fat isn't healthy

These two are the last two full body photos I’ve let be taken of me. On the right is me one year ago in early June, I weighed 225 pounds, on the left is me earlier this week on top of Guadalupe Peak at 150 pounds. I was shocked when I saw the picture on the left, especially in juxtaposition from the last picture I saw. More amazing is that I can climb a mountain! I was a slow, and whiny, and exhausted at the end, but I did it, and there’s no way I could have achieved that a year ago. My life is so different, and I have my bad days, where I feel like I don’t look any better, or wasted my time and effort, but this week reminded me of exactly why I had my weight loss surgery, and why I have to push myself to keep the weight off and get healthy.

aconfusingseriesofevents  asked:

I'm not here to hate. I partially agree with you. Fat people are the same and should be respected the same as thin people. But being fat isn't healthy, and it never will be. It is a disrespect to your body.

Who mentioned anything about health?? Health is wholly irrelevant in a conversation about discrimination/ acceptance of fat people. Some people choose to do things you term “healthy”, and some choose not to. Both should be respected. And some have little to no choice in the matter, and that should be respected too.

Also, that’s some nerve to tell fat people that they are disrespecting their bodies. I suppose then, since you are such an advocate for health, you don’t smoke, drink alcohol, drink coffee, overuse OTC meds, or eat much meat. Cuz I don’t take part in any of those unhealthy things, so obviously everyone else must adhere to my health practices too amirite?