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Kirishima’s Hard Dad and Soft Dad (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Headcanon that after the raid, Kirishima buys himself a hoodie that looks just like Fat Gum’s – it’s baggy and too big for him, but he likes it, and he just wants to signal how manly and cool Fat is in his eyes.

When he meets up with Fat Gum that day, Fat frowns down that the hoodie, contemplating, and Kirishima already wonders if it was not a good idea at all.

The next day, Fat Gum shows up in a red shirt, grinning widely as he points at the words in black color, sloppily painted across his chest:

Red Riot.

(Kirishima cries – manly tears – through his big grin and his laughter.)


Since I’ve been through a lot of stressful moments lately I hopped I can hug fatgum, so I’ve drawn it!!

Also, I read a cute headcanon about fat having pink pastel hair, how cute is that?

anonymous asked:

now that we know a bit about kirishima's background story, what do you think of the fact that he admires tamaki as his senpai so much considering they both have deep rooted insecurities and low self esteems?

Kirishima and Tamaki’s Relationship

Kirishima probably admires all three members of the Big Three for their impressive abilities alone, but Kirishima and Tamaki in particular are an interesting and really good match. 

Kirishima not only handles Tamaki’s low self-esteem and anxiety well, but he also empathizes with him, even though Tamaki doesn’t understand how Kirishima can relate to him.

Kirishima and Tamaki both have huge insecurities and low self-esteem. Seeing them compliment each other but then not being able to accept each other’s compliments is kind of endearing and also sad, but it makes sense given their low self-esteems, and it makes their relationship really interesting. 

To make things even more mind blowing. Sad middle school Kirishima looks a lot like sad Tamaki. 

It’s actually kind of creepy, but it shows how much they have in common and how they really lack confidence in themselves. They think highly of each other but not themselves. 

One of the biggest differences between the two of them though is Tamaki wears his insecurities and fears on his sleeve while Kirishima makes an effort to hide how he truly feels. In addition, as far as we know, Kirishima doesn’t have Tamaki’s social anxiety or Tamaki’s anxieties in general. 

In fact, Kirishima’s insecurities and pessimism doesn’t seem as bad as Tamaki’s, which is why he ends up being the one trying to cheer up Tamaki, despite being the younger and less experienced one. 

I can’t imagine Kirishima having Tamaki’s social anxiety. Although, if Kirishima’s low self-esteem is as bad as Tamaki’s, then he does a really good job keeping a brave face and holding it in, which is still very possible. 

Kirishima is probably the best kohai Tamaki could ask for. Kirishima really seems to understand Tamaki’s low self-esteem and really looks up to Tamaki for being able to be a great hero despite Tamaki’s mental issues. They have the potential to be a great team even after this arc.