fat matt

The Shy Guy

(story by GoodFortune)

This is a story from the beefyfrat library that I really love, although the original included other characters and some… interesting elements. I edited it just to include Matt, Colby, and the fat gain aspects.

Matt was not so much your typical high school graduate, although he’d like to think he was.  He was scheduled to attend the university of his choice in the coming fall and was not sure what to expect when it came to dorm life.  In high school, he’d been somewhat of a shy individual and had only a select number of friends, but that’s the kind of life he enjoyed.  He was a masculine boy, down to earth, and liked to keep things pretty simple and laid back.  Behind his shy shell, was a handsome man with thick blue eyes and closely cut blond hair.   Previously, he’d been one of those scrawny slender tall fellows that didn’t catch much attention, but in his years of high school he’d found the perfect hobby: weight lifting.  By graduation, he’d been able to go from a pitiful weakling to a respectable 214 pounds of athletic prowess.  The gain didn’t change his reputation or shyness though.  Most people still thought of him as the 6’4’’ skinny guy, but that was about to change.

Matt had randomly been assigned a roommate for his college dorm, an all-male dorm.  He didn’t have many male friends in high school, and the ones he did have had chosen different colleges; however, he was excited to meet someone new and to have the new experiences that college was bound to bring.  The only thing he knew about his new roommate was that his name was Colby and no more.  When move-in day finally came, Matt had enlisted his parents and a few friends to help him load his stuff into the little dorm room on the 8th floor of the 10 story dormitory.  He had gotten an early start and must have beat out Colby because when he finally got to the room, no one was there. The dorm room was simple with just a loft bed, a desk, and some drawers on either side of the room except that Colby had decided not to loft his bed.  So he unloaded all his stuff on the right side of the room and set it up, said goodbye to his friends and family, and gave the place a look around.  His room was directly across from the communal bathrooms that had four sinks lined up in front of a wide mirror, a scale, two toilets on the left side of the room, and two shower heads facing each other on the right side.  When Matt saw this, he was both excited and a little scared.

As you may have guessed, Matthew is a homosexual.  Although, he has never had any sort of sexual encounters, it was just something he knew and the thought of showering that close to another man started to give his 9 inch meat some life.  He put the thoughts in the back of his mind for the meantime and returned to his room, but when he walked in he was greeted by who he knew was Colby.  Colby was average, to say the least. Matt guess him to be about 5’9’’ with 140 pounds, he had a very lean body with not too much muscle, but what muscle he had was easy to see with the complete lack of fat on him.  Colby had what looked like brown eyes and very short brown hair on top of his somewhat “harsh” facial features, everything very defined.  Matt wouldn’t say he was the most attractive guy he’d ever seen, but he certainly wasn’t the ugliest.   Matt and Colby exchanged their greetings and Matt was quick to learn that Colby didn’t come with any family or friends because he was from out of state and had a long drive here.  Matt helped him carry his stuff from the car and they made some small chit chat here and there and got to know each other a little more.

Colby was lying on his bed only in his boxers.  Matt quickly overlooked the thin boy’s body and thought it was nothing compared to the other boys’ on the hall.  He took off his t-shirt and undid his belt then slipped his shorts off.  He looked at himself in the mirror: nice round pecs, defined abs, thick arms, oversized bulge that was still chubbed up from his earlier greetings, and nicely chiseled legs with a plump bubble butt to fill out every part of his tighty whities.  He climbed up into his loft and stared up at the ceiling…then over the edge of his bed down to his roommate who was clearly out for the night.  He fished his manhood out with his paw and gave it a good squeeze to bring it fully to attention.  It didn’t take much before Matt could feel his balls churning and aching.  He felt the orgasm rush forward, his eyes slammed shut, his teeth clinched together, the mushroom head of his meat expanded, and he experienced an extremely intense orgasm quickly followed by an equally large amount of cum, all of which he caught in his right hand that was massaging the head of his cock.  Too exhausted to get up, he simply spread his cum across his abs to clean off his hand, then he tucked his shrinking cock into the pouch of his briefs and immediately fell asleep.

This pattern continued for some time to come.  A few months went by while Matt secretly admired all the guys on the hall.  He had grown to love the showers where he was able to eliminate the guess work out of the size of most of their cocks. Colby looked about as average as they come, probably somewhere in the range of 5 to 6.  He also stole glances of other boys on the hall, some large, some small, but all beautiful in their own right.  

As it turned out, Matt and Colby didn’t hang out much outside of the dorm room nor did they talk too much…mostly just exchanging words here and there or making small talk when they were bored.  Most of their small talk revolved around Colby’s weight.  Colby was constantly complaining about how thin he was, and how college was going to be when he changed all that.  Colby had plans to eat more and go to the gym and develop a harder, bigger body that all the college girls lusted after.   That’s basically all they talked about besides the occasional tv show or video game they both enjoyed; however, that all changed one night.   Matt was sitting at his desk simply wearing some workout clothes he’d had on from the gym earlier.  He had the overhead light turned off and had the lamp on his desk turned on to help him focus.  Then the door flew open, and Colby fumbled in.  Matt immediately guessed that Colby was trashed beyond belief.

“Hey, Colby, are you okay?!” Matt questioned to his intoxicated roommate who was trying desperately to walk towards the bed.

“Yeah…man…I-I’m al-riiiiiiiiight,” as he gave Matt a thumbs up.

Matt jumped up from his desk and caught Colby has he had started to fall, then he dragged him over to the bed and set him down.

“Alright man, you’ll be fine.  You just need to sleep this off.”

“That’s…yeah, good idea,” Colby managed to mumble.

“Lift your arms,” Matt told Colby has he grabbed the bottom of his shirt.  Colby was slow to respond but eventually got his arms high enough so Matt could lift his shirt off so, at the very least, Colby would have a comfortable sleep.  Matt pulled out Colby’s belt and started to unfasten the button and unzip the zipper.  As he did this, Colby started to paw at Matt’s gym shorts. He managed to grab the waist band, and in doing so, they started to slide down.

“Colby, what are you doing?” Matt questioned in almost an angry tone to Colby.

“Come on, Matt…I need it tonight,” Colby said to Matt in an almost whisper.

“Need what?” Matt was completely confused by what was going on in front of him.

“Jus’…jus’ let me…” his whisper died off as Matt finally managed to pull down Colby’s pants and get them off, leaving him in his boxers.

“Alright, you’ve had way too much to drink tonight friend, just go to bed now,” Matt told Colby, but Colby didn’t move, he just reached up for Matt’s gym shorts again.  Matt pushed Colby’s hand away, but Colby kept on trying until he finally just grasped the waistband and yanked them down, leaving Matt standing high above Colby in only his undershirt and tight white briefs.

Matt was confused by the whole situation. Colby was as straight as they come.  Matt thought that maybe he was curious, or maybe he’d just had too much to drink and didn’t know what he was doing, but then all his thoughts were halted when he felt a hand on his bulge.  Matt looked down to find his roommate mesmerized by his bulge, he was face to face with it sitting on his bed, his hand tracing the outline of Matt’s hardening cock and balls filling the pouch.  Matt was breathing hard, filled with nervousness and sexual desire of what his roommate might do.  Colby put his hand on the waistband of the briefs and slowly started to pull it down until he was slapped in the face by Matt’s finally free semi-erect meat.

“Shit…” Colby let out under his breath as Matt’s dick rested against his cheek.  Colby leaned back some, then grabbed the hose at the base and started to lightly lick the tip of Matt’s fully engorged meat.  Matt let out a moan of pleasure fueled by fear and ecstasy.  He put his hands on his roommate’s head, running his fingers through the smaller boy’s hair then slowly pushing him down more onto his manhood.  Colby pushed Matt’s underwear the rest of the way down and let it rest at his knees as he sucked on this head of Matt’s cock.  Colby ran his fingers up Matt’s muscular legs, feeling every muscular curvature as he used his whole hand to feel them as he moved back down.  Then he explored Matt’s inner thighs on his way up again, when he reached the top, he put his left hand on Matt’s waist, and cupped his balls with his right hand, feeling their weight and feeling the cum churning inside. He removed his mouth from the head and licked the tip more, this time his tongue got a taste of Matt’s precum.  Then he put as much as he could in his mouth and started moving up and down the shaft, letting more in him with each thrust.  Matt was lost in the moment.  His dick loved the warm wet mouth of his roommate gliding along every inch of it.  Matt pushed Colby down more on it, trying to get him to take the whole thing.  Colby’s whimpers only fueled Matt’s desire to have him take it all.  He had almost taken every inch of him in until he reached between Matt’s legs and started to push at his asshole with his middle finger.  This was the end of Matt; he couldn’t handle it anymore. He let out a loud grunt as he held onto Colby’s hair very tightly and pushed him down as far as he’d go.  Matt felt his balls draw up and his cock expand in the mouth of his roommate.  Then he heard his roommate choking on the massive load of cum that just smashed into the back of his throat.  Colby withdrew from the cock and fell back on the bed completely spent from the activity.  There Matt stood, his mind finally reeling back, his underwear around his knees, his shorts at his feet, not believing what he’d just done.  He quickly pulled up his clothes in panic and put Colby’s legs up onto the bed, pushing him into place on his bed.  He also noticed the large wet spot on Colby’s boxers where he’d cum himself just moments ago.  He threw some covers on him and then climbed into his own bed.  He was afraid.  What if his roommate told everyone what he’d done with him? What if he refused to room with him and forced him to move out? How could he explain any of this? Or maybe he wouldn’t remember a thing and that would be all? With all these questions running through his head, he quickly fell asleep.

Matt was abruptly awaken by his roommate shouting, “Matt! Matt! Dude, look at this!”

“What?” Matt muttered as he looked over the side of the bed down to his roommate who was standing there with his shorts unbuttoned and no shirt on.

“I can’t believe this.  I didn’t notice it until I was getting dressed, but I’ve finally fallen to the freshman fifteen,” he gave his newly enlarged belly and good shake with his hand, “It snuck up on me! Although I wish I had gained more muscle…I guess it’s a good start, just need to lift harder in the gym, I reckon.”

Matt looked in shock as his roommate patted the paunch around his waist.  He couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed him gain it either, even though it looked more than the freshman fifteen to him.

“I can’t even button these shorts, they’re a size 30,” he demonstrated by trying to bring the button together but all he managed to do was bring his belly up more, making it look even bigger, “I guess I’ll just wear some gym shorts today and get some new clothes…I’m gonna go check the scale, hold on…”

Matt watched as his fatter roommate walked out, his ass noticeable wider.  For some reason, the sight of Colby’s belly and ass started to awaken Matt’s dick.  Then he remembered last night.  “I guess he doesn’t remember…” Matt thought to himself as he climbed down from his loft bed.  Then he heard Colby from the bathroom shout, “Holy fuck!”

Colby ran into the room, “I’m fucking 166! That’s 26 pounds, how did I not realize I was getting this fat?!” He pulled off his shorts and Matt got a clear view of where all the weight was.  Colby still had on the boxers from last night.  They were extremely tight now, his ass was very plump and much wider, and he had nicely formed love handles poking out over the waistband.  Colby pulled up some elastic waist gym shorts that were still pretty tight on him and turned around.  Matt gazed at Colby’s softened physique, his pecs had grown a little more, but most noticeably was his belly, it was much bigger than before, and when Colby put on the largest shirt he could find, there was still a noticeable bulge around his soft belly and pecs.

“Shit, I have to go to the gym after class today, I’m a fucking pig now,” he said in embarrassment as he cupped his new belly and grabbed a handful of fat.

All Matt could think about that day was the hardcore blow job he’d received from his now somewhat chubby roommate.  How did he not notice his roommate’s belly last night? And why was he so fascinated by the new weight gain? He wanted to know what Colby would look like with more weight, he wanted to touch his belly, his love handles, his chubby ass. He knew that the opportunity would never arise again; but of course, it wasn’t before long that it did.

It was a late night, after a long day.  Matt was going to hit a quick shower before finally going to bed.  He walked into the showers, threw his briefs up on the rack and started the water.  After a few minutes, he was surprised when someone else walked in…Colby.  Colby came in only wearing his boxers, his belly slowly bouncing with each step toward the showers.

“Thought I’d join you for a quick shower,” he said as he took his boxers off and put them up on the rack on top of Matt’s underwear even though there’s a separate rack for his side of the shower.  As he started the water under his shower head and stepped in he gave Matt’s naked bubble butt a good slap and laughed.  When Matt turned around to return the favor, all he saw was Colby looking straight as his crotch.

After a pause, Colby managed, “It’s as big as I remember…”

Matt’s stomach sunk, he knew he was deep trouble now, but it was quite the opposite.  Colby reached forward and grabbed the limp dick in his hands, feeling it grow.  Before Matt could react, Colby was on his knees, taking Matt’s dick in his mouth.  Water splashed against Matt’s back and down through his ass cheeks and onto his balls which Colby was fondling and cupping, sometimes he stopped sucking altogether to try and fit Matt’s balls into his mouth, although he got close, he couldn’t get them all the way in.  Matt’s mind was racing, but he knew one thing, as his dick got serviced, he wanted his hands on that chubby body. He nudged Colby up to his feet and looked down into his eyes and whispered over the buzz of the shower, “God…you’ve gained so much.”

At first Colby looked a little embarrassed, but that changed as soon as Matt lowered himself to his knees, face to face with the belly that had been taunting him these past few days.  He pressed his face up against the warm round flesh.  It was softer than he had imagined.  He pushed his nose down into Colby’s belly button and felt the fat encase his face.  He stuck his tongue deep into his belly button and wiggled it all around as he heard Colby let out a very audible moan, even over the sound of the water running.  Matt put both of his hand on each side of his belly, feeling his love handles and he pushed the belly fat together to make the fat bulge out into his face.  Matt couldn’t believe it; he finally had this belly all to himself.  He moved his hands around to Colby’s plump ass and began to feel the fat and feel their heaviness as he slowly moved his tongue from the deeper belly button down over the pouch of fat towards the base of Colby’s dick.  It looked just a little smaller than it normally did, some of it buried in the new layer of fat.  He took the 5 inch dick into his mouth easily, and felt Colby’s hands lay themselves on his head.  He sucked on the dick very powerfully while he felt up Colby’s ass with on hand and moving the other around the finger his bellybutton and play with all the fat Colby carried around his waist.  He occasionally slipped a hand down to his own dick that was almost double the size of Colby’s, to give it a few good pumps before returning to his roommate’s body.

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore, he had to do what he’d never done before.  He quickly stood up and when he did, the head of his dick accidentally found its way into Colby’s bellybutton.  Matt pumped it once to feel the fat encase the head of his cock and then he put his hands on Colby’s shoulders and turned him around.  Colby put one hand up against the shower wall, knowing what was about to come. Matt put his hands on the boy’s plump cheeks and spread them wide and let them slap together.  As he watched them jiggle a little bit, he guided his dick towards his roommate’s virgin asshole.  When his head met the tight ass, he pushed slowly in and as soon as the tip entered, Colby winced and let out a whimper.

In between Colby’s gasps for air he managed to shout to Matt, “Please…go…easy…on…me…”

Matt basically ignored Colby’s pleads and pushed the head of his cock in and Colby let out a huge moan that echoed through the bathroom.  As Matt continued to push himself deeper, he pressed himself up against Colby’s back. Colby’s fat molded into Matt’s abs as the base of Matt’s dick pressed into Colby’s chubby ass.  With each thrust in and out, Colby would let out a moan or whimper, and as Matt continued to pummel his roommate with his dick he reached around with on hand and felt Colby’s belly shaking up and down and felt Colby’s softened pecs with the other hand.  Some force completely overcame Matt as he started to mutter things like “You like this, huh? Answer me, fatboy.”  “You like this fat on you, huh? You like it??”  “You’re such a pig. I can’t believe you’ve gained this much.” under his breath as he started to fuck Colby harder and harder.  Suddenly, Colby’s ass clinched Matt’s dick with such force that when Matt rammed in he was forced over the edge and started to rocket streams of cum deep in Colby’s ass.  When Colby felt the warm liquid fill him up, his cocked bounced up and down a few times and then shot a much smaller load onto the wall that was quickly washed away by the shower.  Matt felt like he’d never stop cumming, his orgasm was lasting much longer than he ever imagined.  When he pulled out of the grasp of Colby’s ass with a loud pop sound, he shot 2 or 3 more loads onto Colby’s ass and legs.

After taking a few minutes to shower off and catch their breath, they both dried off and put their underwear back on and went back into the dorm room across the hall.  Colby went straight to his bed and laid down.  Matt went to his desk and sat down.  He, yet again, couldn’t believe what had just happened to him as they both sat there in silence. He was completely lost in a daze until he heard Colby.

“Fuck, holy fuck!” Colby sat up fast and stood up in the middle of the room. “I feel really fucking weird right now…it’s all over me.”

Matt didn’t know what to think.  He just stood up and looked at his panicking roommate…but then he noticed a change.  Colby’s belly seemed to be bulging out a little more than it was an hour ago.  Not only that, but his thighs seemed to be thickening, his arms too, his pecs began to grow more like tits.  His face started to fill out more, softening his features, on the verge of having a double chin.  His slightly chubbier fingers started to explore his body as it expanded. He lifted up his belly and let it go, watching it jiggle and watching it make his love handles and tits jiggle with it.  Then he was suddenly distracted by a slight ripping sound.  Then it was louder, then a sudden rip let him know that his boxers had finally given way to his fattening ever-widening ass.  When his boxers landed on the floor, Matt was able to see that his dick looked smaller yet, getting further buried in fat. Colby was surprisingly hard and it looked about only 4 inches.  That thought sent Matt’s mind racing knowing that his own dick was now more than twice the size of Colby’s.  Matt was practically drooling as he saw his roommate become even fatter than he was before.  Colby felt his hips as they were layered with fat, giving him a more pear shape.  Then he looked up at Matt and almost pleadingly asked, “What the hell is happening to me?”

Without putting anything else on, he waddled fully exposed to the bathroom to see what the scale had to say.  As he walked out, Matt worshipped the sight of his friend’s fat ass jiggle.  Then again he heard a “Fuck!” from the bathroom and Colby made his way back in the room.

“I’m fucking 198 lbs! 32 pounds heavier than I was an hour ago!” When he made this statement he grabbed his belly and gave it a big shake. “How did this happen?” he went on.

Colby and Matt sat on Colby’s bed and discussed what just happened to him as the night went on.  Surprisingly, Colby wasn’t as freaked out as Matt thought he should be, and the whole time they talked about it.   Colby’s little dick was rock solid the whole time, as was Matt’s.  Colby decided that this was some freak accident, some strange anomaly and vowed to work off all the weight at the gym.  Matt supported him, but wished it would keep happening to him, but just then, Colby seemed to realize something.

“You…it’s you, you did this to me!” He stood up from the bed, his whole naked body still shaking.

“Me? How did I make you fat?”

“I don’t know, but every time we fuck around, I get fatter.”

“That’s ridiculous…”

“Seems pretty real to me,” he slapped his belly as he ended the phrase, “it’s gotta be your cum, dude. Nothing’s happening to you, so it’s something you’re doing to me…”

Without wasting any time, the chubby boy got on his knees and pulled Matt’s already hard cock out of his briefs and started sucking.

“Fuck…” Matt whispered, “wait…wait a minute…” he pushed Colby’s head away from his dick. “I just cam a gallon in you…what if we wait until morning…give me time to recharge, it’ll be Saturday.  We’ll have all day,” Matt pleaded with Colby.

“Yeah…you’re right, you probably don’t have much left now anyway,” he said as he gave the cock a final lick and then stuff it back in Matt’s briefs.

“Alright, let’s just go to bed and see what happens in the morning,” Matt said as he got up.  He gave Colby’s belly and good rub and pat and whispered, “Goodnight, chubs,” before climbing up into his loft bed.   Colby just fell onto the bed still naked and immediately fell asleep, tired from the fucking and the fattening.

Colby was awakened by Matt standing naked above him patting his big warm belly.

“Rise and shine, pig.  Ready to get fatter?”

Without waiting for a reply, Matt jumped up onto the bed, his obscenely large and hard dick flopping around, and straddled Colby’s chest.   Matt’s hard ass sat on Colby’s fat belly and his dick rested between his soft tits.  He pushed Colby’s tits over his dick and started to slide back and forth.  The tip of his dick poking Colby in his soft chin leaving a wet spot of precum on him.  Colby lay there and watched as this athletic man abused his body.  Colby started getting hornier and hornier as he watched Matt’s muscles flex with each thrust.  He was interrupted when Matt slid forward more and shoved his cock deep in his throat.  Colby was really starting to love the sweet taste of Matt’s thick precum and just when he thought he was about to get a mouthful of creamy cum, Matt pulled out.

“Wait,” Colby begged, “I though I was going to suck you off.”

“I really want that ass again, especially now that it’s even fatter,” Matt said as he lifted up Colby’s thick legs over his muscular shoulders and began guiding his dick towards Colby’s newly loosened up asshole.

Colby couldn’t believe how much Matt was getting off on his weight gain, but he didn’t have long to think about it as he felt Matt’s mammoth manhood enter him again.

“Fuck Matt…why did you have to be so big??” Colby whimpered and whined as Matt drove himself deeper in.

Matt laughed a little and started to move in and out of his roommates ass, moaning in pleasure.  He reached down and started to fondle Colby’s newly grown fat belly and tits. He felt Colby’s fat between his fingers, felt his sagging tits full of fat.  He couldn’t get over how much his roommate had gained, how much of a fat pig his roommate looked like.  Colby suddenly started to feel worried.  What if he did get even fatter? He already looked like he’d never worked hard a day in his life.  What would he tell people? What would he wear? Would he be able to lose it all? This would be the final test.  Matt then leaned over Colby, his hard arms flexing at Colby’s side, and started to suck on Colby’s fat tits.  Colby put his hands on Matt’s head as he sucked sending Colby over the edge.  His 4 incher shot a stream of cum onto both Matt’s strong abs, and his own fat gut, but just because he was done, didn’t mean that Matt was.  Matt kept sucking and fondling Colby’s fat while he slowly fucked him for another ten minutes.  With all the stimulation to Colby’s body, he helplessly cam again, only this time only a tiny pitiful amount of cum came out of his dick.  Then Colby felt it.  He felt his ass become completely filled with cum, and Matt’s groans confirmed it, but he didn’t remove his mouth from Colby’s tit nor did he remove his cock.

Then it happened. Colby felt the same strange sensation from before.  

“Fuck…Matt…I’m going to get fatter…” Colby whispered over Matt’s heavy breathing.

Matt sat up and removed his dick from Colby and watched as his roommate lay there on the bed holding his belly.  He could literally see Colby’s belly start to bulge out more.  His tits swelled much larger than before.  Matt thought that he might be in need of a bra now with tits that big.  His arms thickened, but not near as much as his hips and thighs did.  They seemed to widen before Matt’s eyes.  His belly and thighs had become so chubby that they almost concealed his roommate’s dick completely.  Matt guessed it to be only 2 inches now.  Then he looked up his friend’s much thicker body to his face that had filled out considerably.  He was definitely sporting a double chin now.

“Shit, I didn’t think I’d get this fat!” Colby stated in shock.

Matt helped him to sit up, his belly completely obscuring his own view of his feet and cock.  He stood up from the bed and headed into the bathroom to the scale, not caring if anyone else saw him. On his way out, Matt was able to see the incredibly wide bulky ass that was leaving and he felt a sudden twitch in his cock.  When Colby returned, he simply grabbed his tits and gave them a good squeeze and said “This is what 253 pounds looks like…that’s more than a hundred pounds from when I got here…I’ll never be able to lose this weight…”

“I’m so sorry,” Matt pleaded, “I had no idea this would happen.”

“It’s not your fault, but what am I going to wear? I need bigger clothes.  What am I going to tell people?”

“I think I have a big sweatshirt and sweatpants that you may be able to squeeze into for the meantime…I’ll run to the store a buy a lot of oversize clothes that you can hide in…maybe people won’t notice too much.”

“Won’t notice!? I think a hundred pounds is easily noticeable…but I’ll worry about that when it comes.”

That day Matt stocked up on bigger clothes for Colby and not too many people commented on his gain.  Colby avoided classes that he didn’t have to go to and remained in the dorm room for a majority of the time; however, his plans had backfired because after a month he had gained five pounds from the lack of activity.  It could have been much worse if Matt had fucked him again, but they put an end to that to avoid any more unwanted fattening, but what was worse is that Colby was actually starting to enjoy the fat, lazy lifestyle that, by the looks of his body, he’d had his whole life.  He actually found it arousing that he was winded and out of breath from having to walk across campus to get to class.  He also started to try on old clothes to see just how fat he had become.  He’d put on old briefs that would only come up to his round thighs, or shirts that would only be able to cover his breasts before ripping down the seams.  He would also pause to lift up his belly and feel his significantly diminished dick that was barely visible soft and only 2 inches hard.  He loved the thought that a hot man with a 9 inch meat had done this to him, and soon thoughts of getting fatter entered his mind.

So there Matt sat at his desk in the dark dorm room.  It had been awhile since he’d initially fattened up his roommate by accident.  Colby was completely lethargic now.  He was afraid to leave because of everyone he knew.  There was no way to explain his weight gain and he wasn’t about to tell everyone he knew that he was a slut for his roommate.  He’d watch his tall handsome roommate out of the corner of his eye get dressed in the morning. He’d watch his muscles flex as he put on a clean shirt or pulled up some briefs over his sculpted ass and tuck his flaccid manhood into the pouch.  That’s when Colby would reach down under his belly and fondle his own diminished manhood that was more like a child’s dick now.  He was becoming completely obsessed with Matt, and he decided that he had to satisfy his cravings.

Unknown to Colby, Matt felt the same way.  For some reason, Colby’s expanding waistline had really gotten to Matt.  Being forbidden to fuck him again, Matt’s desire for his chubby roommate skyrocketed.  Matt was normally a calm young adult, but more and more he found himself uncontrollably horny.  When he woke up in the mornings, his morning wood would normally subside within a few minutes, but not anymore.  He found out very quickly that he was distracted by thoughts all day unless he relieved himself early on.  He would sit in class thinking about how his roommate waddled across the room now.  He’d think about how his own cum had completely ruined his roommate’s body.  Then the next thing he knew, he was stuck in class with 9 hard inches in his pants. So he started the habit of waking up a little earlier to take an early shower to take care of himself to avoid his roommate and the morning rush to the showers.  That worked for a little while, but soon her was becoming overwhelmingly horny during the day, and by the time he got back to his dorm it was like he could feel the cum building up in his balls begging for release.  As soon as Colby would go to bed, Matt would lower his briefs and pull out his already semi-hard dick and get to work.  He’d look over his loft down to his shirtless roommate taking in his big belly and plump tits that, not long ago, were almost pecs.  He’d lean back on his pillow and close his eyes remembering when he’d witnessed Colby’s growing.  Colby’s whole body widening and rounding out.  If that’s what his cum could do to his roommate, what would it do to other guys? What would happen if he swallowed his own cum? Before he knew it, his cock swelled in his hands and spewed all over his chest, arms, and face.  His load was unbelievably large; however, he didn’t have time to think about it because he quickly fell asleep exhausted, not even bothering to put himself back in his briefs.

Colby’s lust for Matt had continued to grow. He wanted Matt so bad again, he wanted to feel his tight body pressed into his and he had decided to make his lust known once and for all.

It was a late Wednesday night for both Matt and Colby.  Matt had been finishing up some homework at his desk while Colby had been eating double fudge brownies and watching late night television.  Colby’s lifestyle had completely changed.  While he had once been somewhat outgoing, he was now completely sedentary and his appetite had grown significantly.  He spent hours in the dining halls eating everything he could fit on his plate, and he’d load up on candy from the vending machines to eat in his dorm.  His new change of lifestyle had made it easy for his weight to climb up to 283 pounds of pure fat.  He’d gotten Matt to buy him new clothes when needed, and he was just about to outgrow the sweat suit he’d been wearing that Matt had gotten him when he weighed about 250 pounds.  Matt finished his work and got ready for bed.  After he brushed his teeth and so on, he undressed to his briefs and asked if he could turn the lights off which was perfectly fine by Colby who was just about to head to bed too.  Colby stood up and took his shirt off right in front of Matt.  Then he looked down at his large belly and sagging tits and grabbed a handful of fat and asked Matt, “Dude…am I too fat?”

Matt just looked at him and shook his head, “Of course not…you look fine.”

“I just feel like a complete slob lately…like, I can’t believe I did this to myself.”

Matt knew that Colby had gained a lot of weight on his own recently when he should have been exercising trying to lose the fat, and hearing this overweight boy in front of him saying that he was ashamed of his fat struck a chord in his dick that was starting to chub up in his briefs.   Matt tried to ignore it though, “Don’t worry about it man, you can lose the weight, you just have to put your mind to it…that’s all…” He was starting to become entranced by the belly before him.

“I just don’t think I could lose it…even if I tried…” Colby answered, lifting his heft up and letting it fall and jiggle.  He was trying to get Matt interested again, and it was working.  Matt couldn’t handle it anymore; he put his big paws on his roommate’s gut and started to play with the fat.  Then he cupped Colby’s tits in his hands, they were so large and round, more like a woman’s tits than any manboobs he’d seen before.  Matt guided Colby to Colby’s bed and told him to lie down, then Matt climbed on top of him and started to suck on his large tits.  He felt their heft with his hands as he played with his nipples with his tongue.  Colby moaned loudly in the dark, putting his hands on his roommates head.  Matt rose up off the bed and yanked off Colby’s sweat pants and saw his tiny cock poke out of layers of fat.  As it turned out, Colby hadn’t been wearing underwear because he’d outgrown all his boxers and was too embarrassed to ask Matt to buy some bigger ones.   Matt’s dick was already rock hard and begging to be released from its fabric prison.  He walked down the bed towards Colby’s head and freed his cock.  It bounced out, every veiny inch begging for attention.  The head of his cock was face to face with Colby’s mouth, and Colby knew exactly what to do.  Matt began to feed his cock to Colby.  In between breaths and in between sucking, Colby managed to tell Matt, “Don’t…cum…in…me…” then he went right back to work on his roommate’s large dick.  Matt had almost completely forgotten what his cum was capable of until Colby reminded him, but he didn’t spend much time thinking about it, he just reached over and started playing with Colby’s big tits and belly.  Colby reached around his roommate’s waist to bring him close so he could devour more of his cock. He started to play with Matt’s firm bubble butt with his chubby fingers.  It wasn’t long before he started to poke his sausage links at Matt’s extremely tight ass.   Matt was caught off guard by the anal stimulation and immediately his balls drew up, his cock expanded, and without thinking about it, he climaxed and shot his load all over the back of Colby’s throat.  Colby was powerless, it was so deep he couldn’t spit it out, but knowing what was going to come made his tiny cock climax as well.  His cock dribbled out its tiny load and Colby waited as he accepted his defeat.

Matt pulled himself out of Colby and managed to spit out an, “I’m sorry,” but it was too late, he could already notice the changes in his roommate’s body.  Colby put his hands on his belly as he felt it grow heavier.  He felt like a pregnant whale, his body starting to balloon.   Matt watched as Colby’s belly lunged forward and covered Colby’s little dick completely.  His thighs grew so thick with fat that it forced them apart more.  His ass and hips widened dramatically becoming soft and curvy, taking on a more womanly appearance.  His face rounded further and formed a solid double chin.  Then his arms were weighted down with more fat, bigger than Matt’s arms, but these arms where the arms of a weakling fatboy.  Finally, his tits rounded out even more, sagging to the sides.  They were the biggest tits Matt had ever seen.  All Colby could do was moan and groan as he got fatter, ballooning upwards of 350 pounds; nearly 200 pounds of flab since he’s arrived at college.  He couldn’t believe what had happened to him, his body.  He laid there on his back, feeling fatter than ever, but strangely hungrier than ever.

After that encounter, Colby had been satisfied of his lust for Matt, even though he continued to jerk off his ever-shrinking cock thinking about him.  Matt realized just how hard it was getting around at his new weight.  He got tired very quickly.  He rarely left the dorm room.  He found it hard to fit into the classroom chairs now so he basically quit going, and it was nearly impossible to tie his shoes.  Even with all these hardships, it was still a turn on somehow.  He didn’t worry about it.  He enjoyed the fat like it was a new toy.  Playing with it, rubbing his belly to get himself off.  Christmas break was coming soon and he’d be going home.  He didn’t know how he would explain the weight to his parents and friends, but he didn’t worry about that for now.  Now, he just wanted to enjoy life as a fatass, eating what he wanted, when he wanted.

Semester had ended and for the next few weeks Matt mostly enjoyed hanging out with his friends and family, as well as his brother, John, who he’d become much closer with.  Matt was also glad that John was an extremely heavy sleeper because, on occasion, Colby would call after John had fallen asleep and Matt could get an update on his fattening friend.  Colby was always sure to mention the amount of fattening foods he’d eaten, as well as the embarrassment and humiliation he’d received from everyone he knew.   While he was certainly embarrassed by his marked weight gain and the never-ending teasing, for some reason, that was what turned him on about the whole situation.  It caused him to eat more than ever and to grow bigger on his own.   These types of calls were agonizing for Matt whose dick could barely handle the overweight information.  While on the phone with Colby, he’d always give a look to his “big” brother to make sure he was asleep before he forced the sheets down and took his manhood out.  Hearing Colby talk about how fat he was becoming, how his body had been ruined by Matt drove Matt over the edge night after night.  

It was one week before school started back that everything went a little haywire.  One late night while John was sleeping, Matt was feeling sleepy and just about to turn the light off when he heard his phone vibrating.  It was Colby and he said a muffled hello.  Matt was quick to find out that Colby was gorging on a late night snack of double fudge brownies.  He was eating fast and extremely horny, and this just made Matt hornier but he was so tired he just shoved his briefs down to the floor and flopped on the bed jacking off immediately.  He had completely forgotten about the muscled boy nearby.  He was too busy listening to Colby eat and get fatter to care.  He listened as Colby stuffed his fat face with brownies, and he heard him smack his newly huge belly every now and then.  Matt just kept telling him to eat more, kept telling him about the body he used to have and how fat he’d become.  By the time Colby had finished his late night meal, Matt was on the verge of exploding, his cock pulsating in his paws.  His thighs flexing; his abs flexing harder as he got closer.  Then Colby revealed something to Matt that sent Matt’s body into a raging orgasm.

“Man…when we get back to school…I want you to fuck me again…make me even fatter.”

“Oh shit,” was all that Matt was able to whisper as cum rocketed out of his lengthy cock.  He let out a soft moan and heard Colby doing the same on the line.  The cum splattered everywhere, all over his chest and legs, even some on his face.  There was cum on the bedsheets too.  He said his goodbyes to Colby for the night and looked at the mess he’d made.  He got up from bed and walked naked around John’s bed to the bathroom, letting his softening cock flop around.  He grabbed the hand towel by the sink they used to dry their hands with and cleaned himself off then walked back into the room to get what he could off his sheets then threw the towel back into the bathroom, pulled his briefs up over his meaty ass tucking his softened cock into the pouch, climbed into bed, and quietly drifted off to sleep.

When winter vacation was finally over, he packed up all the stuff he’d brought home and overloaded his car with luggage.  It didn’t take long before he was on campus and bringing things up to the room.  He opened the door to see his once thin roommate standing sitting at his desk.  His belly was poking out of his extremely tight white undershirt that outlined every pound of fat as well as his plump womanly tits.  He had on a tight pair of sweatpants too.  They only made his love handles more pronounced.  Matt noticed that he was chewing and then he saw the pack of twinkies on his desk.   Matt stepped in, shut the door, and dropped what he was carrying.  He walked over to Colby’s desk and grabbed a twinkie, unwrapped it, and shoved it in Colby’s already full mouth.  Matt reached down while Colby was still sitting and chewing and lifted up his shirt, letting his fat roll out.  He threw the shirt aside and took off his own shirt, then undid his jeans and stripped down to his tighty whities.  His muscled body, his firm round ass and well-defined pecs, arms, abs, and legs all looked infinitely better next to the fat slob who was stuffing his face in the chair in front of him.  Colby stood up and pushed the chair aside still facing away from Matt.  Matt stepped forward and pushed his hard body into the shorter, much fatter boy.  He reached around under Colby’s flabby arms and grabbed his hefty belly in his hands letting his fingers sink into the fat.  Colby kept chewing away while one of Matt’s hands lifted and dropped his gut and the other squeezed and cupped his double D breasts.  Colby could feel his fat fill in the ridges of Matt’s athletic torso.  Colby felt like a pig; he felt so unbelievably fat, and he was.  Matt reached over and got another twinkie, unwrapped it and shoved it in his pig’s mouth while gently thrusting his growing bulge into Colby’s wide ass.

Matt couldn’t wait anymore.  He yanked down Colby’s sweatpants to find that Colby wasn’t wearing any underwear.  He was also greeted face to ass with Colby’s very wide, very fat ass.  Colby’s asshole was deep between two round globes of pure fat, not an ounce of muscle beneath them.  Matt stood up and guided Colby to Colby’s bed.  Colby’s fat thighs shaking together, gut pouncing with each waddle.  Even Colby’s almost invisible dick was bouncing in its fat prison under his belly.   Colby struggled but managed to climb up on the bed on all fours; his ass up in the air waiting.  Matt immediately pulled down his briefs letting his manhood flop out.  His balls were aching, they looked almost swollen, bigger than normal.  They were craving release, and Matt was ready and willing to give it to them.  He climbed up behind Colby’s awaiting jiggling ass.  He gave it a good slap to watch it jiggle.  Not only did it jiggle, but Colby’s thighs, belly, and tits all swayed with it.  Matt held his meat with one hand, placing the other on the pig’s ass in front of him.  Matt pushed forward, his cock pushed Colby’s fat cheeks aside while he aimed for his ass.  His ass was so fat that Matt’s cock felt like it was already deep in his ass when it was actually just surrounded by Colby’s fatass cheeks.  Matt’s cock head finally pushed up against Colby’s tight asshole.  Matt could barely contain himself.   He was filled with so much lust and desire.  He needed to cum so badly; he was beyond horny.  Colby moaned very loudly as Matt’s large head penetrated Colby’s ass.  Matt moaned just as loud in a deep manly voice.  It was better than he imagined; so fat, so tight.  Not long after the base of his cock pressed into the soft fat of Colby’s ass cheeks.  He was deep within his pig now.

“You’re so fat now…you like it…you like this, don’t ya bitch, you like being a fatass,” Matt said forcefully to Colby.  Matt couldn’t think straight, he didn’t know what was coming over him.  His desire was in full control.

All Colby’s could do was whimper and take it all.  Each thrust felt like he was being filled up even more than the last.  Matt’s dick was so big, and Colby only wanted more.  His whole body jiggled as Matt thrust into him and out of him, sometimes pulling out completely and then reentering.  Matt was grunting and moaning while Colby shook all over.   Then Colby heard Matt let out a very loud moan and felt Matt’s grip on his love handles harden.  Colby could feel the cum unloading within him.  It was filling up his ass and after a few seconds he felt very full.   He felt Matt pull out of him, and then he was rolled over.  He looked up at Matt’s sweat covered body.  The sweat only managed to magnify his muscles.  His pumped chest and arms; his still-hard dick swinging between two grand thighs.  Colby put his hands on his belly that was still shaking slightly from being turned over.  

Suddenly, he felt very hungry, like he would never get enough to eat.   He heaved himself up off the bed, leaving Matt there.  He waddled, holding his starving gut, over to his desk and started shoveling in twinkie after twinkie.

“I’m…so…hungry!!” He yelled, his voice muffled with food.

Matt watched in shock as his roommate shoved 3 twinkies into his already full mouth.  His belly sagging over onto the desk.  His tits swinging as he gobbled down the food.  As Colby mindlessly stuffed himself silly, the changes were starting to take shape.  Matt watched as Colby’s tits swelled up even more.  They were huge jugs of fat that, at the moment, were very disproportional to the rest of his fat body.  His belly lurched forward onto the desk, taking up more and more space in front of him.  With his belly so large, it was getting hard for him to reach the twinkies that had been pushed back by his belly.  His bellybutton became extremely deep as his love handles spilled over his own waistline.  As he continued to gorge on food, his ass and hips widened dramatically, making his ass cheeks two large pillows of fat.  Colby almost lost his balance as his enlarging thighs forced his legs apart and completely engulfed what was left of his still hard dick.  His face finally started to receive some of the fattening as his neck thickened more as well as his face rounding out ever so slightly, but Colby was still chewing away and didn’t even notice the fattening.   He only took notice when it became hard to hold the twinkies after his fingers plumped up further turning into short thick sausages.  By this time though, the twinkies were all gone.  Colby licked his plump lips and put his chubby hands on his enormous belly resting on the desk and let out a very loud burp. Then he looked down and realize what had happened to him.

“Holy fuck! Shit…oh fuck…” was all he managed to say when he realized his gluttony.

Matt gazed at his completely overtaken roommate and knew that this semester was going to be better than the last.

foggy’s butcher story comes up a few times, but i think it wasn’t just his mom who wanted him to be a butcher. i think he kinda wanted it too, liked the thought of his own little store with his apron and his cold cuts

maybe every once in a while, when things get heavy with daredevil and the practice, matt finds him looking at spaces to rent that would fit a little deli, or online courses that would prepare someone to run a small business, or even just nice meat cleavers. matt doesn’t say anything because every man needs his own escape route

and much later, when matt’s hung up the suit and they’ve both decided to retire, when the game is full of new players and they know it’s their time to step back gracefully, when the boys have gotten their act together and live in a brownstone with matching rings on their fingers, matt gives his husband a retiring gift: a set of keys to foggy’s own little butchery in the heart of hell’s kitchen. 

and so, ‘Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys at Law’, becomes ‘Murdock and Murdock’s Fine Meats and Cheeses’ (affectionately referred to as ‘Attorneys at Meat’ and sometimes ‘Slaughterhouse Fine’) and foggy gets to live out his dream with the love of his life by his side, and it’s better than he ever imagined. 

I just wanna tell the people that are bashing the “makuhita-man” comment to calm down, Matt wasn’t making a joke about his weight if he was he would of called him a snorlax or something, but makuhita are strong (technically if not going by base stats) which is why Tabitha insisted he at least be called a hariyama. It’s not a jab at fat people, Matt was saying for a tiny guy he was strong. Not fat. So stop.

Pregnant-Fat Mistake.

Pat: “You ever actually see somebody make a pregnant-fat mistake?”

Matt: “Actually, in real life? No. Only in -”

Pat: “I’ve seen a person did it.”

Matt: “Really?”

Pat: “It was my dad.”

Matt: “To your mom?” *chuckles*

Pat: “No when - yeah! yeah! When my mom was pregnant with me….Noo, it was uh from some kid my mom was babysitting. The mom came over to pick her kid up and was like, ‘Wow! Are you pregnant, again!?’ and she was like, 'No.’ And she was like, 'Ohh.’”

Matt: “Wah wahh wahhhh.”

source (2:01)