fat music for fat people

No Use For A Name

No Use For a Name - Feeding the Fire

Sometimes when I post a song I know that there’s only going to be a handful of people who will like it. I can tick off those names in my head. Then I look for the hearts later to see if I was right. This is one of those songs.

This has been in my head since yesterday, woke up singing it and it will probably be the first song I listen to when I get in the car later.

things that need to stop in visual media 2k14

  • putting fat people in revealing clothes and/or having them behave in a seductive manner as some kind of gross out/making ppl uncomfortable form of humour because apparently Fat People Are Not Sexy Ever
  • gross out shots of fat people being sloppy/excessive eaters
  • fat people dancing in music videos as a form of comedy because wow, isnt the way fat people move hilarious, they could never actually dance seriously
  • those weird slow mo shots of like. fat peoples thighs and bellies and stuff jiggling as they move
  • idk maybe just?? stop using fat people as a punchline and stop using their bodies in visual media that relies on the assumption that their bodies are ugly/gross/inherently funny

fat ppl in the performing business are so fucking important like

shout out to fat dancers, actors, singers, artists

ppl who have been constantly laughed at in the public eye just for wanting to be seen

all of those videos laughing at people dancing just because they’re fat, the incredible lack of fat people as actors in musicals and shows

s/o to people who push past that and rock their bodies and have incredible talents


Propagandhi - Anti Manifesto.

From one of the greatest compilation albums of all time, Fat Music for Fat People, back in the days when record labels still released samplers instead of mp3s.


Lagwagon’s “Know It All” and “Mr. Coffee” were my favorite songs with I was fifteen. I heard it off Fat Records’ compilation, Fat Music For Fat People.