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Just a PSA!!!

So to anyone who enjoys watching gaming videos (I know I do lol) especially animal crossing ones and you’ve come across TheBitBlock on YouTube, try to avoid if you can!! Josh Thomas of TheBitBlock makes animal crossing themed videos (though it seems as though he hasn’t for a while, other than shaming people for buying amiibo cards and TT'ing.) He is INCREDIBLY hateful to minorities which comes through in his videos a lot, but mainly on his Twitter!!! For example, he is a known Trump supporter, plans on making a series titled “Fat Shaming (which he does often on his Twitter,) constantly talks about how racism on white people is much worse than for POC, and is just a generally hateful person towards minorities. If you want more evidence you can go to his Twitter (JoshyFunTime) but I would advise against it as it can be very triggering!! I try to keep this blog pretty opinion/politics free so I’ll tag them, but I thought this was very important as this guy is pretty big in the AC community. Stay safe and try to signal boost if you can!!❤

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hey girl can you do one where the reader gets a lot of twitter hate and so they get really insecure and josh has to convince her he loves her no matter what? thanks so much, i love your work and you so much


triggers: hate messages, self hate (idk it’s not bad promise) 

You know that you shouldn’t be scrolling through the hash tag “joshdeservesbetter” but you are, because you’re curious and because it’s trending. You also know that your eyes are watering but you’re on the tour bus and there is no way in hell you’re letting yourself cry in front of the guys. Another push of the refresh button, another new slew of tweets full of hate. The past few hours had consisted of scrolling through the comments written to tear you down. They seemed to be doing their job, however, because here you were with a sinking feeling in your chest as you read yet another hateful tweet. Were you really this awful? This annoying?  This fat? Was your acne really that bad?  Did your face bother people that much?

You can feel Josh watching you from the corner of your eye but he isn’t saying anything so you continue along your journey of self-inflicted torture. You’re another 5 tweets down when one particularly popular tweet catches your eye.  It reads: ‘Josh’s natural light gets duller when Y/N’s at his side’ And that’s it.  That’s what makes the tears fall. Do they think you don’t know this? You know you don’t deserve Josh. For God sakes you weren’t even dating when you first realized this. This is what keeps you up at night, knowing the person that you love deserves so much than you.

All those menacing thoughts were going through your head when a voice starts speaking, “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Tyler asks.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just missing home, I guess.” God you were an awful liar. Hopefully this doesn’t sound like total bullshit coming out of your mouth.

“I’m sorry, I know it can get rough.” he replies.

“Yeah, it can,” you cough awkwardly before standing up, “I’m just gonna go clean up a bit, yeah?” You don’t even wait for a response from Tyler before you’re rushing past him.  You needed to get out of there.

You had your eyes on the bathroom when you could hear someone approaching behind you.

“I know you don’t just miss home,” Josh says.  He reaches out his hand and delicately brushes a stray strand of hair out of your face.  You rub your running nose with the sleeve of your sweatshirt and look down at your feet.  

“I do, I’m fine though-“ you lie.  

But Josh knows better.  He snakes his arm through yours and drags you to the back of the bus where the bunks are located.  He sits on his, and all but pulls you down next to him.

“I saw you glued to your phone, talk to me,” he urges.

Josh’s arm winds around your waist, fingers resting gently on your side. Normally you wouldn’t mind the feeling, but not now that you had gained weight. You could feel Josh’s fingers digging into the fat on your side and it disgusted you. No doubt it disgusted Josh as well. You squirmed in Josh’s grasp; trying to move his hand away as tears filled your eyes once again. In response to your sudden embarrassment, you bury your face into the crook of his neck, and allowed the tears to flow freely down your cheeks and into the hollow of Josh’s collarbones.

Josh slipped his hand underneath the hem of your shirt, fingertips gently pushing down the waistband of both your sweatpants and underwear to expose your hipbone fully. In a gentle pattern, his thumb started rubbing circles on the exposed skin. What used to be a comforting gesture was now nothing short of uncomfortable.

“Stop.” You murmured softly, your voice thick with tears. Immediately, Josh could tell that something was wrong, just in the tone of your voice.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” he asked gently, but his voice gave away just how concerned he was.

“Josh, do you think I’m… fat?” you asked softly, not daring to look into his eyes. You nervously played with the hem of your shirt, picking at a loose thread.

“What?” Josh said, sounding almost too shocked. Like an act.  “Are you serious?  What’s this about?”

“Just answer the question,” you pleaded.  You had to know.

“No, love, I don’t think you’re fat.”  Josh turned on the bed to face you, reaching for your hands as you tried to pull away.  “Now tell me why you’re asking.”

“No reason,” you mutter. “Just wondering.”

Josh shook his head, knowing you were lying to him. ”No, there must be a reason. You can tell me. You know you can tell me anything.”

Your fake smile fell to the frown you had been suppressing. You opened your mouth, but nothing came out except for a strangled sob as the dam finally broke loose and tears streamed down your face at full fledge. Josh had this uncanny ability to break down all of your walls, no matter how strong you tried to build them up.

Strong arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you into Josh’s lap.  Josh hated seeing you cry, simply hated it. And when you wouldn’t tell him what was wrong, but started crying, he was worried even more. “Baby,” he whispered, drawing small patterns on your back to try to calm you down, “C’mon, talk to me.”

“The fans—“ you choked out, “they’ve been saying things.” You managed to say in between sobs.

”Babe, what did the fans say?” he asked softly.

You pulled your phone out of your pocket, handing it to Josh, not muttering a word. The Twitter app had been left open, all Josh had to do was unlock your phone and the source of all your tears would be there for him to see.

‘@joshuadun you realize you’re like, proper famous now, right? you can get any girl you want… #joshdeservesbetter’

‘#joshdeservesbetter than kissing a butterface before bed every night’

‘#joshdeservesbetter than EVERYTHING Y/N IS’

‘just don’t understand how someone like @joshuadun ends up with someone like Y/N #joshdeservesbetter’

‘#joshdeservesbetter than someone unable to keep up with their body’

Josh brought a hand up to cover over his mouth, closing the phone and setting it on the end table. Those were just the first few tweets as he scrolled down, he wasn’t able to read beyond that.

“See, Josh? I told y-you I was awful!” you cried.

“No, baby, you’re not. Those aren’t real fans. Those are fake fans.” he said, “They’re only trying to tear you down.”

“Not a single one of those things are true, you’re beautiful and funny, and smart and talented and you deserve so much.”

You felt your chest tighten as Josh began rocking you back and forth.  You needed to get out of there, you felt suffocated by Josh’s words, filled with love.  You knew you didn’t deserve to breathe them in. You started to pull away, but Josh tightens his hold.

“I know you’re not going to believe a single word I say right now, and that’s okay,” he whispers.  “But I’m going to keep saying them until you do.  Y/F/N, you are a beautiful, beautiful person. And I want you to just try to believe me when I say this to you. Everything those people are saying, it’s fake. You are not fat, baby, not by any means.  You’re perfect.”

You looked up at Josh, wiping away the stubborn tears that had still refused to leave your eyes. “Really?” you asked, biting your lip in a way that drove Josh absolutely insane.

“Really babe.” That answer must have been enough for you, because you finally smiled, and ducked your head, blush spreading across your cheeks.

“I’ll try,” you mutter, letting your head fall back against Josh’s chest.  His hand ran tenderly up and down the back of your spine, and you realized it didn’t make you squirm.  “I’ll try to believe you.”

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Salutations! Can you link me a bunch of completed enemies to lovers fics? Sorry if it's too much to ask ^_^' Thanks!

we have a enemies to lovers tag and here’s a few more -Madi

God, hit me straight on by trinaizmy (11/? | 75351 | Not Rated)

Josh is the star of his high school’s basketball team- until the new kid moves in. But that’s okay, Josh likes the competition. Thing is, so does the new kid.

umm… ¿qué? by pretttysounds (4/4 | 10433 | Teen and Up)

In which Tyler is really good at Spanish, and Josh is… not.

and i swear, i couldn’t wait to get you off my chest by nodunintended (1/1 | 6659 | Teen and Up)

Josh is part of a fraternity and Tyler does not like frat boys at all.

You know you want to read this fic, come on, click on it, come on. Just do it, what’s the worst that could happen, right? byshinelikethedun (14/? | 11743 | Teen and Up)

Tyler and Josh have to work on a music project, the problem is that they don’t really like each other very much. But what if it turns out that the formerly pink-haired boy (now purple) has a really nice smile? And what if the doe eyes of the brown-haired boy are actually really pretty?

Little Game by orphan_account (1/1 | 1758 | Not Rated)

5 times Tyler and Josh acted like they hated each other and the 1 time they gave up the act

Stepbrothers by RainbowBunny7 (4/? | 9410 | Mature)

Summary? I’m pretty sure the title and tags sum it up.

Shades of Purple by franticatlantic (1/1 | 5472 | Explicit)

Tyler is an artist. Josh is an artist. Tyler hates Josh.

The World’s Gonna Know Your Name by PastelMess (10/? | 37998 | Teen and Up)

Jocks hate punks and punks hate jocks. It’s how it’s always been since the beginning of school.

Except Josh has a list of things Tyler needs to complete before his senior year is over, and Tyler has a big fat freaking crush on Josh Dun.

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what abt tyler and josh periscoping them fucking when theyre on tour

tyler’s so whiny and showing off, ass bouncing on josh’s fat cock as josh palms at one cheek. he’s glancing over his shoulder and moaning, looking right into the camera on josh’s phone. the mattress is squeaking every time josh rocks in. he keeps the phone trained mostly on tyler’s ass, taking his dick so well, making little wet noises because he’s so tight and there’s lube everywhere.

“y’like this, ty? like the whole clique knowing you’re a little whore for your daddy?”

“uh-huh.” tyler’s voice is high-pitched and breathy, normally spiky hair matted with sweat. “fuck me harder, joshie. want everyone to know how well i can take it.”

with a chuckle, josh pushes tyler flat to the hotel bed and fucks him into the mattress.

Bill Gothard talks about a connection between lust and gluttony. So men who shamelessly overeat, tend to also have a problem with lust - a lack of self control. As bizarre as his teachings are, this one I tend to agree with. When I look at fat fundie men now (eg pa Keller), I assume they must also be looking at porn etc. And look how fat Josh is now, he clearly still has issues.

Late birthday present from Em is literally the best thing ever, I’m so in love with it omg✨ I’m v v v lucky to have a best friend as fab as Em, if people have best friend soul mates then she’s 110% mine👭 thank you v much bae💁🏻✨ #shemilyforlife👽💅🏻


To me, he will probably always be the nerdy neighbor from the classic Better Off Dead, but you probably know Dan Schneider for all the creations that have escaped from his head over the years… as well as (not pictured) the movies Big Fat Liar and Good Burger.  He already has a new show in the works for Nick called Henry Danger.

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Do you realise how many times Josh has fat shamed girls. Like when he was raging in GTA and getting angry over JJ. And he said "you bring over fat girls of tinder". He also has slut shamed girls for wearing short clothes. That's okay for you? Wow. The hypocrisy and double standards. Smh

did i ever say that was okay? nope i didnt also where are the double standards they are both cis white men??? u confuse me anon r u the same one who wants to play with chloes hair

joshua being really flirty and annoying just to bug people or push them away… putting an arm around neku or holding his hand when they’re in front of everybody to tease him and get on his nerves… flirting with beat to see him get flustered……. but when neku actually takes his hand for the first time he nopes into the UG because he’s so confused like what no that’s my game not yours. struggling to understand that neku legitimately cares about him and is trying to show affection. joshua not caring about faking affection but actually having no idea how to deal with intimacy because he’s had so few people who have actually cared about him. he starts hiding from neku because he doesn’t understand why neku is acting like this and he convinces himself it’s a joke because he’s a terrible person and doesn’t deserve someone like neku and neku should hate him for everything he’s done so this is probably just a big fat fuck you to josh and it doesn’t mean anything. and neku doesn’t get why josh is doing this and he thinks josh doesn’t like him that way and thinks he’s screwed up and crossed a line and he really wants to apologize but josh keeps avoiding him. neku finally finding josh and josh telling him to go away because he’s not his friend and he shouldn’t be a part of their lives but neku ignores him and hugs him and just holds him until josh starts to cry because he doesn’t understand why neku even caaaaaareesssss….

The Fat Jew (real name Josh Ostrovsky) was the kind of story that, to paraphrase Cracked editor Alex Schmidt, made a person wonder if they were living on the same planet as everyone else. By the time I had any idea who this guy even was, he already had more followers on social media than there are people in most cities I’ve lived in.

“5 Awful People We Were Forced to Know In 2015” by Adam Tod Brown

Okay, I’m just going to say this …

I keep seeing people point out that Josh most likely deleted his account because of one troll that was sending particularly vile messages to him. I didn’t see them but from what I understand they were pretty awful.

So people say that “oh, it was just a crazy stalker, this wasn’t fandom”

Not true.

Sorry, nope … yeah, this troll was over the top but everyone needs to take responsibility.

Have you ever tweeted hate at the cast/crew? THEN YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. STOP IT.

Not sure what hate is? It’s a hateful message.

Let’s see … how about tweeting “Fuck you” to someone you don’t even know? That’s hate. Calling someone a liar, telling them what they do and don’t care about … that’s hate!

What else?

Lana gets racist tweets, Robert gets accused of adultery, Emilie gets called an addict, Sean gets tweeted that he is sexually harassing his co-workers, Colin has been told to kill himself, Ginny gets called fat, Josh was told he is hanging onto Ginny’s coat tails, Bex gets called desperate, Jared has been told he is a rape culture supporter, Jen had been called homophobic and a slut and a homewrecker. Meghan and Jamie were told that if “they were the token gay couple then no one wants them.”

Was that uncomfortable to read? IMAGINE IF IT WAS SENT TO YOU ALL THE TIME. 

 Meghan left.

Ginny left.

Josh left.

Robert almost never tweets.

Colin & Jen barely ever engage with fans anymore.

If you choose to engage with people that you don’t know on social media and you try to talk to them with anything but respect then you are PART OF THE PROBLEM.

It is possible to send disagreement and criticism respectfully. That usually involves the absence of name calling. The absence of accusations. Ask questions and accept that the answer might not be what you wanted to hear. provide feedback without generalizing.

More Than Her (Josh Dun)

Prompt: (Y/N) and Josh Dun are dating, but you thing that he should go back to Debby because you think that she looks better than you. Lil short, but I finished it. Fluffy!!    |-/

Josh x Insecure!Reader

You sat in your room with the light out thinking, just thinking, nothing more. Josh was down stairs watching TV. He thought that you were taking a nap, so he left you be. You were thinking about how Debby Ryan is a better fit for Josh because she is so good looking and in your mind you were not. 

She was skinner, and her smile was gorgeous. You thought of yourself as fat and dull, but Josh thought that you were the love of his life. Tears threatened your eyes like sharp daggers. Soon enough your eyes were pierced by those daggers and sobs escaped your lips. All you hoped is that Josh would not see you in this current state.

Josh could hear light noises from upstairs, and he knew that you were awake. He decided to go in and check on you, but he didn’t know that you were hurt. He climbed the stairs, and made his way into your room. As soon as Josh was outside of your shared room he knew that something was wrong because all he heard were your cries. Josh entered quietly into your room.


You looked up at him, and then turned away, “Josh, it’s fine” You lied to him.

“(Y/N), if I see you crying, your not fine.”

He walked over to the bed and sat down. As soon as he did that you turned to him and laid your head into his chest. He put his arm around you and held your head.

“Care to tell me what’s wrong?” You looked up at him meeting his concerned gaze.

“I just feel like I am nothing  compared to her”

“Who baby?”

“Debby Ryan”

“She was not for me, please (Y/N), you are so much more to me than her”

“But she is beautiful and skinny, and I’m none of those things”

“(Y/N), have you looked into the mirror lately because I see a gorgeous girl who I am so lucky to have in my life. Sometimes I don’t even think that I deserve you because I think that you’re too good for me.”

“But Debby is so much fuller than me.”

“That is so not true!” Josh tilted your head to him and kissed you lips softly.

“(Y/N) I love you more than anything in this world, and would say that twenty one million times if that is what it takes for you to get that”


“Yes my precious!”

“Okay Gollum!!” You giggled.

“(Y/N)!!!” Josh burst out laughing.

He pulled you back with him, and soon you both were under the covers watching Spongebob together cuddling occasionally.

Josh kissed your forehead, “(Y/N), you’ll always be more to me than her, you know that right.”

You nodded, and then dozed to sleep in his arms.