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Did you hear that zingbot called Josh fat? It's so disgusting. I don't know why people think that's okay.

I’ve abandoned the feeds for the most part and have been doing homework and watching train videos on youtube all day lol

But it’s pretty fucked up. Josh can be annoying, but I think he has gotten an unfair edit and a lot of bad treatment both in and outside of the house.

the difference between josh being annoying and banging pots and pans to get a rise out of people, and jody/paul the rest of these people who have said/done TERRIBLE problematic things is that josh is more than likely not like that in his real life, whereas the rest of them ARE pieces of shit in their real lives.

Just a PSA!!!

So to anyone who enjoys watching gaming videos (I know I do lol) especially animal crossing ones and you’ve come across TheBitBlock on YouTube, try to avoid if you can!! Josh Thomas of TheBitBlock makes animal crossing themed videos (though it seems as though he hasn’t for a while, other than shaming people for buying amiibo cards and TT'ing.) He is INCREDIBLY hateful to minorities which comes through in his videos a lot, but mainly on his Twitter!!! For example, he is a known Trump supporter, plans on making a series titled “Fat Shaming (which he does often on his Twitter,) constantly talks about how racism on white people is much worse than for POC, and is just a generally hateful person towards minorities. If you want more evidence you can go to his Twitter (JoshyFunTime) but I would advise against it as it can be very triggering!! I try to keep this blog pretty opinion/politics free so I’ll tag them, but I thought this was very important as this guy is pretty big in the AC community. Stay safe and try to signal boost if you can!!❤

Diss track // Simon Minter Imagine

Summary: JJ made a diss track where he said something he shouldn’t have.

A/n: I LOVE THIS! Oh my I can’t tell you how much fun @blueminter and I had writing this! For the 11614846651 time, thank you so much for doing this Mel, I love you. For those of you who don’t know this, Mel basically wrote all those amazing bars! Everyone go tell the Sidemen they need to hire her for their diss tracks! Anyway I hope you like it!

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“Hey babe”, my boyfriend Simon called me. “Have you seen JJ’s diss track yet?” he asked. With JJ leaving the Sidemen, Ethan and Harry had released a diss track. And to be honest, they were fire. Jide coming back at them was thus no surprise. “No, no I haven’t yet. I was actually just about to though, why?”, I questioned. “Well we’re all going to watch it together and react to it and I thought I’d be nice for you to be here too?” “Oh yeah, nice. I’ll be there in five”, I beamed.

The Sidemen house was only a few blocks away so I decided to walk there. When I got to the door, my boyfriend was already waiting for me. He kissed my lips softly as a hello. We went to the kitchen where all the other guys were already waiting. I quickly hugged them all and we sat down to film.

“Hey guys! As you all may know, JJ just released his diss track. So we’re going to watch it and react to it”. The track had a good beat to it, but the lyrics weren’t that great. JJ started off with Ethan, as expected.

Yow Ethan do you still the stairs cause you better roll down every pair, WOT?!

Ethan paused the video. “And there we go with the fat jokes!”, he laughed. Josh added; “Fat joke here, fat joke there”. “You’ve got the best fat joke of the year!”, I cheered, earning a laugh from the guys. “Don’t be surprised Ethan,” Simon stated, “She’s had your track on on repeat”. “Hey! Don’t judge me. It’s absolute fire”, I laughed. Ethan gave me a fist bump and Simon continued the video.

Now for Simon. Clearly opposites attract cause you’re too skinny and your girl’s too… Ha you know it.

At that moment, my heart dropped. I never considered myself fat, but I always felt self-conscious about it. So hearing it from someone else was quite a shock. Especially in front of all the guys. No one seemed to notice my discomfort, since they just kept watching and commentating.

I had no idea what was being said or done, because I was so caught up in my thoughts. Was JJ right? Am I too fat? Does Simon think I’m too fat? Maybe he’s only with me because he pities me? Oh god, I was starting to feel sick.

Luckily the video didn’t take much longer. Josh and Harry were still discussing how often JJ implied that Ethan was fat, when Simon asked me what I thought about it. “Uhm, yeah I think it wasn’t that bad”, I lied. Apparently, I wasn’t that great at lying, since he shot me a worried look. I didn’t want to talk about it, so I just ignored it.

Simon quickly did his outro, with Ethan warning JJ for his second verse. When all the cameras were turned off, Tobi asked if they could get a take-away pizza for dinner, to which all the guys cheered. I politely declined, knowing that I probably shouldn’t eat pizza if I was planning on losing weight. My boyfriend again looked worriedly at me.

“Hey”, I nudged Simons side, “Could I maybe take a shower?”. “Yeah of course! You want me to join”, Simon smirked. “No no not with the guys here. I’ll be fine on my own”. “Your loss”, he said and kissed me.

I ran up the stairs to Simons bathroom. I stayed here so often that I had all my own stuff in there. When I was about to hop in the shower, I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror. I looked at myself, mentally pointing out everything I hated. And before I knew it, tears were streaming down my face.

I quickly washed myself to try and forget about everything for a second. But when I went to Simons room after I was all cleaned up, I started thinking again. What if Simon doesn’t love me anymore? Does he really think I’m too fat?

I didn’t hear him come in, so I screamed a little when he hugged from behind. “Hello beautiful”, Simon laughed. “Hi”, I mumbeled. He started kissing me. First my cheek, my jaw, my neck, my shoulder, my collarbone. His touches were full of love, but I didn’t feelt it. All because of JJ. I kept hearing his words, over and over again.

Eventually Simon noticed something was really off. “Hey Y/N/N, what’s going on?”, he whispered. I just shook my head. “Y/N please. Don’t do this to me. Don’t shut me out. I know something’s wrong. Just talk to me, love”. I sighed. “Do you think I’m fat?”, I said no louder than a whisper. Simons eyes immediately grew. “What? Where is this coming from?”.

“Never mind. Just forget about it”, I said quickly, regretting my decision to speak up about my thoughts. “No Y/N, I can’t just forget about that! Is it because of JJ? Because of what he said in his diss track?”, he asked.

The fact that I didn’t respond and couldn’t even look at him, was answer enough for him. “Y/N listen to me. JJ only said that to get a reaction out of me, okay? You are not fat. Far from even. You are the most beautiful, happy, bright, funny, smart, talented person I know. And I love you more than anything in the world, okay? So don’t you ever dare to think that you’re not perfect, because you are”.

“I’m sorry”, I sniffed, looking at the ground. Simon placed his hand on my chin and tilted my head so I was looking in his eyes. “You have nothing to apologize for. JJ on the other hand… You know what? I’ve got an idea”, Simon smirked. He quickly explained his plan to me. “Simon you don’t have to do that. It’s fine”, I said once he had finished. “Oh no Y/N/N, I do need to do that. And you’re going to help me. He does not know what’s coming for him”, he laughed.

Two days later everything was ready to get the plan going. All the remaining Sidemen were there, in a car park getting ready to start recording. “Okay guys, is everyone ready? Then let’s go!”, Simon said, making everyone cheer. “3,2,1 ACTION”.

“Yow Jide. You thought we’d let you do this? You thought wrong mate and now you’re on your own. You said you had a storm coming? Well get ready cause we’re bringing you A FUCKING HURRICANE!”

Simon: Hey Jide I thought we were mates but guess what now we ain’t. If opposites attract then you and me would be good and that’s a fact. You call my girlfriend fat but have you ever looked at yourself? Man. She is my queen. You? You’re still thirteen, always dressed up for halloween…You act like a teen, you’ll light up like gasoline when you hear this fire coming at you through the fucking screen.

Ethan: Maybe I’m fat but at least I’ve got some brain cells, yours are rotten, so maybe that’s why you smell. You had a tongue twister in your rap but fam, how long did it take you to record that, man? Forget squirrel or rolls Royce, all that comes out your mouth is ‘more vag!’ You incompetent fuck, just learn how to read, and then maybe you’ll be able to drive at the right speed

Josh: So you left the Sidemen, the stacks you made are crumblin. Yeah you’ll be tremblin, struggelin, tumbelin, stumbelin without us right by your side. I’ve taken over your room whilst you’re in LA causing a baby boom, but just remember I will be daddy forever, there’s no way you can take that from me too.

Harry: It’s like you decided overnight, but leaving the Sidemen is just not alright. Thought you had a chance with my sister? Well now you’re never gonna be her mr. You’re too old anyway that soon, like your channel, your hair will fade to grey.

Tobi: See I’m the original team skrrr but not when it comes to you. I can’t tell if it’s humor but hell I don’t like your tattoos. You’re acting a little bit new yet you still send emails with yahoo. Now you’ve got a new girl but tell me, am I having deja vu? You were talking about Seana like last week, that shits antique, but I bet this new girl is just as 'unique’

Vik: You say I’m good with blocks but guess what? Now I’m blocking you. My head is square but mate, have you looked at WillNE too? No of course you haven’t, you only look at the girls you’re banging, call me savage, but I think you need to use family planning.

Y/N: So JJ, it was nice knowing you, and it was nice seeing you so relevant here on YouTube. Call me fat all you want but man look at you, could use a little bit of Facetune, photoshop just won’t do, you’re doing this just for the views so let’s stay cool. Don’t get yourself into this, I don’t really know what your purpose is, but I guess you need your stacks n that, but next time, don’t just say that I’m fat.


Word count: 3100+

A/N: keep in mind in know that in 2016, the 6th of Dec wasn’t a Saturday. But ignore that like I have haha! & also this was originally 2 different chapters, but I combined them & I might do that with a few more so there isn’t so many chapters.

I’m glad that people have liked the first chapter. The drama hasn’t even started Unfolding yet! ✔✔❤❤

As usual: oversee the grammar and spelling mistakes I make. I’m not the best editor 🖕



Before I knew it Monday came around, and to say that I was excited to see my babies was an understatement. It had been two miserable days of not seeing their darling faces creating havoc around the house. I missed cleaning up after them, snuggling with Ruby at night when she couldn’t sleep, cooking with Joshua when wanted to bake.

In those two days I moped around the house, cleaning spotless bench tops, re-washing all the linen in the cupboards, and having lunch with Greg on the Sunday before he went to Los Angeles to see his sister for a week.

Since the kids school was only a few blocks away I decided to forgo the taxi and pick them up by foot. I even considered stopping at a small ice cream bar to give the kids a treat. It may have been the middle of November but I didn’t mind a little ice cream here or there.

I replaced my black stilettos for some ankle boots but left my work attire on, only putting thick white peacoat and black scarf over top. I grabbed my handbag and keys from the kitchen bench before locking up.

It was a bonus that I got to work half my days at home instead of being cooped up in a stuffy office for hours on end. Being a senior architect and a boss meant I could mold my own hours and delegate my work load. My boss and owner of the company, Chloe was an incredible lady and not much older then me. When I started working for her straight after collage, her business was just starting off.

Being only 5 years my senior meant that she turned into one of my closest friends. She was there visiting me at the hospital when both my children were born, and one of the people holding me up when my marriage broke. Apart from her, and my best friend Izzy, she was the only other person I trusted that wasn’t family.

The walk to columbia grammar and preparatory school only took about 20 minutes or so, it was a nimble walk along the streets of the upper west side. Finn refused to send our children to any other place stating ‘it’s what’s best for our children’s education’ and I couldn’t agree more.

It was a private school full of privileged young youths, the tuition alone per year was more then buying a house. But when it came to their learning money wasn’t a problem. It was one of the places Finn’s company donated heavily too, he was also on the board of trustees and a former student.

I opened the door to ruby’s class room and gathered with the other parents in the corner as the teacher was talking to the students.

“Hey Rachel” whispered another mom to the left of me, she was a sweet women that wasn’t short of bedazzling herself with stunning diamonds.

“Hi Rebecca, how’s your day?” I replied with a hushed whispered and shuffled closer to her so I didn’t disturb the class.

“Oh you know same old, same old. Patrick begs me to stay at home and keep my feet up until miss Isabella makes her grand entrance, he’s like a broken record that man” she smiles rubbing her, very round tummy. I looked at the 40-something year old in amazement, her hair prim and proper, with wonderful designer clothing and a kind hearted smile upon her face. It was rare to meet genuine people in New York. It reminded me to set up a coffee date with her sometime soon.

“Listen to your husband Rebecca, Patrick’s right you should put your feet up more often. You won’t be able to do it when she comes along” I tutted and chuckled quietly at my authority.

“Yeah maybe but I’ll be so bored. I need to be doing something or I feel like I’m going crazy”.

“I know how you fe-”

I was interrupted by the feel of a tiny body constricting themselves around my legs in joy. Her little pony tail bouncing with her movement when Ruby began jumping lightly on the balls of her feet. A smile radiated my face, leaning down I wrapped an arm around Ruby’s back and cuddle my little girl close.

“I missed you too sweety” I whispered softly into her ear and returned to my stand position.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow Rebecca, I’ve got to get going to Josh’s classroom” I learned over a pecked her cheek in Farwell. “Bye brody” I patted her sons head as they both smiled and waved goodbye.

After collecting ruby’s bag and coat, we headed down the hall to Josh’s class. Her tiny hand secure in mine as we walked side by side through the busy corridor.

Josh was already waiting for us by the door as he talking to one of his teachers, Mr Holden.  He was a bubbly old man, who talked years of wisdom. Josh was fond of the old guy, admired him almost. He made sure Josh kept his grades impeccable and in exchange he would tell Josh all about his time teaching in France, Ireland and Australia.

“Hi mom” beamed my little man, then said a quick goodbye to the teacher who waved at me.

“How was dad’s house?” I was a bit sceptical on how the weekend went after ruby’s little breakdown.

“Awesome!” He beamed. “We had so much fun! Dad took us out for tea, went to the park and even the zoo mom. The ZOO!”.

“It would of been better if you were there” I could barely hear the whisper that was muttered by Ruby. My heart broke again after hearing her soft words. I knew they weren’t meant for my ears, so I decided not to speak up.

We headed towards the little ice cream bar that was situated between our house and the school. Even with New Yorks chilly temperature the place was still bursting with people. It took us 20 minutes for us to place our order (Ruby with a scoop of vanilla bean and sprinkles, Josh with a scoop of raspberry swirl and I deciding on a scoop of cookies and cream). We chose to eat and walk, the kids talking about the rest of the weekend and school today and I filling them in on my lonely adventures without them.

By the time we arrived home our bellies were full and the cold finally getting to us, Ruby snuggled closer into my leg as I fished into my bag to retrieve the keys.

The rest of the night was full of laughter and a light tea before both the kids and I curled up in my king size bed and dozed off.


The rest of the month flew by fast and before I knew it, it was already the 5th of December. Finns mood stayed placid but he didn’t speak to me or step foot into my house after I kicked him out. He’s grumpiness was obvious on his face, but I was glad the smart ass kept his usual comments to himself.

Greg had popped over several times after work when he came back from his sisters house. He only stayed one of those nights, to which I was grateful for. Our relationship sometimes felt more like a friendship and I was comfortable with that. I wasn’t ready to give my heart to someone else after a messy divorce.

If i was being honest, I wasn’t completely over my ex-husband. I probably never will be. He swept me off my feet when I was only 18, I was new to college life and Izzy convinced me that our first week should be spent drinking until our livers gave out. I being the pushover I am agreed and somehow we found ourself at a prat party.

Finn approach me and asked me to dance, and I being a typical freshman fell for his charms and instantly in love. It was just my luck that he reciprocated my feelings and for the next 12 years out life was bliss. Until it wasn’t, until he broke my heart in the worst possible way.

Joshua’s 8th birthday was tomorrow and it was my turn to have him. I hadn’t planned anything big, but I couldn’t wait to surprise him with a visit to the Rockefeller centre to go ice skating, then to travel to my parents house over in New Jersey for a family tea. He wasn’t a fussy child and the simple things in life is what made him happy. I’m glad that even though he grew up around money he doesn’t demand to be spoilt.

I was lucky to have both humble and nurtured children. Money buys power, to which their father had Alot of, and still with the world at their feet they would rather have a simple gift then an extravagant one. I guess they inherited my way of thinking, I had always told them money can’t buy love.


By 7am the next morning the house was alive, the birthday boy had made sure of that. His excitement for the days events were contagious and I couldn’t help by smile everytime his eyes lit up after opening one of his presents.

Blueberry waffles were still steaming hot on the counter top as I prepared the cream and chocolate sauce. It was a breakfast I disapproved of, but today was Josh’s day and he had practically begged for days on end for them. Who was I to say no? How could I even say no?

Just as I was about to call the kids to the dinning room table the door bell chimed. I looked at my watch seeing it was only 8.14am.

‘Who on earth could that be?’ I thought to myself as I dusted off my hands and made my way to the door. My Mom and Step-Dad knew we were coming to their house today, same with my older brother Robert.

Izzy surely wouldn’t be out of bed this early on a Saturday morning, plus she was at a franchise meeting in LA to both her and the kids dismay. They loved their aunty Iz, who had a habit of feeding their bellies full of white chocolate muffins. Also, Chloe was meeting us at the ice skating rink with her two bubbly children. So we weren’t expecting company.

Shocked couldn’t even describe my emotion when I opened that door to see my ex-husband and his new hussy standing there on the door step.

His impeccable dark blue wash suit was tailored to perfection as aways, hair greased back leaving it slightly wet, which could also be said about my panties.

Olivia looked stunning as always, and it made me sick. Her newly short platinum blonde hair was styled into a quirky quiff, her slim figure dressed in a perfect two toned grey and white stripped knitted dress that stopped just before her knees. She added black boots, a grey coat and a beautiful necklace hung around her neck.

I internally groaned when I assessed my own attire of, black leggings I pulled from my draw and a old, baggy OASIS top which I stole off Finn in my junior year at college. It was stretched beyond belief because of the two pregnancies I endured and the neck line kept slipping off my shoulder. No doubt my hair was still a tangled mess on top of my head, actually I was a mess from head to toe and they were the perfect couple. But just to add insult to injury, I remember that I didn’t even bother to put on a bra this morning. Great, just great.

“What are you doing here?” I tried my hardest to cover up as much of my top as I could, I didn’t want to look like a desperate ex-wife still mourning the loss of her husband. But the look in his eye told me he had already noticed what top I decided to wear.

“I came to see my son on his birthday Rae. Is that alright with you?” I rolled my eyes and ignored Olivia’s snickering. I stood to the side and allowed them both to come in, as much as I wanted to slam the door in their faces I knew that Josh would want to see his dad.

The kids where currently in Josh’s room playing the Xbox game I got him, so I excused myself to notify them that their dad was here to see them.

The moment their little eyes connected with their fathers they came running down the stairs and engulfed Finn in a giant hug nearly knocking him to the ground.

Josh started talking a mile a minute explaining to Finn all the exciting things that he had gotten already. I could see Finn smile as he watched his son, causing a small ache with on my heart. These moments are the ones I missed, when we would spend time as a family.

I knew that Finn had already given Josh his present when they had seen him after school on Thursday so I was a little shocked to see him pull two small gift box’s from his coat and hand them to both the kids. I didn’t stick around to see the cute expressions they made when they opened them, it still hurt to much.

“Dad, mom cooked our favourite breakfast today! And made home made chocolate sauce” Josh spoke excitedly, “dad, are you staying for breakfast? Please, please say you are!”

Finn, Josh and Ruby looked to me expectedly as I stood awkwardly in the kitchen. I nodded my head silently and listened to the kids cheer.

“But finny, we have a plane to catch” Olivia whined. It was the first thing she had said since she arrived, and I wished she had just kept her mouth shut.

“Liv it’s a private plane! I’ll just ring the airport and delay it by an hour” Finn spoke softly, but I couldn’t help but pick up on his cool tone. Olivia continued to whine like a 3 year old about keeping to a schedule and I didn’t have time to listen. I just continued to busy myself with setting the table.

They all gathered around my mahogany 6 seater table in the dinning room. Finn and Olivia sat together on one side, and the kids, and I sat on the other. Never had I felt this awkward in my own home, between Olivia scrunching her nose up the waffles, and the kids in a in-depth conversation with Finn, I just felt alone. This wasn’t the family breakfasts I dreamt of when I was a teen. Silently, I sat there nibbling on a few bits of freshly cut fruit. Wishing I could disappear.

“Mommy?” Ruby whispered, disconnecting me from my thoughts and bringing me back to reality, not realising I zoned out.

“Yeah baby” I cooed stroking her soft light brown hair smiling.

“Why is Olivia here?” I turned to my daughter and leaned closer to her.

“Ugh- well sweety. She is your daddy’s girlfriend and she wants to see you guys. It’s Josh’s birthday and he’s extremely happy having them here. Why do you ask?”.

“She doesn’t like us very much” Ruby muttered, “she always says we get in the way”.

I focused on my breathing, reminding myself that today was Josh’s day and I couldn’t ruin it by jumping over the table and strangling the bitch to death.

“Like I said sweetie your going to have to talk to your dad about that”.

“Talk to me about what?” We swung our heads towards Finn not realising that our conversation was being heard. I felt ruby’s small hands latch onto mine in a death grip.

“Well… Umm… I think it’s something you and Ruby should talk about that- in private” I explained sending a small smile to Ruby.

“And why is that?” Olivia butted in. I could see the annoyance etched on her face.

“Because it’s a private matter between him and his daughter that’s why” I narrowed my eyes on the witch, but kept my voice light. She had no right to butt in on this conversation.

“Oh please save me the sob story. You just want to spin lies to my Finn don’t you!” Olivia spat. Her words echo in my head over and over again. Her Finn. I felt my heart break all over again.

“I would never, ever do that! You have no ri-”.

“Enough!” Finn bellowed, his face tinted red in anger.

“Olivia, I’ll meet you in the car” Finn hissed, ignoring her complaints. She huffed and stormed off; slamming the front door behind her.

“Kids do you think I can talk to your mom for a minute?” They both nodded and went back up into room after I kissed them on their heads.

“What exactly was that about Rae!” I cringed at his toned. He leant over the table, his eyes boaring into mine. I looked away deciding the left over fruit on my plate looked particularly interesting.

“I think you need to speak with Ruby, Finn. I’ve told her too, but she is too scared” I sighed, “and that is what I tried to explain to your girlfriend”.

“I’ll deal with Olivia later Rae, don’t bring her up”.

“Why did you have to bring her here! To my house! I understand you wanting to see Josh but you know how we feel about each other. And you still-” Finn abruptly got up from his chair and walked around the table until he was standing right next to me. Yanking me by my arm lightly, Finn dragged me to my feet.

“You left me remember! You packed your shit and left with my fucking kids in the middle of my business trip. So don’t you dare go there!” He hissed causing me to flinch back.

“You were so heart broken that you moved Olivia in 6 months later” I scoffed, “you know what just leave please. This is Josh’s day! And I don’t want it ruined by a silly little argument. So please just go say goodbye and hop on that plane of yours and go… your good at that” I barely whispered the last words before I fled.

Out of all the deceitful things Finn had done to me in the 2 years since our divorce, this took the cake. I could deal with his hateful words, but for him to bring her into my home… That was unacceptable. To let her talk to me like that in front of our children. I was done.

There was no use hiding my tears in the bathroom I barricaded myself in. I needed to get this pitty party over with, because today wasn’t the day for a mental break down.

'Why wasn’t I good enough Finn?’


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hey girl can you do one where the reader gets a lot of twitter hate and so they get really insecure and josh has to convince her he loves her no matter what? thanks so much, i love your work and you so much


triggers: hate messages, self hate (idk it’s not bad promise) 

You know that you shouldn’t be scrolling through the hash tag “joshdeservesbetter” but you are, because you’re curious and because it’s trending. You also know that your eyes are watering but you’re on the tour bus and there is no way in hell you’re letting yourself cry in front of the guys. Another push of the refresh button, another new slew of tweets full of hate. The past few hours had consisted of scrolling through the comments written to tear you down. They seemed to be doing their job, however, because here you were with a sinking feeling in your chest as you read yet another hateful tweet. Were you really this awful? This annoying?  This fat? Was your acne really that bad?  Did your face bother people that much?

You can feel Josh watching you from the corner of your eye but he isn’t saying anything so you continue along your journey of self-inflicted torture. You’re another 5 tweets down when one particularly popular tweet catches your eye.  It reads: ‘Josh’s natural light gets duller when Y/N’s at his side’ And that’s it.  That’s what makes the tears fall. Do they think you don’t know this? You know you don’t deserve Josh. For God sakes you weren’t even dating when you first realized this. This is what keeps you up at night, knowing the person that you love deserves so much than you.

All those menacing thoughts were going through your head when a voice starts speaking, “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Tyler asks.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just missing home, I guess.” God you were an awful liar. Hopefully this doesn’t sound like total bullshit coming out of your mouth.

“I’m sorry, I know it can get rough.” he replies.

“Yeah, it can,” you cough awkwardly before standing up, “I’m just gonna go clean up a bit, yeah?” You don’t even wait for a response from Tyler before you’re rushing past him.  You needed to get out of there.

You had your eyes on the bathroom when you could hear someone approaching behind you.

“I know you don’t just miss home,” Josh says.  He reaches out his hand and delicately brushes a stray strand of hair out of your face.  You rub your running nose with the sleeve of your sweatshirt and look down at your feet.  

“I do, I’m fine though-“ you lie.  

But Josh knows better.  He snakes his arm through yours and drags you to the back of the bus where the bunks are located.  He sits on his, and all but pulls you down next to him.

“I saw you glued to your phone, talk to me,” he urges.

Josh’s arm winds around your waist, fingers resting gently on your side. Normally you wouldn’t mind the feeling, but not now that you had gained weight. You could feel Josh’s fingers digging into the fat on your side and it disgusted you. No doubt it disgusted Josh as well. You squirmed in Josh’s grasp; trying to move his hand away as tears filled your eyes once again. In response to your sudden embarrassment, you bury your face into the crook of his neck, and allowed the tears to flow freely down your cheeks and into the hollow of Josh’s collarbones.

Josh slipped his hand underneath the hem of your shirt, fingertips gently pushing down the waistband of both your sweatpants and underwear to expose your hipbone fully. In a gentle pattern, his thumb started rubbing circles on the exposed skin. What used to be a comforting gesture was now nothing short of uncomfortable.

“Stop.” You murmured softly, your voice thick with tears. Immediately, Josh could tell that something was wrong, just in the tone of your voice.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” he asked gently, but his voice gave away just how concerned he was.

“Josh, do you think I’m… fat?” you asked softly, not daring to look into his eyes. You nervously played with the hem of your shirt, picking at a loose thread.

“What?” Josh said, sounding almost too shocked. Like an act.  “Are you serious?  What’s this about?”

“Just answer the question,” you pleaded.  You had to know.

“No, love, I don’t think you’re fat.”  Josh turned on the bed to face you, reaching for your hands as you tried to pull away.  “Now tell me why you’re asking.”

“No reason,” you mutter. “Just wondering.”

Josh shook his head, knowing you were lying to him. ”No, there must be a reason. You can tell me. You know you can tell me anything.”

Your fake smile fell to the frown you had been suppressing. You opened your mouth, but nothing came out except for a strangled sob as the dam finally broke loose and tears streamed down your face at full fledge. Josh had this uncanny ability to break down all of your walls, no matter how strong you tried to build them up.

Strong arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you into Josh’s lap.  Josh hated seeing you cry, simply hated it. And when you wouldn’t tell him what was wrong, but started crying, he was worried even more. “Baby,” he whispered, drawing small patterns on your back to try to calm you down, “C’mon, talk to me.”

“The fans—“ you choked out, “they’ve been saying things.” You managed to say in between sobs.

”Babe, what did the fans say?” he asked softly.

You pulled your phone out of your pocket, handing it to Josh, not muttering a word. The Twitter app had been left open, all Josh had to do was unlock your phone and the source of all your tears would be there for him to see.

‘@joshuadun you realize you’re like, proper famous now, right? you can get any girl you want… #joshdeservesbetter’

‘#joshdeservesbetter than kissing a butterface before bed every night’

‘#joshdeservesbetter than EVERYTHING Y/N IS’

‘just don’t understand how someone like @joshuadun ends up with someone like Y/N #joshdeservesbetter’

‘#joshdeservesbetter than someone unable to keep up with their body’

Josh brought a hand up to cover over his mouth, closing the phone and setting it on the end table. Those were just the first few tweets as he scrolled down, he wasn’t able to read beyond that.

“See, Josh? I told y-you I was awful!” you cried.

“No, baby, you’re not. Those aren’t real fans. Those are fake fans.” he said, “They’re only trying to tear you down.”

“Not a single one of those things are true, you’re beautiful and funny, and smart and talented and you deserve so much.”

You felt your chest tighten as Josh began rocking you back and forth.  You needed to get out of there, you felt suffocated by Josh’s words, filled with love.  You knew you didn’t deserve to breathe them in. You started to pull away, but Josh tightens his hold.

“I know you’re not going to believe a single word I say right now, and that’s okay,” he whispers.  “But I’m going to keep saying them until you do.  Y/F/N, you are a beautiful, beautiful person. And I want you to just try to believe me when I say this to you. Everything those people are saying, it’s fake. You are not fat, baby, not by any means.  You’re perfect.”

You looked up at Josh, wiping away the stubborn tears that had still refused to leave your eyes. “Really?” you asked, biting your lip in a way that drove Josh absolutely insane.

“Really babe.” That answer must have been enough for you, because you finally smiled, and ducked your head, blush spreading across your cheeks.

“I’ll try,” you mutter, letting your head fall back against Josh’s chest.  His hand ran tenderly up and down the back of your spine, and you realized it didn’t make you squirm.  “I’ll try to believe you.”

anonymous asked:

You hit that last anon with the facts sis!! People really out here acting like some pots and pans are equivalent to or worse than racism transphobia sexism etc...

Right?! Like I can admit Josh is annoying, but he’s definitely not a bully. Let’s not forget that Cody wants to ruin Josh’s life and say that Josh exposed himself to girls in the house. Mark, on the other hand, I could see where calling him a bully would be justified. With Josh there’s only so much you can take before you snap.

But yeah, people are acting like they need to root for someone just because they’re against Paul, but it’s like you don’t need to root for anyone. We can sit here and say they’re all trash, but Jody and Pail take the cake. 

anonymous asked:

Salutations! Can you link me a bunch of completed enemies to lovers fics? Sorry if it's too much to ask ^_^' Thanks!

we have a enemies to lovers tag and here’s a few more -Madi

God, hit me straight on by trinaizmy (11/? | 75351 | Not Rated)

Josh is the star of his high school’s basketball team- until the new kid moves in. But that’s okay, Josh likes the competition. Thing is, so does the new kid.

umm… ¿qué? by pretttysounds (4/4 | 10433 | Teen and Up)

In which Tyler is really good at Spanish, and Josh is… not.

and i swear, i couldn’t wait to get you off my chest by nodunintended (1/1 | 6659 | Teen and Up)

Josh is part of a fraternity and Tyler does not like frat boys at all.

You know you want to read this fic, come on, click on it, come on. Just do it, what’s the worst that could happen, right? byshinelikethedun (14/? | 11743 | Teen and Up)

Tyler and Josh have to work on a music project, the problem is that they don’t really like each other very much. But what if it turns out that the formerly pink-haired boy (now purple) has a really nice smile? And what if the doe eyes of the brown-haired boy are actually really pretty?

Little Game by orphan_account (1/1 | 1758 | Not Rated)

5 times Tyler and Josh acted like they hated each other and the 1 time they gave up the act

Stepbrothers by RainbowBunny7 (4/? | 9410 | Mature)

Summary? I’m pretty sure the title and tags sum it up.

Shades of Purple by franticatlantic (1/1 | 5472 | Explicit)

Tyler is an artist. Josh is an artist. Tyler hates Josh.

The World’s Gonna Know Your Name by PastelMess (10/? | 37998 | Teen and Up)

Jocks hate punks and punks hate jocks. It’s how it’s always been since the beginning of school.

Except Josh has a list of things Tyler needs to complete before his senior year is over, and Tyler has a big fat freaking crush on Josh Dun.


To me, he will probably always be the nerdy neighbor from the classic Better Off Dead, but you probably know Dan Schneider for all the creations that have escaped from his head over the years… as well as (not pictured) the movies Big Fat Liar and Good Burger.  He already has a new show in the works for Nick called Henry Danger.