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The Awesomeness of Hufflepuff
  • Person: I like Hufflepuffs! They're particularly good finders lol.
  • Me: ...
  • Person: I mean, they're just kind of average, aren't they? There's nothing really special about them. They don't really do anything.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Cedric Diggory was selected by the Goblet of Fire as the most worthy student of Hogwarts. He then proceeded to win (tie) the Triwizard Tournament fair and square, despite a Death Eater rigging it for Harry to win and Fleur and Victor both getting assistance from their cheating headmasters. Not to mention how he defended Harry (his opponent) against injustice done by his own supporters.
  • Me: Nymphadora Tonks let her very hair stand in rebellion of the world's expectations. She overcame the intense prejudice of the world and married a werewolf. She also worked undercover at the Ministry of Magic for the Order, then fought and died in the Battle of Hogwarts, despite having every excuse to stay out and stay safe.
  • Me: Pamona Sprout--the hero of Hogwarts who saved every single Petrified student when the Chamber of Secrets was opened.
  • Me: Ernie Macmillan stood up to the murderous Heir of Slytherin (or so he thought) to defend his good friend Justin, then admitted his mistake and apologized to Harry when he realized he'd been wrong.
  • Me: Susan Bones lost her ENTIRE family to Death Eaters over the course of the two wizarding wars. Yet she still chose to fight in Dumbledore's Army rather than succumbing to fear.
  • Me: The Fat Friar was executed for saving as many people as he could from the pox and was known for his willingness to give second chances, even after his death.
  • Me: Helga Hufflepuff was the only founder willing to teach ALL students willing to learn because give it a break guys, they're 11 years old.
  • Me: Hufflepuffs are loyal and true and fair and STILL manage to kickass against the traitors and the liars and the cheats.
The Tom Holland Fandom is Problematic: Yet ANOTHER Racism Rant ft. Fat Shaming and Toxic Masculinity because I'M ANGRY

and it’s a collaborative rant! with @spideyfloof and @themultilingualmartell and my sm:h fam because we’re all very very done with this. Let’s get to it! (This is a very long rant.  But if you can read a 10k word long smut fanfic then you can certainly read this.)


Okay, to start off, this rant isn’t about one specific person.  It’s about the Tom Holland fandom as a whole (and really every fandom), but it was triggered by one event.  A user on here said that they didn’t write for Jacob because they don’t know much about him.  That’s an excuse that I’ve seen too many times and I’m tired of it.  It’s not just that person, it’s almost every user in the fandom.  

1) Disproving this excuse. I think we all know the real reason behind this: our 2 favorite horsemen of the apocalypse: racism and fatshaming!  Isabel, you don’t know these people, why would you saw that? Now let me back myself up.  Let’s take an example.  Sam Holland. You all know him, love him, write headcanons and fanfiction about him every easily.  He rarely posts on social media, and is very quiet about his private life.  And yet, somehow, some way, the fandom has developed a popular characterization of him.  Now let’s look at Jacob.  He posts on social media a lot more than Sam, including using Instagram stories, and has MULTIPLE interviews.  AND HE WAS LITERALLY IN THE MOVIE!  Harrison, Harry, AND Sam were all not in the movie, and yet we’ve developed detailed headcanons about them.  So why can’t we characterize Jacob?  Why don’t we “know much about him”?  Oh, that’s right.  RACISM AND FAT SHAMING!  Nobody wants to bother to at least give a couple thoughts about to Jacob’s characterization, and so it becomes a cycle of ignorance.  

2) Racism in the fandom. I’ve already talked about this before.  We constantly ignore any person of color in the Marvel universe, and I’m going to use Jacob and Tony Revolori as examples.  A direct quote from the sm:h fam group chat (I don’t remember who said this, someone lmk!) “I joined the fandom thinking that there would be a lot of Jacob content because he basically starred in the movie.”  STARRED.  He was Peter’s BEST FRIEND.  Yet the only posts in the jacob batalon tag are pictures of Tom..  And TONY!  Tony was the star of an Oscar winning movie, who brought a totally new and realistic spin to the Flash Thompson character, and do I see anything about him?  NO.  And it’s because we inherently discount any person who isn’t white. I know (most of) you don’t intend to be racist, but in the society we’re raised in, there’s always an undercurrent of racism by which we’re affected.  Please at least try to fight that internalized racism, or else we’ll end up worse than where we are. 

3) Fat shaming.  This is Jacob specific, but he’s not skinny or has toned abs like Tom or Harrison.  And we all know that’s part of the reason why you all ignore him.  NOT EVERY BOY, NOT EVERY PERSON, IS GOING TO BE TALL AND FIT AND ATTRACTIVE ACCORDING TO OUR SOCIETY’S UNREALISTIC STANDARDS.  We always talk about fat shaming with girls, BUT IT’S JUST AS REAL FOR GUYS!  Body type is (literally) skin deep, and it’s no excuse to ignore someone and their accomplishments, which brings us to…

4) Toxic masculinity.  Now you might think, “I’m a #woke tumblr user!  I know what toxic masculinity is and I don’t support it!”  Ok, sure, so why don’t you support Jacob?  Jacob, who is around 5′5″ and not skinny and a person of color.  THIS. THIS IS TOXIC MASCULINITY.  BOYS WHO ARE UNDER 6 FEET ARE LOVED AND VALID, BOYS WHO HAVE BMIS OF OVER 18 ARE LOVED AND VALID, BOYS OF ANY BODY SHAPE AND TYPE AND LOOK ARE LOVED VALID.  Do you realize that when you say “I only like boys who are taller than me”, you COMPLETELY INVALIDATE any other boy’s experience?  And make them feel like they are unlovable and not enough for people?  Because you do.  Toxic masculinity is NOT just boys bullying boys, it’s girls and nonbinary people who unknowingly perpetrate it too when they fall prey to society’s standards.  And a great segue into…

5) Representation.  Jacob played a short, plus size character of color who WAS NOT USED AS A STEREOTYPE.  He is smart and kind and never once was the butt of a fat joke, or stuck into the “smart, square Asian” stereotype, or a short joke, or ANYTHING.  Do you REALIZE how refreshing that is? For short kids or kids who aren’t skinny who get teased at school to see someone like them on that screen?  For ME, and MARE, Filipinos who FINALLY SEE SOMEONE WHO LOOKS LIKE US.  On a movie screen!  A Filipino with tan skin and tapered eyes and big lips who is smart but not the stereotypical Asian smart, someone who I can finally RELATE TO.  And you completely ignore all of the impact he has.  It’s bothersome and, frankly, rude and it needs to stop.

6) I actually don’t understand why people don’t stan Jacob.  He’s sweet and caring and talented and unproblematic and he ACTUALLY SUPPORTS THE TRANS!PETER PARKER HEADCANON.  HAS SAID IT, OUT LOUD, AND WAS QUOTED IN AN ARTICLE.  COME ON.  The guy plays multiple instruments (not just piano cough), sings, acts, CARES ABOUT KIDS SO MUCH (went on the hospital visits WITH Tom), has a great sense of style, has a great sense of family, and yet you stick to your same skinny white boys for who knows what reason (actually, I addressed those reasons in the previous 5 paragraphs). 

7) Conclusion. THIS FANDOM IS A MICROCOSM FOR SOCIETY.  It’s not just one person who’s perpetrating all of these injustices, it’s ALL OF US.  Including me.  And we need to stop.  We need to start giving attention to people who deserve it, and BROADEN THE DIVERSITY IN THE FANDOM!  I’m not saying to completely stop stanning the Hollands and Harrison, or that you’re required to write for Jacob and Ned or whatever.  I’m saying to diversify your blog, because if none of us start, then this ignorance will never stop.  Start writing about Jacob or include Laura in your headcanons or add Tony to your list of ships or SOMETHING.  This isn’t just about Jacob, this applies to every fandom with people of color in it.  

At the risk of sounding arrogant, you really can’t argue with this.  You might be able to argue with the details, but not with the main points of why people don’t stan Jacob, and needing to appreciate actors & characters of color in general more, because I’m right and I have this entire website (and other social media websites!) as evidence.  If you disagree with this, go ahead and bring your finger or cursor to the upper right hand corner and hit that unfollow button because it’s been time to take out the racist/fat shaming/generally rude trash. 

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  • Sirius: Do you think I need to go on a diet?
  • James: Padfoot wtf no
  • Sirius: Maybe a little exercise then? My ass doesn't look good enough
  • Remus: Your ass looks great, shut up
  • Sirius: I feel like I've got a bit of a belly
  • Peter: Well if you didn't eat my fucking cheese puffs all the time, we wouldn't be having this conversation

Updated Dating Requirements

Must meet at least 80% of given criteria for me to consider dating you

  • You cannot be a neo-Nazi, alt-right, white supremacist, Trump supporter, KKK member, anti-Islam, or anti-BLM
  • You must acknowledge your privilege
  • You must have friends that are LGBTQIA, black, Asian, Muslim, disabled, fat , or Latinx.
  • You have to be an intersectional feminist
  • You must be an ally to all marginalized groups
  • You cannot speak over me or gaslight me
  • No sexism allowed
  • You must be an ally to the fat acceptance movement and work in eliminating fatphobia
  • You cannot in any way suggest I change my looks or lose weight
  • You are only allowed to look at sexy pictures of me, and only me
  • You must report to me weekly about your internet searches so I can make sure you’re not cheating on me
  • If you use incognito on any device, for any reason, I will dump you
  • You must take me out to dinner once a week to show you care for me.
  • Activism is my job, so you will have to help pay for my funds. You must respect this and as such, pay for me when necessary
  • You are not allowed to call me babe or honey. It’s creepy and rude.
  • You must be okay with having sex at least five times a week. I’m sex positive and I should not be shamed for my sexuality.
  • You have to keep up with certain tv shows that I like
  • You must be a Star Wars and Harry Potter fan
  • You can have any body type. You can’t control how thin or fat you are, so I won’t judge you for it
  • You must be open to certain kinks in the bedroom. It’s okay to not like them.
  • You must massage me three times a week
  • You must have a job. No pay requirements
  • You have to drive me to protests and help me make signs and fliers
  • You must be politically active and be a democrat
  • You must be politically correct at all times
  • Absolutely no microagressions
  • No ableism
  • No racism
  • You are not allowed to question how much or what I eat.
  • You must acknowledge that health is a social construct
  • You must practice basic hygiene at all times
  • You must be okay with what I choose to do with my body. My body, my choice
  • You must have interests in diverse or less problematic media
  • You cannot be a fan of problematic people
  • You must like Beyoncé
  • You cannot question how I spend money
  • You are not allowed to play problematic video games such as GTA
  • You must love me no matter what I do with my life
Can We Just Imagine This
  • Can we all just imagine a muggleborn who watched Pitch Perfect and actually started calling themselves 'Mudblood Avalon' or something but their real name was something entirely different. And on the train while looking for a compartment they met a pureblood.
  • Muggleborn: 'Hi can I sit here?'
  • Pureblood: 'Sure what's you're name?'
  • Muggleborn: 'Mudblood Avalon.'
  • Pureblood: 'You call youself Mudblood Avalon?'
  • Muggleborn: 'Yeah, so a pureblood prune like yourself won't do it behind my back.'
  • Pureblood: 'I find myself liking you.'
  • Muggleborn: 'I liked me from the start.'
  • Draco: *poses in front of the mirror for hours*
  • Harry, texts: wHERE R U??
  • Draco, texts: I don't think I'm coming.
  • Harry, texts: WHAT WHYY??
  • Draco, texts: All my clothes make me look fat.
  • Harry, texts: It's okay. I love you just the WEIGH you are 😊
  • Harry, texts after 15 minutes: Draco?
  • Draco, texts: What kind of love potion did u give me

Headcanon that there is no Hogwarts counselor because it’s the Fat Friar and it’s not well known to keep students from avoiding him or getting scared. He listens to all the house elves on which students have razors and blood on their clothes; even Myrtle reports who cries in the bathrooms while she lurks in the pipes. The portraits say who has nightmares, and the castle looks after its own. Many students have become grateful for the cheerful ghost to start up a conversation and feel oddly comforted that he is the only not quite person they can talk to.