fat kini

All my life I’ve been pretty confident, but swimwear was the one thing that made me feel insecure. After all, it’s pretty revealing. There’s no hiding anything when you’re in a bathing suit! Up until this year I was wearing swim dresses. Covered as much skin as I could when I would go to the pool. I grew up in my grandmas pool - day and night, my mom would have to bribe me to get out. But over the years, as I became more aware of my size and societies demands on women looks, I swam less and less.

In this photo in wearing a bikini. A “fat-kini” as they call it. I’ve never felt more comfortable at the pool! I felt sexy, confident, and strong. Like if anyone said a word, they’d get an earful from me! Thanks @torridfashion for the amazing suit and making me feel like a million bucks and get back to enjoying my warm weather favorite past time!