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Two years difference 💙 There is no easy way, there is no secret 💙 It’s gonna take hard work and sacrifice 💙 You will want to give up, you will cry, you will probably think you can’t do it 💙 But you can 💙 Never give up on yourself because you are capable of so much more than you think 💙 DO NOT GIVE UP 💙

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Sometimes I look at old pictures and I think- who was that girl? That girl on the left was sad. I used to lay in bed and cry.. I wanted so much more out of my life and my weight was truly holding me back from being happy. I never imagined being where I am today. I used to make every excuse as to why I was over weight- you know the “I’m big boned” or “my body was meant to be this size” all of which is total bullshit- but at the time I totally believed it! I had no idea what my body really looked like under all those pounds- 130 to be exact! Now it’s hard for me to look I the mirror and see what the rest of the world sees. Obviously I know I’m no longer “fat” but I also don’t see myself as “thin.” Sometimes I feel like a whale- how is that even possible? Extreme weight loss is a total mind fuck. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just hope you know- if you’re that girl on the left- you are brave, you are capable, you are significant- and you can accomplish anything 💕

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 13 weeks and 7.5kg weight loss in between these two pics! My height is 166cm. I followed the BBG workout regime from Kayla Itsines, and made sure that this time I didn’t follow any fad diets. I eat whole, natural foods most of the time, but allow myself to eat small amounts of WHATEVER I’m craving. I never restrict myself if I really want something, because I want this to be something I can continue doing for the rest of my life.

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holy transformation ! ! ! ! ! feed your body w whole, nutritious foods, cut out all the processed junk, exercise w a mix of cardio & strength training, & I promise you’ll find the body, mind, positivity, self-love, & confidence that you’ve been searching for - just like I did. Xxx

I hardly remember the girl in the before picture, but I don’t want to forget her. I don’t want to forget what it was like to feel like a prisoner in my own body. The pain, the powerlessness to change. Change is slow and getting started is hard, but it’s possible when broken down into tiny manageable habits. If you’ve never struggled with obesity, it’s easy to think you just need to muster up a little discipline and put down the fork, but you’re wrong. It’s so much more complex than that. There’s a reason why 95% of those who lose regain it and it’s not because they’re lazy. We probably judge ourselves more than you because we’ve all been taught that it’s our fault. I’m working really hard to have compassion for myself – then and now –and for those who share the burden of obesity. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. But it doesn’t make us bad or lazy or stupid, it makes us sick. and I’m sick of a culture that believes otherwise and marginalizes people who are trying and failing despite their other achievements. Sorry to go off on a tangent, but this disconnect in understanding and compassion pains me. I am strong willed and determined and pursue my dreams with vigor, but when it comes to this, if I let my guard down, I’ll be back there in an instant. Seriously, eff obesity, but more than that, eff anyone who doesn’t have compassion for those of us who are up against it. Excuse my language, it’s the only word that feels appropriate this morning. Keep fighting the good fight babes and never give up. Happy Humpday 🐫

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Today marks the two year anniversary of the start of my weight loss journey and I’m feeling pretty proud with how far I’ve come!

In two years I’ve literally halved my body weight and dropped from a size 28 to 14. Any one who has followed my journey will know there have been plenty of ups and downs, gains and well as losses, and plenty of obstacles to overcome, but I feel like I’m really getting myself together lately.

A couple of people in my life have suggested that I try to take my experiences and build a career with them, and I can honestly say that at no point in my life did I ever think I would have any experiences or anything worth sharing. It’s something I’m considering, and I do feel like it is something that I can work into my long term goals.

I also just wanted to say a bit thank you to everyone on here for all of the support and encouragement you’ve given me! I may not respond to everyone at times, but I read everything you guys say to me and I always try to get back to your messages!

Buy yeah, thank you 😘

🔆Although I didn’t start my fitness/health journey until January of 2014 - here is a side by side of me December 2011 ➡️December 2016 🔆🌱💪🏻🏋🏼‍♀️

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Before 194 

After 149

Goal 120

This took me about a total of 6 months

Going into my weight loss journey I didn’t want to think of it as a “diet” more of me being cautious of what I was in-taking and how it affected me. At first I was going to the gym 5 days a week for about 45 minutes. I would do 30 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of weights. I wasn’t really keeping track of my calories, but I was guesstimating and trying to stay below at least 1250 calories. I usually ate what I wanted as long as it was in that calorie range for the day. I did however cut out most sugars. And definitely soft drinks!  I am by no means at my goal. I still have about 30 lbs to reach my main goal. I did reach my first one which was to get to 150! Yay :) It’s really hard to actually realize how different you actually look, that is why these before and afters are really important. You may be thinking “ugh, I don’t want to document myself looking like this!” Well, trust me neither did I, but looking back and seeing the difference really helps to stay motivated! Especially when you feel like you aren’t making progress, cause girl… I still feel the same! Good luck to anyone who is out there looking at these for motivation :) You can do it.  

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Attempt number…idk…3?

So much going on in life and I find I’ve allowed myself to lose sight of my goals, uh-gain. Disappointed in myself, but gonna pick myself back up and try again.

New starting weight: 258.7. Ouch.

Pretty sure a lot of that is bloating though, cause I’ve had a rough time with my stomach the last few days. Also started drinking water up to my eyeballs a couple days ago. So there’s that. Gonna go for a walk with steff after she gets home and weighs in.

Oh! My neice Talia was born Monday the 17th!!! And we’re going to see her and my 3 year old neice Everly (and their parents of course lol) in Maryland from the 30th-the 13th ish. So hoozah!

Things I need: new sports bras, socks, workout pants, and shoes.

Wish us luck!

All my love,


P.S. I’m a redhead now! 💖


Senior year of high school vs senior year of college! The top & right side photos were all taken this summer & the left side photos were all around the same time 3 years ago.

Before: I was so unhealthy, ate fast food 1-2 times a day, gave no care in the world about exercising- even though I was miserable in my own skin, hated wearing a bikini, hid behind big t shirts/sweatshirts, & was constantly staring at myself in the mirror feeling chubby & horrible.

Now: 25 lbs lighter, incredibly healthy, & so so active. I’ve never been more confident, secure, happy in my entire life. Loving myself/my body & focusing on my health & fitness, has relieved so much negativity & stress from my life. I am truly blessed where life has taken me :)

I had to run to target at lunch to pick up a prescription but they have the bathing suits out so I tried on a couple tops cause I need a new one. Then I remembered the picture on the left that I took while looking for a suit last summer. The one on the left was a large I was barely able to get into and the one on the right is of the 3 larges I tried, the one that fit the best. The others swallowed me. I didn’t buy one today cause payday is tomorrow and I’ll have more time to shop but man I’m excited to wear actual cute bathing suit tops this summer and not just have to settle for one that manages to keep my boobs in place. Also I’m also tanner earlier this year so that’s also exciting!