fat lips

anonymous asked:

What if Rodimus keeps getting into fights and he always ends up loosingm but he won't go to Ratchet and he doesn't tell anyone until someone like Magnus or Megs find out

One of them noticing he looks a little rough around the edges. Rodimus plays it off like it’s nothing, but some days he looks worse than others. 

He has a fat lip, or his cheeks are scuffed, and when someone asks about it he will snap at them to mind their own business. 

Rodimus sitting alone in a booth at the bar, stuffed in the corner so no one will bother him. He just chugs down drink after Drink until either megs or mags has to bring him back to his hab. They tuck him in, put a bucket near him in case he has to purge, but before they go Rodimus starts to ramble on about his fighting. 

They sit down on the berth and listen to him, rubbing his back maybe when he gets a little upset. He dozes off then wakes up and keeps talking.