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Hi, I want to ask about the azawahks in your last post, what qualifies each as "healthy" or "obese?" The healthy one doesn't seem to have enough fat or muscle to cushion its bones and the obese doesn't have near enough fat to impair movement or put excess pressure on its joints. Is their weight being judged by how healthy and comfortable the animal is or by how cool it looks?

Here’s another similar ask on the subject that came in:

“ You recently got into a discussion on dog body types and obesity and ended up comparing the body of a healthy azawakh and an overweight one, but in the picture you used for the healthy dog you could see its ribs. So I was wondering what about the breed or any type of dog could lead to that being a healthy appearance. Is is something with what the dogs were originally breed for or maybe the environment? (it was also mentioned that azawakhs are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures) “

These are the dogs involved in the question, for those just tuning in:

Correct weight azawakh above, obese below. 

I asked @desertwindhounds to answer this for me because she’s got a huge background in sighthounds, both from her own breeding and extensive research. Here’s her take:

“ Azawakh have what is known as very ‘dry’ musculature and skin. The muscles are very flat and the skin is very thin and tight, and their coat is typically very thin with very short hair. Combined with the lack of body fat, what you get when you are looking at many Azawakh is the same effect as a human body builder (without the deliberate dehydration.) This is an endurance runner, not a sprinter with big bunchy fast twitch muscles like a racing greyhound. The look is simply the way the dog is constructed.

The purpose of fat and muscle is not to 'cushion the bones’ on any dog, muscles move the dog and fat provides insulation or energy storage. You do NOT want a layer of fat on a working sighthound, it insulates the body. Running produces a lot of heat and some of that is dumped through the skin, a fat layer prevents that and the dog will overheat. Most sighthounds appreciate a bed to lie on, but something I have never seen in a country of origin dog, which don’t typically have cushions or blankets, they sleep on the ground, in a basic shelter, or in a den, is pressure sores. COO Azawakh have a large variety of appearance, and many do not have the extremely dry look that is appreciated by Western breeders. It’s a matter of personal preference in Western breeding. 

 Note that the coat has a good deal of influence on how thin and dry the dog looks. A smooth Saluki in hard condition with no body fat and a very short coat can have a similar dry appearance. A feathered Saluki in the same condition would not, because the coat is long enough to smooth out the appearance, it hides the extreme contours. With coated sighthounds like Borzoi or Afghans you’d never see that degree of dryness, the hair hides it. Sighthounds also have much thinner skin than other dog types, and a good sighthound will have very tight, elastic ligaments, including the layer under the skin (if you pull the skin up on a sighthound, it should pull back strongly), so the skin will actually 'cling’ more tightly to the dog, emphasizing the musculature. 

 It is really difficult to explain this to someone who is freaked out by the appearance. It helps to get your hands on such a dog. They do NOT feel frail or sickly, they feel solid and muscular, dense, and they should have plenty of muscle over the loin and along the withers. It feels, frankly, like running your hands over a human marathon runner with little body fat. Same thing, actually, except that humans are constructed in such a way that they don’t have a lot of pokey boney bits that are visible. “


A Ginger Lesbian Disney Halloween: The Sequel

(Previous one here.)

Ursula: @kateosaur

Ariel: @doctorbee

As with the Belle costume, I made Kate’s Ursula costume pretty much entirely from scratch although I actually used more real sewing and less hot glue this time.  The tentacles all have heavy wire in them so they can be molded and twisted into any pose.  Also like before, my costume was considerably simpler and way easier to get into a car with…


Shownu cannot physically whisper and I’m crying from laughing so hard.

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I'm about to start endurance running for weight loss. Can you recommend what I start with and how I progress?

Sure thing! Here are some things you could do to boost your endurance while running:

  1. Practice running up hills. Short sprints up small, steep hills are best. Run up the hill, and walk down it. Never run down a hill – that’ll lead to shin splints! Repeat 10x if possible (with breaks as often as necessary). Aim to do this once or twice per week in addition to your bi- or tri-weekly runs. (Or however many is best for you!)
  2. Practice sprinting between two telephone poles; then walk between the next two; repeat (for about 10 poles). The short start-stop sprinting helps to further refine and challenge your ever-improving calf muscles in a new way. Do this once or twice per week during your bi- or tri-weekly runs, just at the very end of them. In general, if your runs are long, you want to save your sprints for the end; they’re easy to do once you’re muscles are “warmed up” and it’s less strain on the body.

These sprinting exercises get the heart rate higher at a quicker pace than do longer, slower-paced runs. Getting your heart pumping faster in this way helps to increase your stamina and metabolism in the long run, too; thus, your endurance improves, and so does your body’s ability to burn calories more efficiently (i.e., your metabolism), burning more fat cells too.

Some little things that may also help:

  1. Try to avoid dairy before a run; and cut carbonated drinks from your diet altogether. The reason for both of these is that these food items make it more difficult to breathe on the run; so if you cut them out, you breathe better, you metabolize more efficiently, oxygen flows through the body better, and you are able to run longer distances at a time before having to stop and rest. They also reduce bloating and cramps.
  2. Lastly, always remember to stretch - both before and after a run. Incorporate both stagnant (on the ground, standing still) stretching and active (dynamic, moving around) stretching into your workout. For running, active stretches are a little more important than stagnant ones; so focus on doing active stretches like these before a run. Stretching loosens and prepares the muscles for the workout, getting you ready to go longer, and go harder. (For more info on static versus dynamic stretching, see here.)

I hope this helps and I wish you all the best!

Meet Black Bean, he’s a new foster baby I’m taking care of. Mommy dog and her 6 pups were neglected by her owner, they all crossed the rainbow except him. He’s a fat little thing who loves to eat and get under my shirt :) I think I already have a forever home for him when he’s older and ready, hopefully the family will keep their word! Send him good vibes everyone :D

Gonna try to get some sleep now, you know what they say… When your baby sleeps you should sleep too.

SLF Jevan and Anahira - Impact LARP Commission 

Jevan’s player originally requested this last September, but I was having a rough time getting things done then. Now I’ve got a new computer, better skills, and an updated Art Program, so here it is, finally!


Ah, I love them


Bullying is such a big thing in the world. And people lose their life over it, everyday.

Being the victim of bullying is nothing more than a life of hell. Having someone constantly abuse you, (physically/mentally or both) telling you that you aren’t good enough, that you are ugly and fat and every little negative thing they can think of, ruins you.
Your life slowly turns upside down. You feel so alone. So empty as if this will never end. As if you have no way out of the torment you are put through. It’s excruciating. Feeling like you have no one to talk too. And if you do talk to someone, you have that fear of making everything worse. You’re in a constant battle with yourself. And soon, you start to believe everything they tell you. Start to believe you are worthless, and ugly.
And soon, you’re going to start thinking about stopping all the pain. From either popping pills, drinking, doing drugs, cutting your wrists, and even suicide.

Being a victim of bullying ruins who you are. Breaks you down until you don’t even know why you are still breathing.

Mental illness is so hard to live with and work through, especially when you are being bullied everyday.

But here’s the thing. You aren’t the only one feeling so broken, so much loneliness and hatred. You are not alone.

Falling into the depths of your thoughts will only make things worse. Talking to someone, anyone. It can be a stranger online. A neighbor, a distant cousin. Anyone. But talking to someone about how you feel, I promise you, it will help.

And let’s not forget about the bullies. They are so much more than just how they portray themselves. Let’s ask ourselves why they are the way they are? Everything stems from somewhere.

We all live different lives that hide behind cemented walls. We all have battles to fight, and some just handle them differently then others.

So if you see someone bullying people, reach out to them. Point out what they are doing can and might take a persons life. But also show them that it’s okay to hurt, and that you are there for them no matter what.

If you see someone being hurt. Looking so lost and know that something is wrong. Smile, tell them that you love them. Compliment their eyes or say anything nice. I promise you, that little gesture can save someone’s life.

We need more awareness over this. Bullying has taken so many lives, and it needs to stop! We need to stand together.

I love you. I am here for you. And your life is worth it.