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lifehack 2k15!! the secret to weight loss ^^^^ 


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How to lose weight fast and easy!


Hey you guys!
To make up for my absence, here’s my new video about preventing chub rub!
The vid itself is in Finnish but there are English subtitles available, translated by yours truly.

Am I too fat to be a chef? Another question you should probably ask yourself.

This is something they don’t tell you at admissions to culinary school, either—and they should. They’re happy to take your money if you’re five foot seven inches and two hundred fifty pounds, but what they don’t mention is that you will be at a terrible, terrible disadvantage when applying for a job in a busy kitchen. As chefs know (literally) in their bones (and joints), half the job for the first few years—if not the entirety of your career—involves running up and down stairs (quickly), carrying bus pans loaded with food, and making hundreds of deep-knee bends a night into low-boy refrigerators. In conditions of excruciatingly high heat and humidity of a kind that can cause young and superbly fit cooks to falter. There are the purely practical considerations as well: kitchen work areas—particularly behind the line— being necessarily tight and confined … Bluntly put, can the other cooks move easily around your fat ass? I’m only saying it. But any chef considering hiring you is thinking it. And you will have to live it.

If you think you might be too fat to hack it in a hot kitchen? You probably are too fat. You can get fat in a kitchen—over time, during a long and glorious career. But arriving fat from the get-go? That’s a hard—and narrow—row to hoe.

If you’re comforting yourself with the dictum “Never trust a thin chef,” don’t. Because no stupider thing has ever been said. Look at the crews of any really high-end restaurants and you’ll see a group of mostly whippet-thin, under-rested young pups with dark circles under their eyes: they look like escapees from a Japanese prison camp—and are expected to perform like the Green Berets.

If you’re not physically fit? Unless you’re planning on becoming a pastry chef, it is going to be very tough for you. Bad back? Flat feet? Respiratory problems? Eczema? Old knee injury from high school? It sure isn’t going to get any better in the kitchen.

—  Anthony Bourdain.

I thought I would make a vlog about my weight loss journey and what I have been doing and what I have been up to, I show you some foods I have been loving along with some struggles I have been having, of course a vlog would not be vlog without my cat’s in it too hehe, in the video I start my day with drinking water, feeding and spending time with my cat’s, I then show you what I feed my cat’s and what I buy at the store as you do some shopping with me, I show you what foods I have been buying to help aid in my weight loss journey, I am heavier at the beginning of the video because that was taken a few weeks ago and I had since lost some weight, but I wanted to document what I use to look like so I threw it in, I show me and my husband at the gym and catch him looking so on fleek with his outfit looking all fit, I walked into the room of the gym and go to to find him riding the bike, I just had to capture his workout hehe, he was all Nike geared out, I show you my green juice that I drink and what I put in it in order to make it taste better using greens and fruit, I show you a grilled vegetable like medley that I bought at Trader Joe’s that tastes oh sooooo goooooood that I use along with Indian spices, I then go to the Mercy Me concert and show you some clips of that along with the song “Dear Younger Me”, they were great but I wish they would had played longer, I went to see them but found out it was a mosh of other artist playing most of which I did not know and they all played a lot longer than them, so I was a little disappointed but enjoyed myself non the less, I traveled all the way from Nevada to California just to see them, I had been waiting years to see them in concert and always seemed to just miss them when I would look to see where they are touring at, they always have been my favorite concert that I ever went to and have fond memories of being there. I talk about the struggles of my weight loss but I will not reveal how much weight I have lost as of yet due to me gaining muscle as I am losing weight, I totally agree with lifting weights along with cardio so that way as one loses weight it helps to keep from saggy skin and stretch marks as much as possible, I have seen people lose lots of weight only focusing on cardio then to start putting on muscle to only have saggy skin and stretch marks because there skin could not keep up with the weight loss, and it had no time to recover, also muscle burns more calories so as you get slimmer you can afford more calories than usual in order to help aid in the weight loss, also I think it just makes women look better to have some muscle on them anyway, but so far it has helped me get stronger because I was at the weakest point of my life since I had not worked out in years and gaining my strength back has helped my lower back, because I was so weak I had acquired a lower back problem or injury because I had no ab muscle or leg muscle, and one time I was moving and doing a lot of lifting I was using my back instead of my legs and abs and I never fully recovered from that till now, I use to get up from the couch and fall to the ground because of it but was afraid to go to the doctors to get it looked at, I still probably should but it has been fine, I use to not be able to sit for a long period of time and get up without falling to the ground, it had me really worried so thank God for that, every day I feel my back getting stronger and stronger and I love it, I feel like the old me again, the only thing I feel like I need to do more of is stretching in order to totally feel like I did when I was younger, all this not working out for awhile had gotten me feeling stiff, I have been doing intermittent fasting which has been speeding up my weight loss lately, I do not like breakfast nor have I ever so it works out perfectly for me, I feel like when I eat first thing in the morning I become more hungry throughout the day making me eat more food and calories, I keep track of my calories so if I have more to eat one day than the next day I will eat lighter the next day, one thing I changed is I use to only drink coffee first thing in the morning but now I prolong the coffee till 2-3 hours after waking up which seems to work even better and am starting to see results doing that, which can be pretty hard to do at times because all I want is coffee sometimes just in order to wake up, but I try and wake up naturally slow instead hehe, if I am terribly hungry first thing in the morning or a few hours after waking up I will have a little fruit but coffee usually kills my appetite, I do not like to eat too heavy for my first meal as I feel I have more energy if I do not have something heavy, I like to have a salad or fruit, sometimes maybe eggs and orange juice, I am into intuitive eating so I really try and listen to my body when it comes to eating which I will do a full video on later, so if your interested in that you should subscribe to my youtube channel, my channel is lovelife02, I have been making small changes in my eating and exercise so that way it will last longer and that seems to be working best for me, and has really changed me in ways that I never thought would change, I believe in not beating myself up and practicing self love in order to lose the weight, being kind to myself seems to work the best for me and being kind and gentle with myself makes me love myself even more, and from that love stems me making more positive changes for myself. My sleeping has been off lately so I had been taking naps, sometimes when I diet I get tired because it can be physically and mentally tiring and all I want and need is a nap, but I am more productive and get more done the earlier I wake up, so trying to get back on schedule, I love you all and I hope you enjoy my journey and it inspires you because if I can do it so can you xoxo.


O-kay, sorry for the picture-heavy post but I wanted to document my haul and some alterations I’ve been working on this weekend. Up top are the cheap/comfy new bras and the cheap lingerie I got from Burlington! It’s all so cute and I’m really excited about it!

Next row has some shirts I got from the thrift store. I was inspired by fat-hacked and scooped up some little shirts (Smalls or Mediums I think) that would make good crop tops for me. I wish I could sew like her and do some of the amazing alterations she’s been doing but I can’t so I’m settling with this for now.

Next are some clothes I worked on altering this weekend! I cut an old pair of pants into shorts and then tried that bow pocket thing in the back. They’re SO cute! I also made a few thrift shop tees into racerback tanks for work. I tie dyed one today, so we’ll see how it comes out, but I especially like this gray one and how I somehow managed to work the collar into something like a sweetheart neckline.

I wore my altered stuff to a family function yesterday and my little cousins really liked them!


Here’s all the bts pics I stole from @shoptunnelvision snapchat!!! I’m so fucking thankful for this opportunity like seriously Isabel and Madeline are so awesome and I still can’t believe they wanted me to work with them!!! I had so much fun and felt so so good wearing all the outfits they put me in. Not to mention I learned how to fat hack a few different styles of chokers and I’m super stoked about that!?!!! Anyway, I can’t wait to see how everything turned out, all the outfits were so cuuute😭😍💖

just a short long post about fashion!

i get asked CONSTANTLY, in life and on internet, where i get my clothing. so, i thought i’d make a quick, short master list of where i shop. (…the fact that it’s really short is unfortunate - designers don’t make clothing readily available for people my size.) fat babes - if you have places/tips, feel free to comment! also - i know that i won’t list a lot places that many other fats like because of things like my location or style preference.

just because the fashion industry doesn’t like to include us doesn’t mean that we can’t be rad as fuck.

ASOS.COM - an online company based out of the UK. free international (quick!) shipping and returns always. sales/coupon codes all the time. i primarily shop in the ‘curve’ line (plus size) but for tops, i have always had luck buying cropped/oversized tops from the straight size area. asos curve is where i buy 60% of my clothing - especially dresses/skirts/jeans/bottoms. plus size range goes from asos 14-28, though they are notorious for running large, thus including more of the population.

FOREVER21+ - an extension of forever21, sparingly in stores and usually condensed options. i primarily shop online from them. super reasonably priced, though tend to run small. i would never attempt to order anything below a 2X and i have never been able to fit into their jeans, even though they say they go up to like a 20. i tend to stick with dresses/skirts/tops with them. also - BIKINIS AND SWIMSUITS. they have awesome, really affordable swimwear that fits great and is surprisingly great quality. my favorite swimsuits have come from here.

TARGET/OLD NAVY - every once in a blue moon, i’ll find a dress/skirt/top from there. each of these stores have pathetic plus size sections, btw. i find their things to be too frequently either to boring/too designed (i tend to hate graphic printed things)/too overpriced. though, i pop in to look every once in a while.

AMERICAN APPAREL - i fucking hate this company, though i can’t lie. their tshirts are amazing. i easily/comfortably fit into a large/xl in their unisex tshirts and being someone who likes solid colors/light prints with no graphic design, american apparel has been a favorite for a long time. also, they offer extended sizes for their tshirts on their website up to about a 3X.

WELOVECOLORS.COM - tights, tights, tights! an online only company specializing in hosiery. i buy a lot of my opaque tights from here and they have a HUGE color and design range. reasonably priced. i wear size D for reference and i believe they go up to EE.

SOCKDREAMS.COM - i buy all of my knee socks and thigh-high socks from here. they are very body-positive friendly and even go so far as to explain which cuts/colors would fit best for different sized calves. gigantic selection of socks for every taste and type!

CHUBBYCARTWHEELS.COM - fat fashion for fat babes by a fat babe! shawna is an incredible designer and an awesome human being. i own two body suits by her and both fit and hug my body like a dream. she has skirts, leggings, body suits, and much more!

LANE BRYANT - literally the worst ever. though, i get two things from here - underthings (which are actually pretty great) and opaque tights. if you can, though, i would suggest welovecolors way higher than lane bryant for quality and price.

THRIFT STORES/FAT SWAPS - i cannot stress enough to fat people that 'fat hacking’ clothes that they find/already have is a huge key to making things that work for you at little to no cost. all of my denim shorts are ones that i’ve cut from jeans that i loved the fit of the rise/butt/waist but that had chub rub wear or a fit of the leg that i didn’t like. many pairs of my skinny pants are pants that used to have boot-cut/too wide skinny ankles but my lovely mom skinnied them for me. shorten dresses if they’re too long. cut up your old tshirts to make patches/crops/wide neck tops. don’t disregard an item if it happens to have one little thing you don’t like. you can probably fat hack it!

thanks for reading…if you did. lol


Look what I fixed up yesterday! I got it at the thrift store in a size 12 for 3.99. I forgot to take a “before” picture because I was so excited to actually be fixing something, so instead I included a picture of what the discarded top looks like, to give you an idea of what I started with.

I do not have a sewing machine anymore, so I did all the sewing by hand. I used one of my asos skater skirts to measure the length, and then cut where I wanted the waist to be. Since it was a button up, I had to sew it closed, and then I took buttons from the shirt portion and added them to the rest of the skirt.

Making the waistband took the longest. I had never worked with elastic before, but I figured it out with help from lushious/ fat-hacked and my uncle. I used one inch elastic, so I folded and pinned about 1 ¼ inches all around for the waistband. About every ten inches or so I pulled the elastic through, to make it easier than trying to do it at the end. After the waistband was finished, I tried it on to make sure it was the right fit, and then I sewed the two ends of the elastic together.

All together it took about 3 ½ hours, but I’m really happy with how it turned out!