fat meeps

Tsum Tsum Avengers Assemble!

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

summary: Tony doesn’t share, not because he doesn’t want to, but because it is embarrassing to share what he has. Steve squeezes it out of him anyway.

length: 1 552 words

a/n: when Tumblr went wild about Tsum Tsums, I didn’t understand it. sure, those plushies are cute, but there are many cute plushies, so what is the big deal? that was until I got my own merry bunch from @peonyaurora, and as soon as they spilled out from the package I started to smile as an idiot. SO. CUTE. now I keep a pyramid of tsum tsums on my nightstand and I absolutely love them. this fic is dedicated to @peonyaurora who introduced me to a world of tsum tsums and is shared for you all to enjoy!


Tsum Tsum Avengers Assemble!

“Phhhhhsssss!! NNnnnnnnwwwwuu!!! Widow! Take Hulk and secure the east side! Thor! Aerial attack! Spider-man clear the streets! Web em up! Iron Man! Where is Iron Man?!” Tony coughed, to clear his voice from the gruffness he put in to do a mock Captain America voice. “Right above you, Cap!” he answered himself, grunting to get his burly voice back on. “Iron Man, you’re late and sexy and shiny as ever! I need you to–”


“Eeeeeh!!” Tony screeched out of surprise, dropping the Iron Man tsum tsum right on top of the Captain America tsum tsum making them bounce off each other. Eyes wide, he looked at the door in front of him, seeing the door knob move.

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I’m kind of surprised that more people haven’t jumped on the idea behind Ash Greninja from the anime because dang this was a GREAT Pokemon-related drawing prompt to give myself.

So here’s a “me form” for my Latios based around that idea! Since, y’know, I only spend every waking second of every day thinking about how wonderful this Pokemon is and how much I love him.


Latias and Latios collection update as of 10.4.15!

I realized the last time I posted my collection I left out those two big plushes in the top pic and, well, I’ve just gotten more stuff in general since I took my last compilation shot.
Collecting has unfortunately been slowing down since money’s been really tight lately so I’m missing out on a lot of neat stuff, especially with the boom of merch thanks to ORAS and the Hoopa movie. But I’m trying my best to add new stuff whenever I can, because you can never have too many Latis!!

(yes I do have bootlegs, but I can’t help it if they’re adorable bootlegs <3)