fat majin buu

Lmfao look at this nigga of course he looks like he goes on/rk9/ and /pol/.

Bruh last time he took a shower was when Cleavand Browns won a super bowl with his ol’ dirty unwashed virgin ass, and I mean that both literally and figuratively

My dude got that “I’m gonna be Bubbah-Senpai’s Kohai for the next 25 years” look on his face. Nigga gonna star in the next Prison School live action porn fam.

My nigga, I know you couldn’t get the free hugs from your waifus last year but that doesn’t mean you gotta pop ‘em.

Ol fat ass Majin Buu lookin’ ass nigga at least Majin Buu can pull hos

Man let me stop flaming him before he shoots up St. Louis Comic Con lmfao