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list of favorites (5/50 female characters): Rae Earl

“There’s a part of all of us that’s scared and not sure and when you get the ability to see that in yourself, you started to see that everyone is fighting. Every day. Just like Finn said. So instead of saying ‘you’re fat and you’re ugly,’ I’m gonna say ‘you are the person who helped your mum out, who saved your best mate, who lives with an illness but keeps on going.’ Me. I did all that.”

November 7th is Fat Hero Day

Fat characters are woefully underrepresented in fantasy art. If seen at all, they’re most often ugly monsters or some living embodiment of gluttony (usually both). There’s a dearth of fat female characters, in particular.

That’s why on November 7th, my birthday, I’m posting nothing but fantasy art featuring fat characters. Submit art to me and I’ll post it, provided it doesn’t perpetuate fat stereotypes. I want your fat wizards slinging spells, fat elves firing arrows, and your fat paladins smiting evil!

So please, help spread the word and make Fat Hero Day a success. Because, while heroes come in all sizes, we don’t see enough fat ones!

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can you safely and permanently lose INCHES? i don't care abt the number on the scale but i do care that i look fat. like it doesn't make sense that just some people are fat and some aren't.

So I’m going to let one of my fat-liberation heroes, Virgie Tovar, say what needs to be said here:

Though I believe it is ultimately your choice to do what you feel is right with your body, asking a fat activist for “pro-weight-loss choices” is callous at best. That you are asking me — a fat woman – for weight loss tips is an example of your inability to see me as fully human because if you could see me as fully human you could understand that you are asking me for tips on how to be someone who looks less like I do…

I am a fat woman who has undertaken starvation and years of self-loathing in the name of weight loss. This question really set me off. [This] is a platform that centers fat people and offers support to people with questions about navigating and surviving fat shame and stigma, not promoting it.

This firestorm over Maui in Moana is like very literally making me upset.

The first fat hero in a Disney film and everyone is falling all over themselves to complain about it and lambast disney for ridiculous reasons. One politician even says it “sends [polynesian] children the wrong message about their bodies”

….which would be what? That they can still be strong and brave and active even if they are fat? That they dont need to be thin to accomplish great things?? What a TERRIBLE message to send children, oh no!!!!

As an ndn, i understand how being stereotyped as having a certain body type because of your ethnicity is annoying. But the anger shouldnt come from being connected to fatness, it should come from being connected to all the negative traits that are unfairly attached to fatness. You shouldnt be standing up and yelling STOP CALLING US FAT. You should be standing up and yelling STOP TREATING FAT MEMBERS OF OUR COMMUNITY LIKE 2ND CLASS CITIZENS WHO BRING SHAME TO OUR ETHNIC GROUP.

Like, look. I could sort of see where they are coming from if they made every character in the movie fat. Sort of. I could at least understand their argument if not condone it. But so far, Maui is the only fat character and having one fat character in a movie filled with nonfat characters is just very basic body diversity.

I could also see where they were coming from if Maui’s character was filled with fat stereotypes. If he was lazy or smelly or always hungry, always eating, or a villain I would get it. And I’d be very vocal about that. (Which isn’t to say, of course, that fat people can’t be those things . They can be and that is valid. Fat people are allowed to live their lives however they want to. But there is a difference between real life agency and caricatures of a group of people shown in all of the very few examples in media that perpetuate harmful stereotypes.)

But Maui is none of those things. He’s athletic, he’s confident, he is in control. He’s brave, he’s funny, he’s friendly and he is a HERO. We should be applauding Disney for his inclusion on behalf of all the chubby little kids who are going to watch them and feel like THEY can do all that too.

I isolated myself as a kid because i was fat. I didnt want to play sports or go to the pool or dance or go on stage because i was afraid somebody would make fun of my weight. What an impact Maui would have been on my life.



Cat Saved His Owner In A Fire | My Cat from Heaven

I’ve too noticed of your fat hero day and ironically I’m writing a scifi story called the Band of Abnormal. This character, Valerie Valentine is one of the major character in the saga. She a sizeshifter her preference is her obese form because her fondness of the body type but incase of perilous situation she can temporarily undergo an athletic transformation. She also possess telepathy and mirrorforce where she can travel through mirrors. The artist who drawing this says I can do whatever I can with this image as long as I give them credit for the design