fat janitor


my new short!! its about a cute and friendly ghost who TAKES OUT THE TRASH

i had this idea a while ago, but only this week really cranked it out. i’m super happy with it and i hope you enjoy ♪

music and animation by me! (but music originally written by fats waller!)

anonymous asked:

I don't agree with communism we shouldn't all be equal. Some fat ass janitor getting paid just as much as a doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, banker it's bull shit. Communism doesn't work ok we have seen it in China. When China was really communist they were dirt poor, now they just use it as an excuse for power over their people it's a nice idea but it won't work. People like me the wolves in this society will not embrace like you stupid little sheep that eat Cheetos and watch tv all day.

i can’t believe you’ve debunked communism. after almost 200 years of anti-communist youtube comments, nobody has ever considered the fact that janitors shouldn’t get paid as much as doctors.