fat meeps

I’m kind of surprised that more people haven’t jumped on the idea behind Ash Greninja from the anime because dang this was a GREAT Pokemon-related drawing prompt to give myself.

So here’s a “me form” for my Latios based around that idea! Since, y’know, I only spend every waking second of every day thinking about how wonderful this Pokemon is and how much I love him.


Latias and Latios collection update as of 10.4.15!

I realized the last time I posted my collection I left out those two big plushes in the top pic and, well, I’ve just gotten more stuff in general since I took my last compilation shot.
Collecting has unfortunately been slowing down since money’s been really tight lately so I’m missing out on a lot of neat stuff, especially with the boom of merch thanks to ORAS and the Hoopa movie. But I’m trying my best to add new stuff whenever I can, because you can never have too many Latis!!

(yes I do have bootlegs, but I can’t help it if they’re adorable bootlegs <3)