fat kid


Neil, is probably one of the most underrated characters. As Norman’s best friend in the movie, ParaNoman, Neil doesn’t give two shits that Norman wants to be left alone. “I’d like to be alone, ” says Norman when being followed by his new compodre. “Me too! Let’s be alone together, ” cheerfully replies Neil. It’s as if he has a pair of positive glasses on that block out any negativity. Even when Norman discusses the fact that he’s being bullied at school, Neil’s inner Taoist brings up the fact that with the right recipe anyone could be a bully. In so many words, he’s saying the way people treat each other has nothing to do with the other person. That’s how he addresses life himself. He’s happy and knows who he is and what he likes. Others might tease or reply differently to his outlook but he remains untouched and unfiltered by the world’s difference in opinions.