fat letters


context: each twice member were given hand-written messages from the other 8 members anonymously

Momo was reading anonymous Mina’s message but got exposed by Nayeon!

+ Momo’s simple reply to Mina’s message

Shameless [a reddie fic] CH 1

Richie Tozier, 17, lead guitarist of your resident small town alt-rock band band Gifted just wants to make it big as a musician.
Eddie Kaspbrak, also 17, resident pretty boy of Derry High School just wants to live for once in his fucking life.

(i just needed to write this sdjkfkj punk!richie and preppy!eddie are life ok. AO3 link - pls check here for rating, warnings and notes for now, if something in particular applies i’ll include it here too, for now it’s just language i guess?)

Chapter One

“I want to fuck off from this town,” Bev puffs her cigarette. The smoke is hitting Richie’s face but he doesn’t mind. “As soon as possible.”

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anonymous asked:

I'm not sure using the adjective 'fat' is really an issue here seeing as it's a literal description and no one actively makes fun of her for it (she seems happy enough gossiping with Violet). It's just character description tbh

It’s not a description, it’s a title.

She’s ‘The Fat Lady’. That’s her name, for all intents and purposes. It’s not like she’s ever described as ‘The fat lady, whose name was Jeanette’. No, she’s the Fat Lady. Capital letters. It’s not just a description, it’s the only name we get for her. She’s not given a proper name, unlike some of the other portraits. She’s just the Fat Lady.

The same is true for the Fat Friar, come to think of it, which is more egregious because two of the other House ghosts get names - Nick and Helena. And the one that doesn’t, the Bloody Baron, is named more for what he did than what he is. Sure, he’s covered in blood, but that’s because he chose to stab people, it’s not a trait. The Friar also gets less characterisation than the others! He’s just. Fat. That’s about it. Jolly, maybe, as if that isn’t a description given to ‘good’ fat people.

It bothers me because that seems to be it for them, character-wise. They get to be defined by their fatness, whereas you wouldn’t do the same for a thin character. People don’t have to mock them in-universe for it to be an issue. It’s all pointing at the same issue - fat people are defined by their shape/size, whereas thin characters get to have other character traits that define them. And, you know. Names.

And don’t even get me started on Vernon and Dudley…

I raise you: Nicky and Allison as BFF’s.

  • like, we all know Neil dresses like shit
  • (still love you, baby)
  • so ofc Nicky and Allison have to do sth against that walking disaster of fashion
  • soon they begin to pick outfits together
  • then they proceed to take Neil with them, letting (forcing) him to try on their clothes of choice and then give thumbs up/down
  • one day Nicky comes up with the clever idea of rating his outfits with signs from 1 to 5
  • one time they take Andrew with them and as Nicky offers him the signs, he just breaks them
  • Andrew never goes shopping with them again
  • but also
  • Allison giving him make-up tips?
  • teaching him how to perfect wing an eyeliner
  • they paint each other’s nails all the time tbh
  • and after some time Allison even trusts him with her hair
  • (which is a BIG thing, trust me)
  • every time Nicky opens his mouth, she senses when he’s about to say sth stupid and puts her hand on his mouth
  • or hits him on the back of his head
  • seriously
  • she can sense that shit from miles away
  • Nicky is pouting 25/8 about it
  • and he helps her (tries to help her) to be more sensitive
  • doesn’t work, tho, but she appreciates his efforts
  • one day he rips a hole in his favourite jeans and is so Sad™
  • luckily, Allison can sew
  • secretely she steals the jeans and brings them back whole after the weekend
  • Nicky is crying and hugs her
  • she just rolls her eyes, but pats his back
  • but then, he is Nicky, right?
  • he begins to tell her what she could design
  • “How about a jeans with a “gay” on the ass?”
  •  “Nicky -”
  •  “In fat pink glitter letters!”
  •  “NICKY!”
  •  “Oh, and it blinks whenever I wiggle my ass!”
  • Nicky is not allowed to design sth again
  • rip
  • but also
  • Allison becomes fiercely protective of him bc he’s just,,, such an idiot?
  • one time they are out in a bar and Nicky wears a “Pride to not be straight” shirt
  • as the foxes go outside, some guy begins to insult him
  • before one of them can even blink, Allison stands right before that guy
  • and smiles at him and asks: “Hey, who are you?”
  • the guy smiles back while the foxes stare in horror/confusion
  • is she really flirting with him???
  • “Jake”
  • she kicks him in the balls and bows down to his ear before saying: “Well, you’re an asshole, Jake. Fuck you.”
  • before walking back to the foxes with head held high, hooking her arm with Nicky’s and going away
  • seriously
  • just
  • Nicky and Allison being buddies
SVT Cute Jobs; Joshua!!

Originally posted by jishooua

ok so yall knew this was coming

i hope

also i got inspiration from Shawn Mendes’s new song cause the guitar work in the song is making me sCREAM YES (i might be a lowkey stan)


-Joshua Hong



-guitar dad (who shouldn’t have acquired a nickname that his related to his religion thanks)

-it all started when his parents opened up a music shop before he was born

-then the brightest sunshine on the whole planet was born

-and the rest is history 

-sort of

-so when he was old enough his parents gave him his first guitar

-at first he had no idea what to do with it

-he used it as a lightsaber once oops

-in the long run he actually started to learn how to play guitar and it was really cool cause he could play all these different songs on the guitar

-he tried to replicate the opening to Still Original by Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg

-it actually went really well damn kid you got talent

-he also owns a small channel on youtube but doesn’t upload often rip

-after working in the shop for a while he had a genius idea

-he noticed that a lot of kids were getting guitars from his family’s shop

-but wouldn’t know how to play

-so he offered to teach the kids

-for free

-what a kind soul

-his parents suggested that he did it for money and to earn it as a job but it didn’t appeal to him as much as seeing little kids smile after mastering twinkle twinkle little star on guitar

-he also asked if he could hold sessions in the shop and his parents agreed

-so everywhere he went he put up flyers about free guitar lessons in the shop and 1 on 1 sessions too

-at first the parents weren’t too sure about a teenager teaching kids how to play songs like Toxic by Britney Spears and Its Gonna Be Me by Nsync 


-but after they came in to see him

-they soon realised that he is a gentle soul and cannot hurt anyone at all

-not even a fly

-except for that one moth in the 7th grade but that was because it flew into his face

-but that’s not the point

-speaking of parents

-your parents and little brother have been talking about taking guitar lessons and after seeing him with the other kids they soon agreed

-but you didn’t exactly know what was going on

-so one morning

-you wake up before anyone else

-it was like 10 am and your parents were out of town

-what amazing timing 

-your little brother was dressed before you

-and it was a saturday morning

-w      h      a     t

-”dude why the hell are you dressed before me??”

-”i’m practising guitar today”

-”since when did you start guitar??”

-”i started a while ago”

-”thats why im finding note sheets i thought i was losing my mind wow okAY”

-you shook it off as it was nothing because

-a. your little brother was weird as hell and b. your life was like a really cringey and cool 2000′s Disney Channel sitcom 

-you continued eating your breakfast as it was nothing special because it was nothing special

-ding dong

-just as you put your plate in the sink someone rings your doorbell

-as you’re walking to the door you’re thinking about who it could be

-shit maybe your mum and dad came back early cause you and your brother alone in the house spelt out the word trouble in big fat fucking letters

-or its the mailman 

-you’re at the door in your pjs holding a cup of tea

-you’re ready to fuck shit up if it’s not the mailman or your parents

-did i mention you had great bed hair like you looked like you just came out of a Pantene commercial 

-you open the door

-its a dude

-just holding a guitar


-like wtf

-he’s incredibly handsome

-and hes just smiling to you

-like he doesn’t notice the fact that you’re in your god damn pjs



-can that be his nickname instead of the reference to his religion thank

-if he has notice them


-you’re just praying that hes just like awww thats cute

-you give a blank stare like what are you doing why are you here what’s your name hi are you single and ready to bingo


-”hi is y/b/n in? i’m joshua and i’m here to teach him guitar. whats your name?

-”ah, yeah hes in. i’ll get him quickly. and my name is y/n.”

-so that’s why the brat is dressed up so nicely

-and why he has a guitar

-that also explains the sandwich you had that was wrapped in music sheets

-thanks dad

-you let him in and you let him sit in your front room

-and you slyly watch from the sidelines

-and you think

-theres an angel in my god damn house

-oh m y   g o D

-so you just go upstairs and call your brother

-”why is there an angel in the front room??!!!!”

-”oh you mean Joshua? yeah hes pretty cool! you should hear him sing too! he sounds like one of those dudes on the voice!”


-inside you’re breaking down

-f u cjokjsdkwjd


-okay calm down y/n

-you finally get dressed after spending like 10 hours in your eevee pjs i want some so badly 

-and you just wear a normal jumper and a pair of jeans 

-nothing fancy

-and you just brush your hair

-but when you go to check up on your brother and his new guitar teacher


-he just


-like he stops after you ask them if they want a drink and hes just looking at you

-like wow


-you bring the two drinks in and place them on the table

-”let me know if you want anything to eat, okay?”

-f  r   o      z     e   n

-hes just screaming on the inside

-after a while you hear them play a really popular song

-ok it’s There’s Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes

-aka it’s the song you kind of like

-take away the kind of 

-you like it a lot

-so you’re just in the kitchen

-you hear them play it

-and you just hum

-then you quietly sing 

-then you just sing

-and boi your voice is nICE CHILL FAM

-and joshua hears you laugh a little


-”you hear that?”

-”oh it;s just y/n singing. she does it a lot.”

-”her voice is beautiful.”

-and as he said that



- W  H   A   T 


-Joshua is also shook that you’re in the room too

-”y-you heard me? i swear we need to get that echo fixed in the hallway omg you know what i’m gonna call my mum about that now–”

“no, he said that your voice was really nice.”

-”i said beautiful”

-”what he said”


-you smile so much


-“i have an idea! i’ve been thinking–”

-”bro thats a little dangerous”

-haha very funny but my idea is that you sing and Josh can play the guitar! just once, please?”

-joshua smiled to your brother then to you 

-”that sounds like fun, what do you say y/n?”



-”y/n are you okay?”

-”i-i’m fine…could you excuse me for a moment?”

-you run out the room

-you run upstairs to your room

-you jump on your bed

-and you sCREAM 


-you calm down and then go downstairs again

-”that sounds really cool”

-but you always thought

-maybe theres a catch


-maybe not

-so your brother just sits on the chair 

-and you two are sitting on the sofa



-you two finish

-and smile to each other


-you genuinely made him happy with his voice

-so at the end of the day

-you say goodbye at the door and he just gives you a piece of paper

-with a number

-”what’s this?”

-”it’s my number. we should sing together more often.”

-”it’s a date.”

-“wait iS IT A DATE??”



-and then your little bro is just in the other room like

-”i swear to god they’re made for each other….”

we teach girls to only take themselves apart in private,
or with their own hands or at sleepovers
or looking at billboards
other women movies magazines mirrors.
we teach girls to take each other apart
as America’s next-favorite past-time

after all,
it’s just constructive criticism
just pre-pillow-fight-foreplay
‘just between us girls’
unless she’s not in the room
unless she’s famous
unless she sent nudes
unless she’s fat.

fat girls have too many things to hate:
pasta with butter and parmesan
absent thigh gap and resultant heat rash
garlic bread and monkey bread and jalapeno cornbread
hips that were childbearing when she was still a child
nachos and french fries and pizza
busts that burst apart button-downs
bad genes and ingrained eating habits
fast food and group lunches and romantic dinners
and mainly herself–

–never the first person to brand them fat:
grade-a beef, marbled steak,
steaming iron hot as my cheeks
after all, 'it’s just constructive criticism;
i’m just looking out for you,’
by looking right through you.

shouldn’t fat girls have more to love?
aren’t fat girls supposed to be 'more to love?’
'more cushion for the pushin’?’
your chubby-chaser chance at romance?
doesn’t that suggest we’re worthy of love at all?
one morning, my grandmother teaches me the word 'fat’
that my belly-butt-thighs are getting too big for twelve-years-old.
our bodies peak sometime in pre-pubescence, and from now on
a woman’s ideal is to be first, not to keep taking seconds at dinner.
at dinner, she warns against the word 'anorexic’
because not eating won’t solve anything–there is no solution
because the appropriate response to constructive criticism is no response at all
because striving to be better is pointless–the point is the cycle:

this woman’s body,
this main course and main attraction
that I’m allowed to call body,
should be grateful for the attention,
even shameful slaughter that it is,
even at all.
—  the swallowing | emryse
Happy Birthday, haighcellent!

November 8 - Darcy/Bucky and/or Steve - any rating, IKEA furniture assembly for @haighcellent

Written by @iamartemisday 

“So after we put tab b into slot c, we then proceed to step six: securing screw thingie g into slightly larger hole h. After that, we repeat steps one to four, with the addendum of breaking stick thing k in half and inserting the pieces into smaller holes o and p directly following the second step three. Finish it up by securing boards d and e into place, and voila. We have a bookcase.”

Steve was surrounded by pieces of black painted wood and screws of various shapes and sizes. There was still a bit of sawdust in his hair from when he turned the box upside down in search of spare parts. He had a hammer in one hand and a screwdriver in the other. If he had any idea what to do with them, he’d be in a better place than Darcy.

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Open letter to fuckboys

Some day you will be an adult. And you will find a wife. You will want to start a family and maybe after a while you get a little baby girl.
And she will be the most beautiful girl in the world. You will see her and every time it will make you speechless how perfect she is, how beautiful and fragile.
You will watch her, when she takes her first steps and when she starts talking and slowly learns to be a part of this world. And everyday you feel blessed because of this small wonder.
And then, after years that will feel like a few weeks, she will start getting a woman.
She gets more aware of herself. It’s fine, that’s normal, right?
And maybe she will think about herself a lot. And stand in front of mirrors a lot. MayBe she isn’t as hungry as she used to be?
You won’t recognize it in the first place but slowly you see it. She doesn’t see friends as often as she used to. She doesn’t sing along to the silly song on the radio. She doesn’t want you to take pictures of her but why? She is so perfect but she doesn’t see it.
And you will start to worry. You will ask your friends wether this is just a thing all teenage girls do.
And one day you can’t stand it anymore. And you try to talk to her. What you hear, it breaks your heart.

He called me fat.
He touched me.
…but I said no!
It’s not a big deal.

And you see her suffering. How can some stupid person destroy her so much? She is perfect, why doesn’t she see it?

And this will all happen. Someday.

But now, you will want to fuck this one girl but she doesn’t answer. Oh fuck this bitch. Crazy hoe. She’s fat anyways. And ugly as fuck.

And you know what will happen? Because you can’t life with rejection you have cover your unmanly feels and tell her you never really wanted her. Who’s that bitch to say no?

So listen, boy. You made it through that long text. And you probably won’t take it seriously because I’m also just a crazy bitch you can’t get laid.
But Let me tell you,as soon as I catch you treating any girl wrong because of your fragile masculinity I come to you. And I will crush your tiny little testicles like dried cookies with my bare hands.
Not just will this be the first and last intimate contact with a girl you’ll ever have but also will I make them be so small dust particles you can’t put them in a tiny tiny urn and carry them with you as a reminder to never underestimate #girlcode.

With respect to Wilkinson, I really think he has been a man more sinned against than any, I think (at least from all I have been able to gather) that lie, as well as your honour, has been made a most egregious dupe in the affair between you. It is a dark black piece of business, and I have no doubt will one day be disclosed to the world; he was put on a wrong scent, when he aimed his pistol at your head, and you when you aimed at his. Alexander (pas le grand mais le gros) and his Hephaestion McWilliams were the proper objects of your respective resentments.

To Horatio Gates from Charles Lee, March 29th 1779

The ‘Alexander (pas le grand mais le gros - literally translating to ‘not the great but the fat’)’ in this letter is most likely referring to Lord Stirling, and 'Hephaestion’ is McWilliams, his aide de camp.

Letter is referring to Wilkinson leaking Conway’s letter to Gates which made remarks about Washington and stated that 'Heaven has been determined to save your Country; or a weak General and bad Counsellors would have ruined it’.
The Stairwell

hey! I’ve been writing original short stories recently, but have been too embarrassed to post them, here’s a shot at it anyway

genre: magical realism, slightly spooky

words: 3k

summary: Hannah is a ‘Visator’ who walks through people’s dreams, the main goal is to keep walking and get through as many as possible, which works until she gets trapped in one

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My FutureMe Letter From Post-Op

The following is an email from the past, composed on October 29, 2016. It is being delivered from the past through FutureMe.org

Dear FutureMe,

It’s the night everyone is celebrating Halloween here. Everyone except you, that is. You’re about 5.5 weeks out from the VSG and you’re down some weight but not enough yet. You weren’t invited to your co-workers Halloween party even though you heard them invite people right in front of you and tell them to bring friends if they wanted to. It might be because you’re fat or because of another reason. Probably the fat thing though.

It’s 9.30 and you’re showered and ready for bed. You spent the night doing meal prep and watching Community while you binged Reddit and Tumblr. It sucks. This reality you’re living sucks. You have a job you don’t like, don’t make as much money as you’d like to and you live with a best friend that pretty much dropped you as soon as a boy came along.

I hope by now maybe a boy has come along for you. Maybe you’re spending next Halloween dressed as a slutty nurse or some bullshit and no one is laughing or uncomfortable because of how you look in your costume. I hope maybe there’s a guy dressed as a doctor with you and you’re at a party. I don’t know how ambitious I’m feeling because I know it’ll be torture to read this next year if I’m still fat and alone but, hey, here’s to hoping.

I hope the last 12 months have been good to you. I hope you’re doing better than you are now.


Woah, I was a bit of a Debbie Downer, wasn’t I? But it’s true, I was in a very bad place last year and I’m doing a lot better now. I didn’t go to a Halloween event this weekend, but I did go to a ball. Wearing a size 12 ball dress. And I uploaded a photo of myself and have had the most lovely outpouring of support and kind messages from friends and family.

So, life isn’t perfect right now. I’m still alone, and I’m still technically overweight, but I’m not nearly as bad as I was. I’m going to go and write another letter, one more year on, and be kinder to myself. Because the low self-esteem issue is hurting me almost as much as my weight was.

the problematic pursuit of “dream schools”

When I was seven years old, my parents took me to the Stanford campus. It was sun-drenched and gorgeous. All the students seemed to be bursting with passion and intellect. 

I fell in love.

For years, Stanford was my #1. When I entered high school, I had an entire plan mapped out. I wrote my goals out on pieces of poster paper and taped them up my bedroom walls. Objective? To become a proud Tree, Stanford Class of 2020.

But life happened. Some of my goals were impossible, and some others I lost interest in. Some, I did complete. But along the way, in these past three years, I’ve done so many things I couldn’t even imagine when going into freshman year.

The question too many high-achieving students structure their lives around is how can I succeed? For those pining after one particular school, success takes the form of admission into said coveted institution. And this is where things can get dicey.

When Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Yale, and a slew of other tippy-top schools have acceptance rates below 10%, disappointment is almost inevitable. Even for those who don’t have their hearts set on one college, but are still vying for a place at a top-tier, it’s easy to get tunnel vision.

To spend your high school years in pursuit of admission to college is to place yourself in a precarious position. The fat acceptance letter hinges on so many factors out of an applicant’s control–geographic location, ethnicity, the school’s particular needs to name a few. 

So instead of how can I succeed? I think the most important question in high school to explore is who am I,and who do I want to be? 

Branch out. Find what you love to do, even if that’s not something that looks “good” on college apps. And no, don’t pick a passion out of necessity–it’s okay if you can’t figure it out yet. But besides from maintaining a good GPA, preparing for standardized tests, and participating in extracurriculars, take some time off. Binge Netflix. Spend time with friends. Take walks outside. Listen to music. Get a decent amount of sleep each night.

It’s been over three years since I entered high school, and instead of doing the extracurriculars it seemed so many high-achieving students at my school did (Speech & Debate, Constitution Team, math tutoring, etc.), I decided to spend the majority of my time writing, even though it didn’t seem like it would add much merit to a college application. But through it, I grew so much, and gained much more than an acceptance at an elite institution could offer.

Yes, Stanford is still an incredible school. But I don’t have a #1 anymore. Instead, I have a handful of places where I’d be truly happy and successful. In the end, I chose schools that would suit me, instead of editing myself to suit a school that would choose me.

An Open Letter to my Trolls

You will never understand how much you amuse me. No, really. My 2nd grade bullies had wittier responses. Better grammar too. 

This could be the part where I talk about losing 27 pounds since January, how I absolutely believe in being responsible for tracking my food intake and having a well rounded daily exercise routine. I could mention that healthy weight loss is a long, slow process, that my view on Health At Every Size is living a healthy lifestyle without a focus on weight loss, even if that is my eventual goal.

But damn I get tired of playing the role of the “good fattie”. 

And you want me dead because I’m not thin now. 

You devalue everything I say, everything I am because you don’t like the way I look. Don’t pretend this is about health. You know you do not give a single damn about the health of a fat stranger on the internet. 

I am not asking you to find me beautiful. I am not asking you to say I’m a good dancer. I’m not asking you to ‘HONOR MAH CURVES’. 

I am asking you not to be an asshole, but that too seems to be a concept you cannot wrap your minds around. 

If the worst thing I ever do in my life is encourage people to love themselves and be active, I think I’m okay with that.

And know, for every 100 of you that would put me down, there are 1,000 more who would support me. You. Will. Never. Win.


Some “FAT” lettering by @ewejintee.


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