fat is fab

feeling stupid sentimental towards the end of the year. i’m not where i want to be but god damn am i far from where i was. 🤯🦄

I’m both shocked and proud that I’ve stuck to my workout routine so religiously. I’m gonna do my yoga with my girl when she gets home from work and then it’ll be another good day under my belt. 😁

So here’s my story - I used to weigh 96kgs when I was 16 years old, wearing size 18-20. The only thing wrong with this was my unhealthy lifestyle and the insecurity that I constantly felt, not being able to even find clothes my size. A year later I found myself going days without eating, and therefore, at 17/18 years old I went down to 75kgs, and a size 10. Although I was happy with my weight (even though I did not lose it the right way), I soon started gaining the weight back as I had not fixed my eating habits at all and eventually found it harder to lose the weight that was easily coming on. To cut a long story short, the first picture above was taken last September when I was in Sicily. A dress which I had bought in the beginning of summer (and which had fit sort of well) had become tighter due to my weight gain. At this point I weighed 87 kgs, and I soon realized that without changing my ways I will never reach the goals I so longed for. Fast forward to today, 31st October, and I’m weighing 77kgs! Through a balanced diet and my daily 1 hour walk, I managed to lose 10kgs in a little over a month and half. The point of the post is this. If I can do it, you can too!

Positive reminder of the day…

What ever healthy, positive choices you make today you’ll thank yourself for later.