fat ham

Easy low carb snack! Cheese wrapped in deli meat and pan fried! 

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I don’t even know anymore. I want to leave, but I don’t want to hurt anyone. Fuck everything…

lavenderhedgie  asked:

4, 5, and 12 for Ereri :)

Thank you so much for your prompts, dear! 

4: “I can never tell if you’re hitting on me or not.”
5: Cleaning
12: Panicked/Accidental Confession

After writing 11k words of post-war angst, I thought some light crack would be more than appropriate for this. ;) I hope you like it and have as much fun with reading it as I had with writing! <3

Word Count: 2,1k
Rated F for Floof (and CCC for Cute Canonverse Crack)

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Mischief, Mayhem, Soap, and Porridge

Eren despised the summer flu. And he absolutely positively hated this day.

Usually he loved cleaning days. They were fun. Today, however, was awful.

Looking back at it so far, Eren thought he should have gotten right back to sleep before he’d even left the bed. But he had left it and now he had to face the music. 

Which seemed to include having to witness Sasha sneaking up on Jean to carefully slip a wet bar of soap into the collar of his shirt, only to instantly flee into one of the shower cubicles.

“Arg!” Jean exclaimed, his hands shooting up his neck and his whole body jerking, his voice echoing through the bathroom and mingling with Sasha’s mischievous cackle. “What is this shit? Fuck!”

“Cleaning day, Jean!” Sasha jeered.

His face was red, but sadly not as much in agony as Eren would have hoped for. Jean had done his best to avoid cleaning anything all morning long and Eren didn’t have any hope that this would change any time soon.

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hamilton: a summary
  • alexander hamilton: damn ham u been through some shit
  • aaron burr, sir: um excuse me can u be my friend
  • my shot: nvm i got other friends also let's go to war
  • the story of tonight: my friends and i are probs gonna die but we're okay with it
  • the schuyler sisters: feminist!angelica is canon
  • farmer refuted: @samuel seabury shut ur fuck pls
  • you'll be back: america is in an abusive relationship w king george
  • right hand man: burr gets rekt
  • a winter's ball: angelica would be ashamed of u, ham n burr
  • helpless: ham is so cute and pretty btw i married him
  • satisfied: ham is so cute and pretty btw my sis married him
  • the story of tonight-reprise: everyone is happy and no one is dead
  • wait for it: burr does nothing
  • stay alive: charles lee shit his pants
  • ten duel commandments: can u count
  • meet me inside: oooh ham's in trooouubblleee
  • that would be enough: learn to appreciate what the fuck u have ham
  • guns and ships: dam lafayette can rap fast
  • history has its eyes on you: ham is back
  • yorktown (the world turned upside down): fuckin finally we won
  • what comes next?: king george is pissy
  • dear theodosia: babies and foreshadowing
  • non-stop: shut it up ham
  • what'd i miss: jefferson is the blitz
  • cabinet battle #1: people like money too much
  • take a break: ham is emotionally unavailable for his family
  • say no to this: ham,,,,,no,,,...,,.
  • the room where is happens: burr is left out
  • schuyler defeated: burr is back
  • cabinet battle #2: the Betrayal to lafayette
  • washington on your side: senpai notice me
  • one last time: washington: i'm tired bye
  • i know him: george is still relevant ???
  • the adams administration: fat shaming isn't cool ham
  • we know: ham,,,,,..,,.,...,..no,...,.,,,,,.,..,.,.,
  • hurricane: they can't tell everyone if i tell everyone first ha who's the idiot now
  • the reynolds pamphlet: angelica is savage
  • burn: eliza is so good and pure
  • blow us all away: my heart
  • stay alive-reprise: my hEART
  • the election of 1800: everyone still cares about ham's opinion for some reason
  • your obedient servent: "pass the salt" just pass ham or burr i swear this is the saltiest song u will ever hear
  • best of wives and best of women: LITERALLY ELIZA DESERVES SO MUCH MORE THAN U HAM
  • the world was wide enough: burr done fucked up
  • who lives, who dies, who tells your story: eliza's fucking amazing seriously how tf did ham get her ?????
Settle It

Anonymous asked High school/student council AU. The reader and Alex don’t get along AT ALL and the rest of the council(read: hamsqud etc) Get sick of it so they lock them in the meeting room together and rufuse to let them out til they have settled their differences

A/N: This is the first request I’ve done in a while. Sorry for the long wait.

WC: 2320

TW:  Cursing, fat shaming, fighting.

Pairing: A. Ham x Reader

AU: Highschool! AU.

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“For the last goddamn time, Hamilton, we cannot tax the students for coming to class!

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Good Friday lunch before yummy vegan ciders with my pals.
- Hail Seitan! (bottom sandwich) filled with ham, salami, turkey, pineapple, bbq sauce and cheddar. (My favourite now, its so good!)
- The Godfather (top sandwich) filled with hot chilli salami, pepperoncini, mozzarella, roasted peppers and basil.
- The Wiggum (right sandwich) filled with grilled bbq tofu, maple bbq sauce, slaw, pickles and chipotle mayonnaise.

We also bought yummy sweets, such as chilli brownies and a rum passion fruit tart, but we ate them too fast to take a picture. 😜

Smith & Deli
Fitzroy - Melbourne - Australia

Hamilton summarized [act two]
  • What'd I Miss: jazzy + snazzy jeff
  • Cabinet Battle #1: iLL SHOW YOU WHERE MY SHOE FITS
  • Take a Break: Ham isn't emotionally available sorry folks
  • Say No To This: spoiler alert! he doesn't say no
  • The Room Where It Happens: Burr doesn't get to hang out w/ the cool kids so he gets pissy
  • Schuyler Defeated: Sneaky Burr™
  • Cabinet Battle #2: Jeff is secretly Lafayette and he's pissed at Americans
  • Washington On Your Side: gee I wish Washington would notice me
  • One Last Time: time to get your shit together ham Washington is leavin
  • I Know Him: That's my replacement? HA
  • The Adams Administration: fat shaming isn't cool @ham
  • We Know: We got the dirt dudez
  • Hurricane: shit they know my secrets what if they like tell people? oh wait, I'll just do that myself lol
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: if anyone's gonna slutshame me it's gonna be me
  • Burn: I'm cute but I'll kill you
  • Blow Us All Away: I'm cute like mi mum but I'm stupid like mi pop
  • Stay Alive [reprise]: Alexander you need to stop fucking everything up you killed OUR SON
  • It's Quiet Uptown: oh look I'm crying
  • The Election of 1800: lol lemme mess with burr just a lil more
  • Your Obedient Servant: literally the saltiest song you've ever heard feat. ham being all ham
  • Best Of Wives and Beat of Women: the early meeting out of town was his dEAth
  • The World Was Wide Enough: burr dun fucked up
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: while you were freaking dead I did some shit