fat isn't healthy

anonymous asked:

Fat isn't healthy, and it shouldn't be normalized. I'm fat and losing weight so that I can be healthier and live a healthier life. Why argue against actual science?

You mean the science that says long-term weight loss is not sustainable?


Or the science that says weight-cycling is so bad for your health that you’re better off not dieting in the first place?


Or the science that says health is a complex concept that is relative to many specific situational factors and that over-focusing on weight as equivalent to health is actually harmful to health?


Or the science that shows estimates of the effect of obesity on public health were greatly inflated?


Or the science that shows body size diversity is completely natural and normal?


 You do not get to project your issues onto others just because you are making a choice for yourself relative to your situation.

You are not morally or otherwise superior to people who do not make the exact same choices you do. 

My life is full of happiness and love and fulfillment, and I am fat.

I hope your pain eases soon, but I will not make your pain my own.