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Fat girls have fucking nothing.

I’ve been reading for, it feels like, as long as I have had sentience and consciousness, and it has taken me my entire life to meet someone in a book who looked like me and felt the same way I do and has struggled with some of the things I have struggled with, and is still loved.

Fat girls have nothing, and fat girls are told they are worth nothing. Fat girls have Aunt Marge Dursley, and Jane Umbridge, and eating disorders to beat and people to prove wrong by losing a lot of weight and letting out Their True Self, aka the Thin Girl Within. The Thin Girl Within is worthy; she is radiant and triumphant and beloved. She cannot be all those things and also be fat; at least, not in the young adult fiction I had at my perusal when I really, really needed someone to tell me it was possible to be radiant, and triumphant, and fat.


How Finding a Fat YA Heroine Changed My Life

my latest on buzzfeed is a love letter to rainbowrowell and Eleanor and Park, and also a love/hate letter to Harry Potter, and I hope you will read it and tell me what you think. muah!

As much as I love JK Rowling and as true as this quote “Is ‘fat’ really the worst thing a human being can be? Is 'fat’ worse than 'vindictive’, 'jealous’, 'shallow’, 'vain’, 'boring’ or 'cruel’? Not to me.” I feel that JK Rowling shouldn’t be saying something like this when almost all her fat characters like Vernon, Marge, Dudley, Umbridge, Crabble and Goyle  are shallow, vain, cruel and evil. 

Make any soup with no recipe

Homemade soup is amazing, filling and 100% customizable to your dietary requirements and taste. This method will almost always work, especially for veg.

- Some kind of fat (butter/marg/cooking oil)
- An allium (onion/leek/similar)
- Vegetable(s) of choice
- Flavourings (garlic/herbs/salt+pepper)

- Cheap meat (chicken wings/bacon work well)
- A carbohydrate (rice/pasta/lentils/chickpeas/potatoes etc)
- Extra creaminess (cream/yoghurt/soft cheese)


1. Heat your fat in a saucepan, add your allium, and garlic if you’re using it or flavours that should go in at the beginning like fresh chili. Cook until softened. If you’re adding raw meat like bacon, add now as well.

2. Add your main veg and cover with boiling water. You should also add potatoes, uncooked lentils or chickpeas etc now too. Cover the pan and cook until nearly done.

3. Add your other flavours, herbs, salt and pepper etc. If you’re adding cooked meat do so now. If you’re adding cooked carbs (rice/pasta) you can do that now. Taste! Adjust accordingly.

4. If you’re blending your soup, do that and taste again. Then you can add the extra creaminess if you choose.

And you’re done! Not all of these ingredients go together; so for example I’d frequently do leek, bacon, assorted veg +rice - this doesn’t get blended so I wouldn’t add extra creaminess (tbh I hardly ever add the extra creaminess, but it’s there if people fancy it).

This works really well with just one vegetable, like when the supermarket has marked down a load of cauliflower I grab a couple and turn them into soup. You’ll find some veg require no extra creaminess once blended, especially if it’s quite fresh. So you get the comfort and luxury of creamy soup without the cost/calories of cream or cheese!