit would ask if she was selling a pregnant trihybrid. 

Let’s take a look at this gal’s back half.

5. The tail shouldn’t be… for lack of a better word, puffy. A regenerated tail is another story, those can take a number of weird shapes- but this tail is way too fat.

6. There shouldn’t be fat rolls around the limbs. There should be a clear delineation between thigh and calf- there should be an actual joint there- but there shouldn’t be a bulging roll of fat.

7. The feet and toes shouldn’t be swollen. While the front toes- the digging claws- should be fairly stout and strong, the back toes should be slender and long. The foot itself should have a solid appearance and shouldn’t have dimples or rolls of fat going over the toes.

There are many other markers of health that you can see in tegus- some that show good health, some that show poor- and just as many that you can’t see. For a viewer who’s not super familiar with lizard body shapes, a tegu can be very confusing. They’re built for power, not speed or maneuverability. But when you are looking at an animal, these are some of the things that with a little observation, even the most casual observer can look at! Remember, the animal’s a complete being- it’s not just the jowls! 

anonymous asked:

Could you elaborate on the "primordial pouch" found in cats? A friend of mine is caring for a litter of month-old kittens, and one of them has what appears to be a sizeable one already. We were worried it might be a hernia, but we don't feel guts, just fat. My attempts at researching this only turn up people asking about what is that flab, but I would like to know if it is normal for kittens this age to present with one. Please and thank you! PS you are a lovely human!

The ‘primordial pouch’ or ‘spay sway’ is a normal piece of anatomy found on most cats to some degree or other.

(Image source)

It’s a loose flap of skin covering the groin and ventral abdomen of the cat. This allows the cat greater flexibility when running or leaping with long strides, and can provide some extra protection for fighting cats, which often kick each other’s abdomen with their hind legs.

It does contain fat, and it’s normal for all cats to have some body fat, but that fat will get bigger as the cat gains weight. Very fat or obese cats don’t have so much of a ‘sway’ but more of a ‘mass’ of fat, and I’ve had several clients bring their fat cats in for a ‘tumor’ which was just a very solid primordial pouch fat pad.

It would be unusual for a month old kitten to have a prominent primordial pouch, especially compared to their siblings as they are presumably on the same diet.

A hernia just means there’s a hole. Sometimes only fat (omentum) passes through that hole instead of intestines. It could still be a hernia, and if you’re worried it should definitely be checked out. Inguinal hernias can cause swellings in a similar region to primordial pouches.

adjective informal
(of a person or part of their body) slightly fat.
“fetus tylers pudgy face”
synonyms: chubby, plump, fat, stout, rotund, well padded, ample, round, chunky, portly, overweight, fleshy, paunchy, bulky, corpulent


Meet the padcake: A fried Korean dumpling stuffed with spicy pad thai

  • Pork fat sizzles on an extra large cast iron skillet and the meaty aroma immediately fills the air.
  • My stomach isn’t growling — it’s screaming in anticipation. I’m at Pig and Khao, a Filipino and southeast Asian-inspired restaurant in the Lower East Side of New York City, and head chef (and former Top Chef alumna) Leah Cohen is making pad thai for her new “padcakes." 
  • It’s an inventive appetizer that brings Thai and Korean together in the most delicious way possible. Padcakes aren’t on the menu but customers in-the-know can order them starting at 5 p.m. each day, until the restaurant runs out. Read more. (4/4/2017 1:03 PM)

rewrote an old weight gain/stuffing fiction, done in the style of imagineyourfeedistotp  

Imagine your favorite character is out on a leisurely walk. On the way a tiny old house slowly comes into view and just as they were about to walk past the home the door caught their gaze; it hung wide open as if inviting them in. Curiosity got the better of them and they peered in to see a cozy living room full of thick cushioned couches and recliners. Despite the well condition and overall warm atmosphere, the lack of pictures or personal items indicated that no one lived there, or at least not for an extended period of time. 

The doorway matched the house in small size making it a tight fit to get in. The little living room lead into a similarly sized dining room, and it seemed the only thing that wasn’t small was the table. They couldn’t believe what met their eyes. Every inch of the table was taken up by multiple large dishes of food. There was roast, turkey, ham, casserole, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pies. It was as if all the holiday meals had been combined and set out on a single table. How in the world could someone make that much food and not even be in the house? It couldn’t be for a large family dinner either, there were too few chairs.

They had just walked in on a dream.

It couldn’t hurt to try some. A scoop of mashed potatoes would not be noticed from the hefty bowl they sat in. So they took a plate from the counter -figuring they would just clean it afterwards and put it back- and glanced around for any hint of other people but still found none. With the coast clear they plopped a decent scoopful of potatoes onto their plate, after all there was no such thing as bad mashed potatoes. Even so these managed perfection. The consistency was not too thin or thick, the texture wasn’t too gritty or pasty, and they were far from bland. With mashed potatoes this promising, and the rich sent the other dishes gave off, the whole table was bound to be food heaven.

Oh they really shouldn’t. There was too much work put into this feast to have someone come along uninvited and dig in. No, that was incredibly rude, not to mention it would leave evidence of breaking and entering. Although they didn’t break in; the door wasn’t even closed, much less locked. Honestly who leaves their door hanging wide open and expects everything, especially magnificent food, to be untouched? If not them flies or animals would have gotten into the food and what a shame that would have been.

They took a large portion of everything, their plate barely able to carry it all. Now to see how well their stomach would fare. They sat down in one of the wooden chairs and started with the roast first before alternating with the others. Everything exceed their expectations. Food in such a modest little home was worthy at the dinning table of a royal family.

With food that good they tried to savor it and make it last, but the intense flavors spiked their hunger and they ended up stuffing their face and swallowing barely chewed bites. Their stomach soon filled up, creating strain for their waistband. By the end of the plate their pants dug into their sides as the button struggled to keep fastened. Relenting to their gluttony and comfort they undid the button and zipper, allowing their belly to surge forward.

They should have stopped then but instead they gathered another plateful. Half way done and each bite became more difficult to swallow, but enamored by the taste they forced the rest of it down, rubbing their belly during the last few bites. Their belly bulged out further than they knew it could, having pushed up their shirt during its expansion. It was incredibly taut too; there was no way they could fit anymore food without bursting like a balloon filled with too much air.

They would have remained leaned back in the chair but the recliner in the living room seemed so much more comfortable now with a huge meal weighing them down, so they heaved themself up from the chair and waddled into the living room, taking precautions as to not upset their stomach. They sank into the recliner and leaned back.

They had eaten themself into a food coma, that along with the warmth of the house eased them into sleep. After dozing for a few hours they found their stomach to be much less uncomfortably full, although not without some squishy fat taking the food’s place. At least now they could button their pants, even if their soft flesh protruded over the waistband more than previously.

They should head home, people were probably wondering where they were, and if they hadn’t been found by now they surely would be if they stayed any longer. But just as they were about to leave they caught a glimpse of the dining room. No longer did a feast take up the table, rather breakfast did. No, they really should head home. Though an extended break would be nice, they needed some more time to indulge themself, besides no one left evidence that they were angry about the food being eaten as they had left more out in the open the same way. Not to mention it had been a while since they enjoyed a breakfast worthy of being called breakfast.

They sat themself at the table again with a clean plate. The table was an all day breakfast restaurant, with pancakes, french toast, waffles, bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns, grits, biscuits, and gravy. Like last time they couldn’t help but have some of everything, piling food onto their plate until it could hold no more. With an empty stomach growling for food they dug in, this time not even trying to savor the flavor. It took less time this go around for their waistband to become unbearable, and they undid their pants with a sigh as their belly fell into their lap, jiggling as it did so. They went for seconds, filling their stomach into throbbing tightness. Once more they leaned back and massaged their engorged gut.

The recliner was put into use for another time and they quickly fell asleep under the aid of a stomach filled to the brim with warm food. They woke, vaguely aware that their situation wasn’t a dream as they sat leaned back in the recliner. They were in the same cozy little house with extra pudge around their torso. This time fastening their pants their belly spilled over the waistband and peeked out from a tight shirt. If they weren’t chubby before they certainly were now.

Being constantly full of food and sleeping was such a relieving change of pace from the normal day to day routine. Their worries had been sent off and replaced with an abundance of food, what could be better?

Like they expected the table was stacked with mass amounts of food, different from the last time, but no less appetizing. They sat down in their usual chair, but as their abdomen compressed and their belly was forced outwards their pants gave in and the button snapped off, letting their soft gut loose to flood forwards. They didn’t give it much thought other than reckoning that buttoning their pants would be one less thing to worry about.

They piled a portion of everything onto their plate and quickly downed it, finding it didn’t fill them up as much as a whole plateful would normally. After stuffing themself repetitively their stomach must have expanded and was now expecting and craving that same amount of food. A second plate gone and their belly was well rounded, bloated with food and padded with fat, yet as full as it was, it wasn’t uncomfortably full; they could manage to gorge themself on one more plates worth. Gorge themself they did. They groaned and rubbed their belly as they forced down the last bits from the third plate. Somehow even just a spoonful was too much. Their skin was stretched and pulled tight over their stomach; it was a wonder they didn’t rupture.

They struggled to get up from the chair without puking and placed a hand underneath their distended belly as they slowly made their way to the recliner. Their stomach ached terribly but they were soon taken over by a food coma and slept it off. The ache they slept off but definitely not the weight. They woke up to love handles spilling over their waistband and a large soft belly having cascaded into and overtaken their lap, their belly button long gone. Even permanently unbuttoned their pants antagonized them, suffocating their thighs like sausages despite being ripped at the seams. Their shirt could now only serve as a crop top, a skin tight crop top at that.

Perhaps they should head home before they ended up completely indecent. But upon reaching the exit they found that their abdomen had grown wider than the doorway. It had been a tight fit in. It seemed there was no way out, as there was no back door and windows were out of the question.

Being stuck there wasn’t too bad though, far from bad really. Unlimited food, no responsibilities, invite a few friends over and it would be a utopia. A utopia where everyone would be fat and happy.

Chubbies: Epilogue (Community Story)

Written by Gainer Stories

Gabe opened his eyes to an elegant sunlit room. He stepped out of bed and walked to the bathroom, the floor creaking under his weight. He took a shit, and stepped into a state of the art marble shower. It had been two years since he moved in with Eryk and he hadn’t regretted the decision once. 

The two cohabitated quite well, and always knew when to give the other some personal space. Plus, Eryk’s house was large enough that it was easy to isolate oneself. If they got in an argument, the couple could sleep in separate bedrooms until things cooled off and they could talk it out. 

Gabe was getting accustomed to an affluent lifestyle and greatly enjoyed the living space. Eryk’s design sense was impeccably modern without being too cold or institutional. Plus, they had the latest state of the art appliances, including a bidet that was especially useful for someone of Gabe’s size. Such a comfortable lifestyle came with it’s fair share of boredom, however, so Gabe started up an online vintage store catering exclusively to plus sized individuals. In the six months since launching, he accrued a decent amount of traffic. Now, when Gabe wasn’t lazing around the house snacking and playing video games, he could be seen at any of the local thrift stores scouring the racks for the perfect find. 

Eryk had been out of town for a couple weeks looking into a potential business venture, and was due to return in the evening. Gabe dried himself off from the shower and stepped on the scale. He peeked over the prodigious belly that hung from his abdomen to see the numbers “342.” He was a little disappointed at the results. After several months of maintaining, he was back on the gain train again with a goal of 360. 

Not long after moving in, Gabe came out to Eryk as a gainer and encourager. Eryk was nonplussed, and supported Gabe “in any fetish his dick desired.” Eryk conceded that he would entertain packing on some weight if that’s what Gabe wanted, but that he wasn’t interested in getting too massive. Gabe, however, immediately took full advantage of his new lifestyle and Eryk’s words of encouragement. Gabe now had the money to order in any cuisine he desired, plus Eryk frequently cooked expansive Polish meals full of hardy fattening foods. Gabe ate often and he ate well, piling on 120 pounds in a couple years. 

He was in love with his newfound girth. Stretch marksran across his supple love handles, belly, and inner thighs. The latter had succumbed to chub rub any time he walked more than a few minutes. Plus, they had done a number on almost every pair of pants he bought, rubbing gaping holes in the crotch. Gabe was now covered in a layer of gooey fat and he felt like a cuddly and warm marshmallow at all times. Car rides left his entire body jiggling with every bump and swaying at each sharp turn. When he sat down after a long day of waddling, he felt pinned to the couch by his girth. This only encouraged his already lazy living habits. 

His fat pad now obscured the majority of his dick, which ended up being a blessing in disguise. All the new weight left him with a constant boner that stayed hidden underneath doughy rolls of flesh. When he hit 300 his face really started to blow up and he grew a double chin that obscured his once prominent Adam’s apple. The hottest changes were those which Gabe had least expected. In the last few weeks he noticed that his hands and feet had become puffy with fat, and rolls had formed on the back of his once slender neck. 

Gabe’s most proud possession was his belly. He was elated that the majority of the last twenty pounds found its way to his stomach, which rested somewhere between an apron belly and a ball gut, squishy but not too soft, rounded but not too firm, and altogether susceptible to grabbing and bouncing.  Gabe had still not grown accustomed to just how much space he took up. He constantly knocked over small objects and inadvertently brushed against people in crowded areas. Sometimes too-small shirts would leave a crescent of belly exposed and he wouldn’t notice until he saw his reflection or somebody pointed it out. Gabe relished these and all other uncomfortable or embarrassing moments of being a fat guy. 

Around five o'clock there was a knock at the door. It was a catering service with an expansive spread. Apparently, Eryk had planned a special evening. About ten minutes later the Polish hunk arrived in a straining button-up he knew would drive Gabe crazy. 

He was right. Gabe’s pupils dilated when he opened the door and looked from Eryk’s face to his beer gut. In the last two years Eryk packed a solid forty pounds onto his frame, achieving the look of a husky athlete who had begun to round out in middle age. Most of the weight went to his gut and love handles, giving the impression of a healthy beer habit (which wasn’t far from the truth). Eryk had even developed tiny stretch marks on the underside of his belly, which he wasn’t thrilled about even though they drove Gabe wild. Eryk’s thighs and ass had plumped up as well, leaving his lower half dimpled with sumptuous cellulite. Overall, Eryk carried the weight well. Despite having a BMI that was well into the overweight range, he still attracted lots of attention from both men and women. When the couple would go out together Gabe relished the quizzical and irritated stares of strangers when they would realize that Eryk’s partner was a proper tub of lard. 

“The food arrive?” Eryk asked as he walked inside. 

“Yessir, the table is all set,” Gabe replied with a grin. 

“Perfect. Before we try the food though, I need a taste of what’s right in front of me,” Eryk purred as he slid a hand across Gabe’s belly before settling on his love handle and pulling him closer. 

The two men’s blubbery abdomens pressed into each other as they made out. Eryk softly bit Gabe’s scruffy double chin while his hands gripped the fat roll above Gabe’s love handles. Breathing heavily, he pulled his mouth away and looked Gabe in the eyes. 

“Let’s get to the bedroom chubs.”

Winter Weight Gain

I have always been attracted to fat men and had the desire to become one myself. I struggled throughout my college career to put on weight. I would binge for weeks and put on about ten pounds, only to become stressed and overworked resulting in me losing the weight. It was a frustrating cycle. I never had the time to truly transform my body into the jiggly ideal in my head. Once I graduated, I knew it was my time to grow. Before entering a master’s program, I decided I would take a year off to save money and gain weight. Between June and December I made a lot of progress. I gained about thirty pounds in six months, going from six foot and 150 pounds to 180 some odd pounds. It felt great. I wasn’t fat by any means, but I had filled out. I felt more in control of my body and like I had more of a presence when I entered a room. These gains were assisted by a new boyfriend I had met, Liam, on grommr. He was much fatter than me and had a well-developed paunch when we met. The combination of his encouragement and simply being around someone who ate so goddamn much really assisted in my weight gain. 

I flew home to a small town in Southern California for Thanksgiving. It was sad parting ways for a week with the boyfriend, but the prospect of a gluttonous Thanksgiving was enticing. My family was rather traditional when it came to holidays and Thanksgiving was always an expansive, fattening, home cooked affair. I had been practicing bloating for weeks before hand so I could be sure to stuff myself to maximum capacity. In addition, my family had yet to see my thirty pound weight gain. When I arrived, I received several comments about how I’d “filled out.” Most of them were compliments amounting to how I looked more like a man, and much older. When feasting began I shocked everyone with how much food I consumed. I by far was the biggest eater at the table and filled up my plate four times. My stomach was so distended by the end of the day that it almost looked like a deformity. When I returned home, Liam raved that I was noticeably fatter. The scale had only shown a two pound weight gain, but he claimed it felt like more. Still, I was definitely excited and felt like an overweight BMI was just within my reach.

Liam and I both had plans to spend December and January with our respective famillies. We decided to make a rather fattening deal. After two months, when we returned home, we both had to have gained 25 pounds. If one or both of us failed to meet this criteria, the punishment would be 7,000 calories a day for two weeks. 

After two weeks of home cooking and holiday treats, I had already packed on twelve pounds. And it was starting to get noticeable. My belly poked out above my waistline. T-shirts and sweaters clung tightly to my midsection. I was a cliche, my weight quickly rising due to holiday sweets and egg nog. No one made any comments, as I assumed they figured I would lose it all in the spring. What they didn’t know was that my gut would continue to grow and that my newfound potbelly was a source of constant eroticism. My cock grew hard at every meal, and even the slightest jiggle of my belly would leave me dripping precum. By the time Christmas day arrived I was about 15 pounds heavier than when I’d first arrived at home. I was greatly looking forward to Christmas dinner, which was typically a bigger affair than Thanksgiving in my house. My mom made a spread with all of the traditional holiday food, but went especially crazy with the desserts. There were more cakes, pies, cookies, cobblers, and loafs than our family could ever consume in a day. 

After exchanging presents, my body was ready to gorge. I was jittery with excitement at the prospect of stuffing my gut as full as I possibly could with delicious fattening food. Once dinner began, I made no attempt at hiding my gluttony. I inhaled my first plate of food within minutes. I got a couple comments about how hungry I was. I would only smile and agree as I loaded up plate after mountainous plate of food. My belly was swelling under the tight knit sweater I was wearing. After three plates of ham, turkey, rolls, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and yams all drowned in gravy I began on the dessert foods. My gut was significantly bloated. My uncle was surprised that I was still “going so strong on the food.” While my mom made a comment that I better “watch my eating” as my “midsection is growing by the day.” A few other family members remarked with supportive jokes about how I was a growing boy and that everyone gets a a little portly over the holidays. My cock was rock hard and mashed against my thigh in my skinny jeans. I eventually had a healthy serving of every dessert at the table and seconds for some. By the time I was finished, my stomach looked abnormally bloated and I was in great pain. Once everyone finished, I retired to my bedroom and immediately took a nap. 

I woke up groggy and with an intense boner. I looked at the clock and it was 1 AM. I’d slept for several hours. I went outside and smoked a bowl then proceeded to watch A Christmas Story. Soon enough, the munchies began to set in, and the massive food baby that was working its way through my system, suddenly seemed to vanish. I was ravenously hungry. I began to storm the leftovers, eating pieces of pie and cake so large that I was shocked at my own gluttony. I was stuffing my face with everything I could get my hands on. I began to get enormously turned on and decided to bring the food to my room so I could eat and jerk off. I covered my bed with plates of delicious sweets and began eating with no hands like the hungry hog I was. Meanwhile, I stroked my cock and massaged my belly fat. I was getting food all over my fattening body, which I would lick and scrape off. I was determined to consume everything that I brought. I tried fucking the cobbler and then eating the filling off my dick. I was swallowing so much food that I hardly even recognized what was going into my mouth. Whatever I could get my hands on was swallowed. I cleaned all the plates in what seemed like no time at all. I finally let myself cum and shot my load across the room in moans of ecstasy. I  passed out sticky and bloated.

A few weeks passed and New Year’s came and went. I had gained 4 pounds just on Christmas day alone and continued to pack on the weight like I was an animal going into hibernation. I could barely fit into the outfit I had planned for New Year’s Eve festivities, which was slightly embarrassing, but still incredibly hot. Hungover the next morning, I looked through the photos on my phone and on Facebook of the night before. I had gotten completely wasted and didn’t remember much. I was shocked to see just how far my belly protruded out of my denim jacket. In several photos my shirt was riding up to reveal a swollen and hairy abdomen. Even my face looked a little fatter. A slight double chin appeared in certain angles. This was the first time I had a good look at all the weight I had gained and was truly shocked. I looked fat. 

I went to the bathroom and began examining myself in the mirror. My gut was on the verge of an overhang, ten more pounds and it would happen. I had even started to develop a fat pad. I knew my thighs had gotten thicker, but looking in the mirror I realized they were almost touching. I squeezed and jiggled my ass cheeks, Liam was going to love playing with those. Slight love handles were apparent from behind. I wanted them to grow. I got inches from the mirror to examine my neck fat. If I looked down or tucked my chin in, I developed a definite double chin. To top it all off, my entire body looked a tad bit hairier. I’d always had a decent patch of chest hair, but now it was spreading from shoulder to shoulder. I wondered if weight gain sparked hair growth.

I’d stopped tracking my weight since Christmas because I was confident I would meet, and likely surpass, the 25 pounds I promised Liam. The trip home had come to an end, and I was noticeably larger than when I’d arrived. Barely any of my clothes fit. I couldn’t wait for Liam to see. When I arrived at our apartment, he was sitting on the couch. I could tell he’d gained weight but not merely as much as me. We embraced and began fooling around. He was shocked and amorous of my newly formed love handles and jiggly beer gut. He squeezed handfuls of both and asked how much I’d gained. I told him I didn’t know and had stopped weighing myself. Liam revealed he had only gained 15 pounds. At first I was disappointed, but the prospect of the next week of gluttony was going to be amazing for Liam. We had wild sex exploring the new curves of each other’s bodies. 

Later that night, Liam coaxed me out of bed and onto the scale. I was shocked at the number that appeared. No way was I that fat now. 223 pounds. I had gained over forty pounds in two months. This realization caused my cock to stiffen and rise against my newly rounded, hanging, belly.


You think they could’ve found models who at least vaguely resembles the characters that they’re attempting to convince us that these are. I’m not sure why they’re all opening their mouths like they’re doing a fake cat hiss either. At least give the Penguin one a fat belly pad or something like that, I believe even the original actor was wearing some kind of padding under the suit. ( @burgess-meredith?)

If anything I’m most offended at the fact that the Riddler is cheaper than the other two.