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Samin Nosrat has become known as the chef who taught Michael Pollan to cook, after the famed food writer featured her in his book Cooked and his Netflix show of the same name.

Now, she’s sharing her wisdom with the masses in her new, illustrated cookbook called Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking. The key to good cooking, she says, is learning to balance those elements and trust your instincts, rather than just follow recipes.

An Illustrated Guide To Master The Elements Of Cooking — Without Recipes

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I’m experiencing a deep infatuation with all the gorgeous lilacs frolicking in my back yard.  As a token of affection to the spell they’ve cast over me, I’ve started a batch of flower and stone infused salt featuring a cheerful obsidian and lots of lilacs of course!

  The salt has a myriad of magickal and culinary uses.  Stay tuned and either later on this week or early next week, I’ll post a nifty instructional on how to make your own :)

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A thing to think about: remember how in the extra content Bee had a heart attack and andrew was like shook over it ? What about her bf and gf?? Wymack coaxing her to the gym like "I need someone to spot me while I lift weights ;)," and while shes there hes like "try this exercise bike, it's new, what do you think?" and Abby low key replacing everything in all 3 of their kitchens with fat free and low sodium stuff and trying new healthy recipes,, bc they love her and don't want to lose her

okay, but look, Bee knows exactly what they’re doing and is torn between being touched and mourning the candy that Abby’s subtly (it is not subtle, not at all, but don’t tell Abby that) sneaking away. 

at least they let her keep the hot chocolate, which was in fact the result of Abby nervously ranting to Wymack abt Bee eating healthier food and Wymack convincing her to not even try taking away hot chocolate. Abby glares at the hot chocolate every time, though (that is a lie, she tries to glare but ends up just smiling sorta fondly at Bee because they are all s o f t for each other).

and there’s just Wymack … Wymack is trying to get her to exercise and Bee only goes along with it bc she knows that she really scared them. but, like, Bee is the sort of person that is out of breath after running for two secs and can’t do even like one pushup. sometimes Abby goes along just to laugh (also to exercise bc exercise is important and Abby is a Healthy Person) bc Bee hates it so much, despite going somewhat willingly.

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Almost got another write up because I got another customer complaint, BUT, it said something like "On Monday the fat kitchen lady with the blue hair didn't give me my fries, again. The food was also cold and she was rude and unfriendly. This has gone on for 2 months. Please fire her." I haven't Closed or worked Monday in almost a month, and my hair has been purple for 2 months. I think it's the cable guys, but I can't check who's giving the comments so I don't know for sure. Hnngg. 😑

Kate Mulgrew: A couple of weeks ago we shot a very difficult thing, in the kitchen. We had a scene together…

Taylor Schilling: It was horrible.

Kate Mulgrew:  Yes, for something I had to do for her. Something that needed to be done and that she wanted me to do for her.

Taylor Schilling: There are some scenes in this season, the season 4, which are the most intense I’ve ever done in my life. In my career.

let me lift the mood…

with my attitudeee~

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you're going to binge? really? You're pathetic. you can't even go very long before fucking up and eating your weight. look at your legs. watch how they jiggle at a touch. look at your stomach. truly disgusting. chug water. wash all those impure foods out of your body. do NOT go into the kitchen, fat ass. you'll only gain. you're already a failure by thinking about binging, why would you want to screw it up more?